5 Easy Steps To Clean Grease From Stove

5 Easy Steps To Clean Grease From Stove
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Clean Grease From Stove

Without a doubt, the pleasure that comes from cooking your favorite dishes on the stove is immeasurable. This could include frying, a technique that many greatly admire, yet frequently undervalue in regards to potential health risks if done excessively. However, this gastronomic delight often leads to a less desirable consequence that demands considerable time to deal with. If you have inferred correctly, it alludes to the frustrating accumulation of grease on your treasured kitchen appliance—the stove.

To clean grease from stove can be quite a nuisance because of its reliance and slipperiness. Fortunately, there are tried and true methods that you can rely on so that your cleaning is much easier. In this article, we will be discussing the cleaning methods that you can use to clear all that nasty grease from your stove. Continue reading to find out the most effective ways and some frequently asked questions that you may have!


Materials You Will Need To Clean Grease From Stove

If you don’t remove the grease from your stovetop immediately, it will pile up and can be a source of mold. To effectively eradicate it, you need the complete list of materials to clean it thoroughly.

🟦 A cleaning agent

Your cleaning agent will be the heart and soul of the cleaning process. It is the substance that is capable of clearing the accumulated grease with ease. This is quite a broad role that can be fulfilled by a lot of substances, but famous options include dishwashing liquid, baking soda, all-around cleaners, and, of course, specialized degreasers. 

Any of these cleaning agents can do the job well, but degreasers typically work the best as they are specifically made for handling accumulated grease. However, dishwashing liquid, baking soda, and general cleaning products (like all-around cleaners) are standard household products that can act as cheaper alternatives. 

🟦 Water (and its varieties) 

Water is an important part of the cleaning process (as with any other thing in the house that needs cleaning) because it can rinse away any remaining particles that the cleaning agent may have missed. But as you may have noticed, we referred to both water and its varieties, and for a good reason. Sometimes, you will need to use water in a certain way to make the cleaning agent as effective as it can be. 

For example, you may have heard that hot water is more effective at cleaning grease, which is partly true. However, if you’re using something like baking soda or any powdered cleaning agent, hot water can easily dissolve it, causing its effects to last shorter. As such, it is important to know what type of water you should use for certain occasions. 

🟦 A cleaning tool to wipe the grease off

You are also going to need a cleaning tool to wipe all that grease off. Similar to the cleaning agent, this is a broad role that can be fulfilled by a lot of cleaning tools, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tools that excel at the task. Two of our most competent candidates for this are the versatile microfiber cloth and the ever-reliable sponge. Microfiber cloth usually does the job well, as it can wipe both the cleaning agent and the grease off without damaging the stove’s surface.

However, sponges have an advantage because their porous properties can be used to wipe the grease off with water more effectively than a microfiber cloth. Each has its pros and cons that you can use depending on what you prefer more (safety for your stove’s surface or effectiveness in cleaning but with the risk of scratches).

Easy Ways To Clean Grease From Stove

Below is a step-by-step procedure for cleaning the grease from your stove the easy way:

  1. Wet the grease spot using the water and your cleaning tool

Using the cleaning tool, use the water to wet the grease spot first. The sponge clearly has an advantage here, as it can easily absorb the water, so if you have both cleaning tools, use the sponge for this part. If you are using hot water, make sure to wear some cleaning gloves so you do not burn yourself. 

You should also apply it sparingly so as not to flood the stove with excessive water. One method you can use is by dampening the grease spot with the cleaning tool, which is especially effective for cases where the grease spot is small. 

  1. Apply the cleaning agent using the cleaning tool on the grease spot

Once the grease spot is wet, you can now apply the cleaning agent either directly or using your cleaning tool. Baking soda and other solvents can be applied directly for their fullest effect, while dishwashing liquid and other cleaners may require you to dilute them in water first. After being diluted, you can simply redo the first step all over again, which will effectively apply the cleaning agent. 

  1. Wipe the grease off using the cleaning tool, and replace it if necessary

Now that the cleaning agent is doing its job by slowly removing the grease, you can assist it by adding a bit of friction into the mix. Wiping off the grease is now made easier by the cleaning agent, so all you have to do now is exert a bit of force (but still cautiously). Microfiber cloths are much preferable in this scenario, as they allow you to wipe with more force without damaging the stove’s surface. 

However, that also means that they would be absorbing some of the grease themselves. If you notice that your cleaning tool (whether it is a sponge or microfiber cloth) is absorbing way too much grease, you should replace it immediately to prevent spreading it to other areas of the stove. 

  1. Get a fresh cloth to dry the stove by wiping

After thoroughly wiping (until the grease is completely removed), you should dry the stove using a fresh towel or cloth. Leaving your stove wet to the point where it air-dries has some potential risks of rusting and eroding. As such, make sure to take the necessary measures to dry your stove after cleaning it, especially if you use hot water, as that can also be quite a hazard for the other members of your home who will unwittingly use the stove that is sprinkled with hot water. 

  1. Place your cleaning tool in hot water along with the cleaning agent

Another part of the post-cleaning process is soaking your cleaning tools in hot water with your cleaning agent. This ensures that the cleaning tools you’ve used won’t go to waste and can be reused for other purposes later on. Just make sure that they’re completely clear of grease once you rinse them to prevent any mishaps for future cleaning sessions. 

Alternative Methods That Require More Effort (For Stubborn Stains)

Some grease stains can be quite stubborn and hard to deal with, which makes them more suited for alternative, drastic methods. However, as the word “drastic” may suggest, they require a bit more effort as opposed to the previous section, which only involves the most common cleaning equipment you most likely already have at home. Below is a list of these alternative methods:

  1. Purchasing and using a Degreaser spray 

Degreaser sprays are quite cheap, but they can sometimes be hard to find in certain stores. Your best bet will be to order them online, but that can be even more expensive and will require more time before they can get to your home. However, they are undoubtedly one of the most effective and efficient ways to get rid of grease stains from your stove, as they are specifically made to deal with grease. Just be sure to read the label and instructions properly before using so you can accurately measure how many degreasers you should use and how you should clean with them. 

  1. Using hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile cleaning agent that can be used to clean a lot of things in your household. For those unfamiliar with this substance, it may sound as if it’s a dangerous chemical that has been kept a government secret for years. 

However, it’s actually not corrosive or abrasive enough to damage your stove, as long as you use it sparingly. It is also recommended to use it in small amounts alongside baking soda on the grease stain. One downside of hydrogen peroxide is that not all people will have it and though it can be purchased in a lot of stores, it still requires you to take extra steps to buy it. 

  1. Using specialized brushes

Certain brushes can scrub the stove with more force without completely damaging its surface. You probably will think of a toothbrush first, because it’s a staple household item that is small enough to not cause any real damage. Even though a toothbrush may very well work, there are still better options that can do the job faster, such as a non-scratch scrub brush. 

These specialized brushes are capable of scrubbing off the stains without dealing any real damage to the stove’s surface. Non-scratch scrub brushes are typically inexpensive but can be hard to find in some stores, so your best bet would be to order them online, but we already talked about the cons of doing that. 

These drastic measures can be quite difficult to implement for some people, especially those with exceedingly tight schedules. As such, we present you with the fastest and easiest way to clean your stove, which doesn’t even involve you doing the cleaning yourself. 

The Best Way To Clean Grease From Stove Is…

By simply giving a deep cleaning services company, like SURECLEAN, a dial! 

Just state what needs to be done, and they will provide you with a professional deep cleaning that’s sure to lift a burden off of your busy schedule. You may even ask them to clean for a full-on cleaning service, in which case you can expect the majority of your house to be cleaned. Another benefit is that you can pick up certain cleaning techniques that you can use in the future while observing how they clean (in a professional way, of course!).

So if you are someone with a busy schedule, you can simply call SURECLEAN to do the job for you effectively and efficiently. Be sure to consider them on your contact list for that as well! You can also check out what their satisfied customers say about their services HERE.

Final Words

Grease from your stove is a common problem that requires an immediate solution before it accumulates to an unmanageable extent. Fortunately, there are both simple and drastic solutions that you can use to effectively clean grease from stove. However, there’s also the easiest and most convenient way which is also a godsend for those with busy schedules: calling up a professional. 

So don’t hesitate to hit up a deep cleaning service company the next time your stove gets affected in your cooking! Start by calling SURECLEAN with the numbers provided below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use water on the stove’s burners?

Though burners can typically be washed mildly with small amounts of water (granted, they have also dried well afterward), there’s still a risk that your burners may not work correctly if the moisture becomes trapped inside. As you may have guessed already, water and fire won’t mix well, so clean the burners properly using alternative methods. 

Can vinegar and baking sodas work well for cleaning the grease from my stove?

Vinegar and baking soda still work as a marvelous pair for clearing grease stains as they usually would for other stains. Though baking soda can typically do the job, adding a bit of vinegar into the mix can effectively clear the grease stain by letting it sit there for a while before wiping. However, since vinegar has high acidity, stove surfaces that are sensitive enough may experience minimal to mild damage so be sure to use it sparingly. 

Can I use rubbing alcohol to remove grease effectively?

Rubbing alcohol is a pretty well-known substance when it comes to clearing grease off of metal. Since your stove’s surface is most likely made out of steel, using alcohol may seem like a good idea but on the contrary, it’s actually a safety hazard. Alcohol can be easily ignited by fire, so if there is any leftover alcohol from your cleaning session, using the stove afterward can set that remaining spot ablaze. So to be safe, never use alcohol to get rid of grease from your stove. 

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