6 Steps To Clean A Bathroom To Prevent Slip and Slide

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Though ironic, the areas in our homes specifically meant for hygiene, our bathrooms, can become a source of irritation if not adequately managed. As the homeowners or dwellers, ensuring these spaces remain clean and sanitary, despite their initial purpose of cleanliness, is crucial. Consequently, it’s imperative to be aware of the most effective approaches and methods that can ease the burden of cleaning.

Luckily for you, this article will provide you with all you need to know about how to clean a bathroom, so continue reading to find out!

Why Bathroom Sanitation Is Essential For Any Residence

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>>The bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria

The bathroom is not only a place where you sanitize, but it’s also a place where you get rid of the excrement from your body. Not only will this transfer the bacteria to the surface of your toilet or sink, but it also promotes the proliferation of bacteria due to the bathroom’s environment. 

The bathroom is not too cool or too hot and is very humid (because you take showers in it) which is the perfect condition to allow bacteria to flourish. As such, a bathroom that is left uncleaned can easily be dominated by unseen bacteria. 

>>A dirty bathroom can easily make you ill over time

Since bacteria can cause a variety of illnesses such as Salmonella and urinary tract infections, a dirty bathroom can easily cause you to acquire these diseases. Unsanitary bathrooms are widely known to be a source of all kinds of harmful illnesses that can be detrimental to your health. So not only is the bathroom unpleasant to look at when it’s dirty, but it also presents a wide array of unseen threats waiting to infect you. 

>>It is unpresentable to guests (and even to yourself)

A dirty bathroom is sure to look like a depiction of everyone’s nightmare: unsanitary public restrooms. Of course, it can be quite a challenge for some to maintain a high level of sanitation for their bathrooms especially if they have busy schedules. However, there are still various methods you can use to make your bathroom as presentable as possible, especially for your guests.

You definitely don’t want to be known as the house owner who never cleans their bathroom in the event that you have important guests over. Seeing your bathroom dirty can also be displeasing to you and your well-being, as all the clutter and disorder can negatively affect the way you feel about your environment. 

>>It turns what is supposedly the “comfort room” into a source of utter discomfort

The bathroom is also referred to as the “comfort room” for a good reason. However, if it is ridden with dirt and bacteria, it will definitely become a source of discomfort instead. Imagine sitting down at a dirty toilet or being soaked in dirty water that came from an unclean showerhead. It’s not pleasant to think about, right? As such, take this as a sign to start regularly cleaning your bathroom or to hire some experienced professionals to do it for you. 

How to clean a bathroom: THE ESSENTIALS

Below is a list of the essential parts of the bathroom that you need to clean. You can consider this a checklist for when you clean your bathroom:

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Step 1: Clean the toilet

The toilet is one of the parts of your bathroom that you need to prioritize cleaning, as it is literally where all the excrement goes. Start by lowering the water levels in the toilet and placing the disinfectant inside. While the disinfectant settles for a bit, start cleaning the exteriors using scrubbing materials or a brush. If you clean the interiors first, there is a chance that some of the dirt inside the toilet may be unwittingly placed on the exteriors. 

After cleaning and scrubbing the exteriors with the same disinfectant, you may proceed to the insides of the toilet bowl. Remember, even though it may look clean, there is always the threat of unseen bacteria lurking around all that purity. Afterward, rinse the disinfectant with water, and don’t forget to disinfect the cleaning tools that you used as the toilet can be very dirty. 

Step 2: Clean the shower head and the drain

The shower head is also a must for cleaning because the water for your shower sessions will come from it. Cleaning the shower head is relatively easier than cleaning the shower drain, as you will only need to use a spray to apply the disinfectant before scrubbing it thoroughly. For other cleaning methods, you can also tie a piece of plastic containing the disinfectant around the shower head and let it do its job for a while before scrubbing and rinsing.

Meanwhile, the shower drain can be more of a challenge to clean, as a lot of hair and dirt can get stuck in there for a long time. If the pesky dirt is still present after pouring some water and using a cleaning chemical, then more drastic measures, such as using boiling water or high-pressured water, may be necessary. You can also use certain acidic substances to easily corrode the accumulation of gunk in your shower drain. 

Step 3: Clean the sink 

For the sink, what you will need to focus on its interior and the drain, as this is where all that dirt and bacteria gets tossed around. There are two main ways to clean your sink, the first of which is manual scrubbing. Simply use a disinfectant and scrub away at the stain or the discolored spots that your sink may have. You should scrub with enough force because there will definitely be some unseen bacteria that should be eradicated.

The second way is by using the drain plug to prevent the water from draining and filling the whole sink with water mixed with the disinfectant. Although you will still need to scrub afterward, you can use these methods for stains that are harder to remove. Just remember to use boiling water or acidic materials to get rid of any pesky accumulation of gunk inside the drain. 

Step 4: Clean the bathtub (if you have one)

If you have a bathtub, you will also have to start cleaning it. Although it may be a little lower on the priority list (as not everyone will have a bathtub), it is still necessary to clean it if you have one as you will essentially put your whole body into it. You can either fill it with water that contains disinfectants or just manually scrub it as you would with the sink, albeit on a much bigger scale. 

After cleaning the insides of the bathtub, you will also need to clean its drain as there may be an accumulation of hair, dirt, and gunk. Use the same methods as we did in the shower drain and the sink drain. However, it should be noted that you should be careful not to spill the hot water or the acidic materials onto yourself as the surface of the newly cleaned bathtub may cause you to slip. 

Step 5: Scrub those floors

Of course, you should never forget to clean the floors because, like any part of the house, they can easily accumulate the most amount of dirt. This is especially true if you had guests that used your bathroom or if you had been outside and used your bathroom after arriving home, which is essentially taking the dirt from outdoors into your home. 

Use a disinfectant solution (preferably commercial ones because vinegar can have an unpleasant smell for a lot of people) mixed with water and use it along with your mop to scrub your bathroom floor. 

Caution: Newly cleaned floors can be very slippery! So be sure to watch your step if you just finished cleaning your bathroom floors. 

Step 6: Don’t forget the accessories

This part of the list can be quite subjective and situational as you may or may not have these accessories. Towel holders, shelves, rails, and hooks are all common accessories that you will also want to spray with some disinfectants as they carry some of the important things you use for showering. As such, consider wiping them or disinfecting them consistently so they don’t accumulate dirt or stains. 

How to clean a bathroom: EASIEST METHODS

Below are some of the easiest methods that you can incorporate with your cleaning process to save a lot of time and effort:

>> Remove all items first

Bathroom items such as soaps, solutions, sponges, towels, toiletries, and your skincare products should be placed elsewhere before cleaning so they won’t get in the way. You wouldn’t want a horde of your toiletries and products falling into you while you are cleaning your bathroom shelves right? 

As such, before doing anything else to your bathroom, make sure that all items that could possibly get in the way are removed from the bathroom temporarily. This will save you more time than opposed to picking up another one of your toiletries every three minutes. 

>>Use automated cleaning tools and powerful cleaning solutions

Tools like electric spin scrubbers or mops can be utilized so you don’t have to apply much effort or force while scrubbing your floors. Along with these automated tools, you can also use more effective and commercial cleaning solutions to go along with them. However, one big downside to this method is that all of these tools and materials can pull out a bunch of money off of your wallet, so spend it at your own capability. 

>>Using hair-catchers

Hair-catchers are a godsend for a lot of people as they keep hair out of your drains. These products can make cleaning your drains a less daunting task but at the cost of a bit more daily effort. Although they are effective at what they do, you will still need to clear out the hair they caught daily so it doesn’t dry out. Once the hair dries out in the hair-catcher, it will be very difficult to remove so be sure to clear it out on a daily basis. 

>>Hiring professionals to do it for you

If you don’t have the time or energy to clean your bathroom, then hire specialized professionals, like SURECLEAN, to do it for you! Not only will you have quality cleaning from professionals, but it can also help you learn a thing or two from cleaning by just observing them. As such, it is a good investment to consider as your house may not be getting the cleaning it needs to maintain a sanitized status. 

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