7 Tips To Keep Your House Clean During CNY

House Clean During CNY
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Your home reflects yourself and your family. It serves as a haven where you can escape from the daily hassle, host social events, and essentially, be your true self. Yet, during Chinese New Year or any other Chinese celebration, the energy and excitement can amplify markedly. The plenitude of celebrations and house visits may pose a challenge in managing home chores like cleaning or doing laundry. Still, there are straightforward strategies to help you keep your home tidy throughout the ebullient Chinese New Year festivities.

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Ways To Maintain A Pristine Home During CNY

during CNY, cleaning during chinese new year

Tip 1: Automate home cleaning.

One of the easiest things you can do to save yourself time and energy during CNY is to automate home cleaning as much as possible. You can make your life easier during the Chinese New Year by using robot vacuum cleaners, robot mops, and even a robot lawnmower!

Tip 2: Deodorize the fridge.

The thought of having to clean your house during CNY is enough to make you want to cry. But don’t despair! There are some simple ways to keep it clean without all the work, and one of them is using a fridge deodorizer.

Fridge deodorizers can help with keeping your fridge smelling fresh, which means less time spent cleaning out smelly food from the bottom of your crisper drawer. If that’s not reason enough, they also work well at keeping your food from spoiling or going bad as quickly as it normally would have.

Tip 3: Arrange your cupboards in advance.

It is important to keep your cupboards organized and tidy during CNY. Put things back in their correct places so that you know where everything is when you need it. This will make it easier for you to find items and reduce the amount of time spent searching for them, saving you precious time during CNY!

Tip 4: Learn to do laundry like a pro.

You’d be amazed at how much time you can save by learning how to do laundry properly. Nobody wants to spend an entire weekend folding, ironing, and hanging clothes on hangers. Learn how to load up the washing machine properly, use it effectively, and dry your clothes efficiently so that everything is ready to wear when you want it!

Tip 5: Put clothes away ASAP.

Put your clothes away as soon as you’re done wearing them. Fold the clothes neatly and put them away in their respective drawers or closet. Always put dirty clothes in the laundry basket so that they can be washed immediately after usage, which will also help to keep your house clean and tidy during CNY!

If you’re too busy to fold all your clothes immediately after using them, just make sure to hang up or lay out what you can before putting them on the floor or on chairs around your house. Otherwise, they’ll just get wrinkled and probably dirty from being trampled on by other people (especially if there are pets around).

Tip 6: Tidy up your table before use.

As the saying goes, “You should tidy up your table before using it.” This is especially true during CNY, when the tables will be used for a variety of occasions and family gatherings. If you don’t prepare in advance and leave everything messy, you are likely to waste time cleaning up later.

The best way to prevent clutter on your dining table is to clean it before setting up for each event. Take all the things that you do not need off of your dining table and put them away in storage boxes or drawers.

Tip 7: Getting help with the cleaning work.

If you really want to make your CNY celebration as clean as possible, get someone else to do it! While you may be used to doing all of the cleaning by yourself, it’s not necessary during CNY. It’s a great time to hire a cleaning service to help out with the cleaning work.

The good news is that a cleaning company like SURECLEAN can take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself!

Advantage Of Hiring Cleaning Service During CNY

Hiring a cleaner during CNY period is an extremely good idea. You can save a lot of time, energy, and also cash. Hiring a cleaning service will not only help you clean your house but also protect your furniture, floors, and other items in it. If you are planning to hire one, then here are several advantages that you should know about:

during CNY, cleaning during chinese new year
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🟦Spring cleaning can be exhausting.

Spring cleaning is a physically demanding activity. It can be easy to get injured if you don’t do it properly or get sick if you don’t do it properly.

That’s why hiring a professional cleaning service is a smart choice during CNY. They are highly trained in the art of deep cleaning, which means they have the skills and experience to make sure your home is as clean as possible before the festivities begin.

And because they know how dirty things can get at Chinese New Year, they’ll come prepared with an arsenal of tools designed for tackling those tough spots, like cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners and dust bunnies under beds!

🟦Hiring a professional allows you to enjoy your time off work.

If you are working, the best thing to do is to hire a professional cleaning service. These people will come to your home and clean it in a very efficient manner. They can be trusted fully and they will do an amazing job at keeping all of your belongings safe and sound while also making sure that everything looks great!

You can spend time with your family, get some extra sleep and exercise, or just have fun doing whatever you want without having to worry about getting back home on time or cleaning up after yourself first!

🟦Professionals have access to better equipment and products.

The vacuum cleaners used by professionals are more powerful than the ones that you can buy at your local store. With all the dust and dirt hanging in the air during CNY, you need a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove it from your home.

Professional cleaners also use specially formulated products for each type of cleaning job. For example, there are special products for mopping up spilled food on floors and walls. These products have been tested thoroughly by professionals who know what works best on different surfaces so that they can achieve maximum results in minimum time with minimal effort on their part.

🟦Cleaning professionals cut down on the duration of the process.

The professional cleaners you hire will have access to better equipment, products, and tools than the average person. This gives them an advantage over you when it comes to cleaning efficiency. They are also more thorough in their work and can cut down on time spent on cleaning tasks.

How To Hire Cleaning Service?

A clean home sends a positive message to your guests. It shows that you respect them and their time, as they will be able to relax and enjoy their visit. A clean home is also a sign of good housekeeping, which is something that everyone needs in the long run. This is why hiring professional cleaners during Chinese New Year can be good for both the people living in the house and the people who come to visit.

If you are looking for a cleaning service in Singapore, then hire SURECLEAN to make your life easy! This company is your one-stop hygiene partner, and it has received HIGH RATINGS from hundreds of satisfied customers. SURECLEAN has a professionally trained team and is trusted by over 100,000 Singaporeans and schools!

One of the BEST ways to keep your home clean during the holidays is to hire SURECLEAN!

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