A guide to post renovation cleaning

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Wondering about the process of post-renovation cleaning? Allow us to shed light on this subject for you as we delve into the nitty-gritty of cleaning once a renovation is complete.

Post renovation cleaning involves cleaning away all dust and debris from the renovation works that have been done. Cleaning includes vacuuming, wet and dry mopping, and wiping of all ceiling lights, fans and high areas. It is important to do a thorough cleaning after renovation to ensure that your new home is free from dust and debris before you move in as they could be hazardous to the health of you and your family.

Why the need to do post-renovation cleaning?

Normally, after any renovation is done, the contractors’ job is done and you will find yourself surrounded in a dusty environment as it is not under the contractors’ job scope in ensuring that the home needs to be clean before the handover. Therefore, it is recommended to engage a professional cleaning company to do the cleaning as they would have the equipment and knowledge to perform the duty.

Should you do cleaning before or after shifting furniture in?

It is advisable to move your furniture in after your cleaning. You would not want to risk getting your furniture dirty by moving them in before you clean the place! However, do take note that upon shifting in your furniture after your cleaning, you would still need to do a brief cleaning of your furniture as they could have been brought in from a warehouse or storage place that might be dusty.

Why is deep cleaning essential for post renovation cleaning?

Compared to normal routine cleaning, deep cleaning is more thorough and normally covers more areas of cleaning which include high areas, hard to reach areas. This is another reason why it is advisable for the place to be clean before shifting in the furniture, less hindrance to facilitate the post renovation cleaning.

What should I do after post renovation cleaning?

One mistake that most homeowners made is assuming that after the post renovation cleaning, the job is done. It is advisable to keep your room well ventilated so that any polluted air or toxic fumes accumulated can get ventilated out of the home in exchange for fresh air. This will also help remove the odor from your new cupboards and wardrobes.

Post renovation cleaning is not your typical cleaning and could get very tedious due to the scope of cleaning. As this is the final step before you officially move into your new home, it is essential that you ensure that cleaning is thoroughly done to ensure your home is clean and ready to live in.

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