Top 5 Best Candle Shop in Singapore 2024

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of aromas as we unveil the best candle shop in Singapore. Discover a symphony of scents and exquisite craftsmanship that redefine the ambiance of your space. Our guide is your gateway to finding the perfect candles for a sensory journey like no other.

Key Consideration Factors

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Best Candle Shop in Singapore

Artisan Of Sense

best candle shop in singapore

Have you heard of Artisan Of Sense? They’re not just the best candle shop in Singapore, they’re setting the standard for quality and sustainability in the entire region! Handcrafted with love, using eco-friendly soy wax and 100% pure essential oils from fresh, uplifting plants, Artisan Of Sense candles deliver a truly luxurious experience. You can instantly tell the difference between the clean, steady flame and the rich, therapeutic aromas that fill your space. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, a way to unwind after a long day, or simply to elevate your home fragrance, Artisan Of Sense is the perfect choice. So why not ditch the mass-produced candles and experience the difference that quality and care can make?

Company details

  • Address: 601 MacPherson Road, #06-08 Grantral Complex, Singapore 368242
  • Contact: 65 8218 1378
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: By Appointment Only , Weekdays 10:30AM – 5:30PM

What we like about it

  • 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Unmatched quality
  • Local candle shop


Lighted the candle on the very night I received it. The scent was comforting and my bedroom smells great! Love their thought and effort for making this candle as safe as it can be. -Shuwei (Google review)

Hush Candles

best candle shop singapore

Forget harsh chemicals and generic fragrances – Hush Candles are all about embracing nature’s goodness with their handcrafted soy wax candles. Imagine this: a gentle flame flickering, filling your space with the uplifting aroma of pure essential oils and clean-burning soy wax. That’s the magic of Hush Candles!

Hush Candles proves that natural doesn’t have to mean expensive. Their affordable range fits any budget, making it easy to treat yourself or someone special. Hush Candles offers a fantastic selection of scented candles with essential oils. Breathe in the calming lavender, invigorating peppermint, or soothing chamomile – let your senses guide you!

Company details

  • Address: 623 Aljunied Road, #07-01 389835
  • Contact: 65 9297 4611, 65 9829 8889
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

What we like about it

  • All-natural soy wax candles
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Cotton wicks


Hush sparked my love for candles and I’ve been hooked ever since! Some of my favourite scents over the years include Geranium, Lemongrass and Bergamot Clary Sage. Currently enamoured with the Escapist Collection and the gorgeous ceramic jar, definitely going to repurpose it for my home once the candle is done! -Cherine (Google review)

Sally’s Room

Ever craved a candle that’s truly “you”? Buckle up, because Sally’s Room is about to unleash your inner candlemaker! Sure, this candle shop in Singapore has a stunning selection of handcrafted candles: think clean-burning soy wax, intoxicating essential oils, and beautiful scents to tantalize your nose buds. But Sally’s Room goes way beyond just shop.

Company details

  • Address: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-08, Singapore 168976
  • Contact: 65 8805 2056
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

What we like about it

  • Corporate workshops
  • Focus on candle-related products
  • Unique highlights compared to other candle shops


My partner and I had an amazing time making our own candles at Sally’s Room! The host was very approachable and patiently taught us the methods to get the candle and the mini scented items done. We loved the entire experience. Thank you once again, Sally’s Room. -Kamini (Google review)

To Be Calm

best candle shop singapore

Think candle, think “tiny” – think again! To Be Calm redefines “cozy” with its incredible range of pure soy wax candles in every size imaginable. From miniature travel companions to luxurious XXL behemoths, and even adorable tea caddy treasures, these candles aren’t just about size, they’re about an experience.

Imagine: French-inspired balsam palm filling your room, crisp eucalyptus awakening your senses, or fresh-cut grass transporting you to a summer meadow. To Be Calm’s fragrances, sourced from France, are just as diverse and delightful as their sizes.

And don’t be fooled by “tiny”! Even their smallest candles burn for up to 20 hours, this candle shop in Singapore offers a whisper of luxury that lasts. Plus, To Be Calm champions the planet with eco-friendly packaging, ensuring your candle journey starts green and stays serene.

Company details

  • Address: Check the website
  • Contact: Check the website
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Check the website

What we like about it

  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Responsible sourcing and labeling
  • Exquisite smell and design


I love to their candles and roller balls! The candles smell heavenly and the quite refreshing… The roller balls are perfect size to carry and you can get essential oil blends according to your mood. -My Fusion World (Google review)

Pristine Aroma

best candle shop singapore

Ever dreamt of escaping to a bustling Parisian café or a sunny Bali beach, all without leaving your doorstep? Pristine Aroma makes it a reality with its mesmerizing, city-inspired candles. Imagine this: a soft glow, the gentle crackle of a wooden wick, and the intoxicating aroma of fresh bread wafting through the air. That’s “Parisian Bakery,” transporting you to the heart of Montmartre with its warm, inviting scent.

Company details

  • Address: 38 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2, WPS604, Singapore 569511
  • Contact: Check the website
  • Website:
  • Operating hours: Check the website

What we like about it

  • Wide variety of scents
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Global exploration from home


Wonderful experience with Pristine Aroma candle and warmer. Even my boys enjoyed the scent and when they gym at home, they light up their own Pristine Aroma candle! -Maisy (Google review)

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of candles can I find in these shops?

Candle shops in Singapore offer various types of candles, including scented candles, unscented candles, decorative candles, soy candles, and more.

Are there any specialty candle shops focusing on specific themes or scents?

Yes, you can find specialty candle shops in Singapore that focus on specific themes such as aromatherapy, wellness, or festive scents.

Do these shops offer candle accessories like candle holders and wick trimmers?

Many candle shops provide a selection of candle accessories, including holders, snuffers, and wick trimmers.

Are candles from these shops suitable for gifting?

Absolutely! Candles make delightful gifts, and many candle shops offer gift-wrapping services to enhance the gifting experience.

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