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Are you struggling to keep your curtains immaculate and germ-free? You’re not alone, as curtains can easily become stained, harboring dust particles and allergens. This blog post will guide you through the best curtain cleaning services in Singapore that deliver professional, efficient dry or steam clean service at a reasonable cost.

Excited to live in a cleaner home with stunning, fresh-smelling curtains? Read on!

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore has top curtain cleaning services. Some are Sureclean, Helpling, Cotton Care and more.
  • These services not only clean but also help put up and take down curtains.
  • Getting a pro to clean your curtains can add years to their life.
  • The cost of having your curtains cleaned starts at $9 per kg.

Top 5 Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

curtain cleaning services in singapore

Discover five of the best curtain cleaning services in Singapore – Sureclean Singapore, Helpling Singapore, Cotton Care Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services, Unique Express Cleaning Pte Ltd, and Chem-Dry Singapore.

Explore the world-class service they offer and find out why many customers trust them with their curtains. Experience professional dry cleaning at its finest right here in Lion City. Allow these top-notch companies to make your curtains look pristine again.

Sureclean Singapore

Sureclean Singapore is great for curtain cleaning. They rank among the top five in Singapore. In 2023, they became first in general cleaning services. You can trust them because they are both reliable and cheap. They also have the highest rating of 4.9/5 on google and 4.95/5 on facebook and have been voted by many as the best cleaning company in Singapore.

Besides cleaning curtains, their work includes weekly home tidying, a full clean when moving homes, post change to home structure and thorough springtime scrubbing-downs. If your curtains need care from trained hands, reach out to Sureclean Singapore!

Helpling Singapore

Helpling Singapore shines as a top choice for curtain cleaning. This service provider won the Gold Winner spot in the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards from 2019 to 2023! That’s not all. They also sport a great rating, with 4.7/5 stars on Google.

Those looking for cost-saving deals love Helpling Singapore. They offer a sweet deal of a 20% discount on their curtain cleaning services! It is no surprise that they rank high in customer picks for the best curtain cleaning service in Singapore this year.

Cotton Care Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Cotton Care Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services make your curtains look like new. They take care of clothes, carpets, rugs, and mattresses too. For more than 20 years, they have given top service to customers.

Cotton Care knows how to handle all types of curtains. The team will even do the hard task of taking off and putting up your curtains for you! These experts rank among the best five curtain cleaning services in Singapore!

Unique Express Cleaning Pte Ltd

Unique Express Cleaning Pte Ltd is a top choice for curtain cleaning in Singapore. They do great work with all types of curtains, blinds, and shades. You will find them at 5 Yishun Industrial Street.

They are not just good, they are also kind to your wallet. For high quality dry cleaning services, you can trust Unique Express Cleaning Pte Ltd!

Chem-Dry Singapore

Chem-Dry Singapore stands out in curtain cleaning. They have 40 years of experience. This company offers both on-site and off-site services. Their team knows how to handle different types of curtains, even the delicate fabrics.

With their advanced dry cleaning methods, they remove dust, dirt and stains from your curtain fabric carefully and effectively. This leaves them smelling fresh and looking clean again! Need your blackout curtains or roman blinds cared for? Chem-Dry can handle it with expert care.

Services Provided by Curtain Cleaning Companies

The leading curtain cleaning companies in Singapore offer a gamut of services to meet your specific needs. From steam cleaning, which deeply penetrates the fabric for thorough dirt and dust removal, to dry cleaning that’s gentle on delicate materials; there’s an option for every curtain variety.

Removal and installation service is also typically provided by these professionals, making them a one-stop solution for all your curtain care needs.

1. Curtain steam cleaning

Curtain steam cleaning is a top choice in Singapore. This service helps to get rid of dust that builds up in your curtains. Most companies, like Helpling Singapore, even offer free pickup from homes for this service.

For just S$30 per piece, you can have fresh and clean curtains again! So why wait? Choose steam cleaning today to give new life to your curtains.

2. Curtain dry cleaning

Curtain dry cleaning is a top service in Singapore. It’s given by pro companies like Sureclean, Helpling, Cotton Care Laundry and A&B Professional Dry Clean & Laundry. This process takes good care of your curtains with no harm done.

Stains go away, leaving your drapes fresh and clean. Busy day? Some firms even offer same-day dry cleaning! So why wait? Try curtain dry cleaning now for a spotless home look!

3. Removal and installation services

Taking down your curtains for cleaning can be hard. Putting them back up is often harder. Curtain Cleaning companies in Singapore understand this problem. They offer removal and installation services to make things easy.

This means they will come to your home, take down your dirty curtains, and then put them back up after cleaning! Some companies even give these services for free as part of their package.

Presto Drycleaners is one such example in Singapore with a free pick-up from home deal! No need to worry about the hassle of handling heavy or high-hanging curtains anymore!

Benefits of Professional Curtain Cleaning

Employing a professional curtain cleaning service offers several advantages including gentle handling of delicate fabrics, superior stain removal and stench elimination. Furthermore, it heightens your convenience by saving you the hassle of DIY chores.

Lastly, regular professional upkeep extends the life span of your curtains while preserving their vibrancy and texture.

a. Gentle and proper care

Curtains need gentle and good care. This helps them last longer and look better. Dry clean service in Singapore keeps your curtains from damage. They know what cleaning method suits each fabric best. You can trust the expert team to do a great job every time!

b. Stain removal and odor elimination

Curtain cleaning services do a great job at stain removal and odor elimination. Stains can be hard to deal with. You may have marks from food, drink or pets on your curtains. Cleaning companies use special tools and products to get rid of these stains for you.

They can also clear any bad smells from your curtains. These could be from smoke, dampness, or cooking odors that are stuck in the fabric of your curtain. With clean curtains free of stains and bad smells, it will make your home look better!

c. Increased convenience

Using a curtain cleaning service makes life easy. You don’t have to leave your home. They come and take your curtains away for cleaning. Then, they bring them back looking new. Some services in Singapore even do the work right in your house! This saves you time and energy that you can use on other things.

Having pros clean your curtains is fast, simple, and smart.

d. Longevity of curtains

Clean curtains last longer. All the dirt and stains can wear them out fast. So, you need to clean them every three to six months. This will keep your curtains looking nice for a long time.

But there is more than just looks here. Long use of curtains needs good care. A mix of DIY home cleaning and professional dry cleaning is best for this task. With pro dry cleaning done once or twice per year, your curtain’s life can extend much further!

Pricing for Curtain Cleaning Services in Singapore

Understanding the pricing for curtain cleaning services in Singapore is crucial when budgeting for your home maintenance needs. Here’s a brief overview of the cost you can expect.

– The base charge for dry cleaning services for curtains in Singapore is typically $9 per kg. This is a standard rate across most professional curtain cleaning services in the country.

– Additional charges may apply for extra services. For example, if you need the company to handle the dismantling and installation of your curtains, you may face an additional cost of $3 per kg.

– For specific types of window coverings, such as day curtains, the cost is often calculated differently. Top cleaning services like Helpling Singapore, Cotton Care Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services, and Unique Express Cleaning Pte Ltd generally charge $30 per curtain for dry cleaning day curtains.

– A select few curtain cleaning services in Singapore offer complimentary removal and installation of curtains. This can be a great way to save money if you’re looking to clean multiple sets of curtains in your home.

– Given the variety in pricing, it’s advisable to compare service providers and their charges. This will allow you to find the best curtain cleaning solution within your budget.

Keep in mind that these are average prices and actual costs can vary based on the specific condition and size of your curtains. Always make sure to request a detailed quotation before engaging a curtain cleaning service.

How to Choose the Right Curtain Cleaning Service

When choosing the right curtain cleaning service, it’s important to consider multiple factors. Firstly, take a close look at customer reviews; they’re an honest reflection of a company’s abilities and services.

Next, glance over the service provider’s level of experience and specific domain expertise in curtain cleaning – not all cleaners will have equal training or familiarity with different types of curtains.

Also, check whether additional services are available such as carpet cleaning or alterations which could add value to your chosen package. Don’t rush your decision but use these tips to pinpoint a trustworthy professional cleaner who can best meet your needs for clean curtains without stress.

*Read customer reviews

Look at what other people say about the service. Find happy customers who make good comments. This shows that the service does a great job cleaning curtains. But, also see if there are bad reviews too.

These can tell you what might go wrong with the company’s services. Good and bad reviews will help make your decision easier.

*Consider experience and expertise

Choose a curtain cleaning service with plenty of experience. They will know how to clean your curtains in the right way. Their workers have seen all kinds of stains and fabrics. With lots of practice, they get good at their work.

Expertise is also important. A firm that knows a lot about curtain fabrics can choose the best cleaning approach for each one. This means safe treatments for every kind of fabric from linen to lace! So your curtains don’t just look clean, they stay in good shape too.

*Check for additional services (alteration, carpet cleaning)

Some curtain cleaning firms offer more than just cleaning. They give added services like fixing rips and tears in your curtains, or alteration. They can make your too-long-curtains the right length for you! There’s also carpet washing on offer at some places.

So if your carpets need a clean, you could get it all done at once! Chem-Dry Singapore is such a firm that provides these extra services along with their top-notch curtain cleaning service.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials’

People love these curtain cleaning services. They talk about their good points in reviews and testimonials. A lot of customers praise Sureclean Singapore for its top-quality service.

They say the team is polite and does a great job on curtains. Sureclean Singapore also gets high scores from clients. Many note how fast it works while still cleaning well.

Reviews tell us that Sureclean Singapore has some loyal fans as well who love their prices and quick work time too! Lastly, they are winning hearts because they always do what they promise to do without any hidden cost surprises.

Why choose Sureclean Singapore and why they are the best curtain cleaning company in Singapore?

Sureclean Singapore is your top pick for curtain cleaning. They are the best because they put you first. Their service is great and their work is too. You will be happy with how clean they get your curtains.

They take away all dirt and germs, helping to make a safe home for you.

Not all companies do this like Sureclean Singapore does. Some may charge more or not clean as well, but Sureclean puts in hard work to give great results at a good price. People agree that this company knows about cleaning curtains better than any other! For sure services you can trust, go with Sureclean Singapore.


We’ve viewed the top curtain cleaning services in Singapore. They are all great! Many benefits come from using a professional service. Find one that fits your needs and enjoy clean curtains without the hard work.

And to help you choose the best curtain cleaning services in Singapore, contact Sureclean now! They’ll indeed give your curtains the freshness they deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the service?

The curtain cleaning service is more than a wash. It gives your curtains a full care package. The team will take down the curtains for you and then put them back up after cleaning.

Dry cleaning or steam cleaning are used to rid them of stains and smells. Some services even give your curtains on-site cleanings if that suits you best!

How are the curtains cleaned?

First, curtain cleaning starts with taking down your curtains. A pro team does this work for you at no extra cost. They then pack the curtains and take them to a clean spot. There, special machines give the curtains a full wash.

These machines get rid of dust and dirt hiding in the fabric.

The next step is to dry the curtains after washing them well. This process uses heat that is safe for all kind of fabrics, keeping your prized drapes safe from harm. Once they are dry, we check every drape one more time to make sure it’s really clean before sending it back.

Can the service be done on-site?

Yes, it can. Some top curtain cleaning services in Singapore offer on-site cleaning. They come to your home and clean your curtains there. You don’t have to take them down or put them back up by yourself! This service also includes free removal and installation of the curtains.

So you do not need to worry about any extra work!

How long does it typically take for a printing shop in Singapore to complete an order?

The turnaround time for completing an order varies depending on the complexity and volume of the print job. However, many printing shops in Singapore strive to provide fast and efficient service, with turnaround times ranging from a few hours to a few days.

What types of printing services do printing shops in Singapore offer?

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