What Is The Best Disinfectant For Cleaning? (5 Tips To Find One!)

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Best Disinfectant For Cleaning

Why is it important to find the best disinfectant for cleaning? And do you know which of the common and most popular cleaners has the best disinfectant properties? Hygiene is vital to health. Regular cleaning removes dirt and debris, but disinfecting is crucial to ensure our homes are free from disease-causing microorganisms and viruses. 

This article discusses disinfectants and how to pick the best one for cleaning. Read on to make your home healthy!

best disinfectant for cleaning

Why Are Disinfectants Important? 

Surface disinfectants eliminate germs, viruses, and fungi. They destroy hazardous germs’ cell structures to reduce our risk of acquiring infections and diseases. They may be in the form of sprays, wipes, or solutions. 

Disinfectants usually contain active components like chlorine, QACs, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol-based solutions, and phenolic compounds. It is important to use the best disinfectant to maximize its efficacy and safety.

Tips To Find The Best Disinfectant For Cleaning

🟦 Type of surface 

While choosing the best disinfectant, consider the type of surface you will be cleaning. Some disinfectants can be too harsh for surfaces like carpets and fabrics. 

🟦 Active components

Find the best disinfectants with active chemicals that kill the bacteria you want to eliminate. For example, quaternary disinfectants kill viruses.

🟦 Follow the instructions

The disinfectant label’s dilution ratio and contact duration must be followed. Disinfectants can be hazardous if misused.

🟦 Safety profile

Look for disinfectants that are safe to use around children and animals. Environmentally friendly disinfectants are better because they eliminate germs and bacteria and have a lower environmental impact than standard disinfectants with harsh chemicals.

🟦 Easy to use

Make sure the disinfectant is easy to use for convenience. Wipes are preferable for quick cleanups, whereas sprays are better for larger areas. Also, a disinfectant with a shorter contact duration helps speed up cleaning. 

You may hire professional cleaners if you are too busy to follow these tips. Professional cleaners have the right tools and the best disinfectant for cleaning to make your home clean and healthy. 

When it comes to professional cleaning, SURECLEAN has got your back! SURECLEAN is the leading cleaning service provider throughout Singapore! Aside from advanced cleaning techniques, their crew uses safe and effective disinfectants to free your home from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Natural Disinfectants For Cleaning

🟦 Vinegar

Vinegar is biodegradable, non-toxic, and safer than chemical disinfectants. In a spray bottle, mix equal parts water and white vinegar. Shake and spray this on kitchen counters, sinks, and bathrooms. Let the solution sit for a few minutes before wiping.

Meanwhile, vinegar may not kill all germs and bacteria like chemical disinfectants. It can also damage natural stones, and its smell may appeal to only some. 

🟦 Essential oils

Recently, essential oils have become popular natural disinfectants. Just add several drops of essential oil to a spray bottle of water to disinfect. Shake and spray this on kitchen counters, sinks, and bathrooms. Let the solution sit for several minutes before wiping.

Some essential oils disinfect better than others, depending on the surface type. However, they may not be compatible with certain materials and cause stains.

🟦 Lemon juice

Another common household disinfectant is lemon juice. The citric acid in lemon juice can kill bacteria and viruses. Put undiluted lemon juice in a spray bottle and apply it to cutting boards, countertops, and bathrooms. Before wiping, let the solution sit.

Best Disinfectant For Cleaning

Aside from household disinfectants, you may also need to use hospital-grade house cleaners to protect your family from disease-causing germs. We recommend GermClean

GermClean can kill 99.99% of germs, leaving your home free from dirt, bacteria, and viruses. By using GermClean, you can ensure your house is free from contaminants for up to 30 days! This hospital-grade disinfectant can be applied to any surface, making it the best disinfectant for cleaning!


Finding the best disinfectant for cleaning is essential to ensuring that your home is clean and healthy. When choosing one, it is important to consider the type of surface to clean, the components, the ease of use, and the safety profile of a disinfectant.

Natural disinfectants are also becoming more popular for cleaning for health and environmental reasons. Vinegar, essential oils, and lemon juice kill germs and bacteria without harming the environment.

There will also be times when you need to clean your home deeply. In these cases, you may need to use GermClean. GermClean is a hospital-grade disinfectant that can kill all bacteria and viruses. GermClean can protect your family because it stays effective for 30 days. 

Meanwhile, if you need more time to find the best disinfectant for cleaning or cleaning your home, contact SURECLEAN. SURECLEAN is a top-notch disinfection service provider all over Singapore. 

So what are you waiting for? Dial the numbers provided below and book your appointment today with SURECLEAN!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are disinfectants germicides? 

Disinfectants can kill germs and are considered germicides. Germicides are substances that kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They can be in the form of sprays, wipes, or solutions.

Which is the most commonly used disinfectant?

There are different disinfectants commonly used in different situations. For instance, households use bleach to sanitize surfaces, and hospitals disinfect with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Healthcare facilities also disinfect surfaces and equipment with hydrogen peroxide, while food services and households commonly use disinfectants that contain quaternary ammonium compounds. 

What is the strongest disinfectant? 

There is no single disinfectant that can be considered the strongest. However, some disinfectants can be considered more effective against a specific microorganism. For example, alcohol is effective against viruses, while quaternary compounds are known to kill most bacteria. 

What is the best DIY disinfectant? 

The following can be mixed in a big glass spray bottle to create a disinfectant that can be used on various household surfaces without risk. Twenty drops each of lemon and tea tree oils, with 1 cup each of water, white vinegar, and two teaspoons of isopropyl alcohol. Before using, give the bottle a good shake, spray the area to be cleaned, and allow it to sit for one minute before wiping it clean.

What is a natural disinfectant all-purpose cleaner?

The natural disinfectant qualities of vinegar and tea tree oil can destroy germs and viruses, and lavender oil’s antifungal properties can prevent yeast growth. Countertops, floors, and bathrooms are safe to clean with this all-purpose cleaner because it contains no hazardous chemicals. 

Natural cleaners can be effective but may not be as potent as commercial disinfectants. Therefore, following correct cleaning and disinfection standards is crucial to ensuring surfaces are adequately cleansed and disinfected. 

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