Top 6 Best Freight Forwarder in Singapore to Safely Deliver Your Packages 2023

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In the bustling world of global trade and logistics, the role of a freight forwarder in Singapore cannot be understated. These remarkable companies serve as the navigators of seamless transportation, ensuring that goods reach their intended destinations efficiently and securely.

In this blog, we’re excited to present you with an insider’s look at the top 6 freight forwarders in Singapore. From innovative technologies to decades of experience, these industry leaders have earned their place as the go-to experts for all your shipping needs. Let’s dive into the world of freight forwarding excellence and discover the names that make international commerce flow with precision.

Key Consideration Factors

At Sureclean, we understand the importance of providing our readers with accurate and reliable information. That’s why we take our selection process seriously when it comes to identifying the best companies in a particular field. One of the key considerations we take into account when creating our list is Google and Facebook ratings. By evaluating the feedback from real customers, we can ensure that our readers have access to trustworthy and unbiased reviews. These ratings give us insight into the overall satisfaction of a company’s customers, as well as the quality of their services.

Best Freight Forwarder Singapore

M&P International Freights

freight forwarder singapore

M&P International Freights is a standout choice among freight forwarders in Singapore. What’s cool is that they offer cargo insurance to customers, which is quite rare. So, if you’re shipping goods, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they help with customs clearance, which can be a real headache sometimes. They offer all sorts of services like air, sea, and road freight, and even warehousing. With over a dozen years of experience, they’ve got a strong network for international trade, ensuring your stuff gets to where it needs to be safely. And guess what? They’re budget-friendly too, so small businesses can totally benefit.

>>Company details

Address37 Jalan Pemimpin, #04-10 MAPEX, Singapore 577177
Contact65 65 9742 6988
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Budget-friendly options.
  • Small business focus.
  • Warehousing facilities.


Thank you M&P for your wonderful service. I engaged them to resolve a freight issue where my vendor refused to ship out my purchase. Nick and Wren were very helpful and efficient in their dealings -Lik Wang Law (Google review)

National Forwarder

freight forwarder singapore

National Forwarder has this awesome reputation for getting stuff from Singapore to places all over the globe. They’re like the go-to folks for top-notch shipping services. They’re known for their massive warehouse space, which means they can handle big loads every single day. They specialize in moving big items to faraway spots. And the best part? Their team is made up of pros who know how to get your goods to their destination securely.

>>Company details

AddressAirport Office: 7 Airline Road, Cargo Agents Building E #03-19/20/21, Singapore 819834

Seafreight Warehouse: 5 Penjuru Lane, Singapore 609186
Contact65 6546 1211
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Established reputation.
  • Customized solutions.
  • Secure and timely deliveries.


Used their service for shipping household..felt happy after using their service -Palaniappan (Google review)

Jacobson Global Logistics

freight forwarder singapore

Meet Jacobson Global Logistics, or JGL for short. These guys have been in the game since ’94. The cool thing is, they’re not just any logistics company – they’ve got a crew of industry veterans running the show. They know their stuff when it comes to freight, transportation, and supply chains. JGL’s all about making customers happy. They actually take the time to talk to you and figure out what you need before offering up solutions. So, they’re not just moving stuff, they’re solving problems too.

>>Company details

Address2 Bukit Merah Central #04-03, Singapore 159835
Contact65 6532 7088
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm

>>What we like about it

  • Proven supply chain management.
  • Personalized problem-solving.
  • In-depth expertise.


Thank you for the wonderful service! I’ve got my cello shipped from Singapore all the way to Birmingham in the UK. The shipment was fast and quick, customer service was speedy with their replies as well. Really appreciate the service, as I have no clue on how I could ship an odd object (cello) half way cross the globe safely. Many thanks to Mr. Jereld and the Team -Hung Ye Chien (Google review)


Ever heard of FreightPaul? They’re the trailblazers of modern transportation in Singapore. They do all the usual stuff like air freight and container shipping, but the real magic is their digital platform. You can book and track your shipments online – how convenient is that? And they’re not just tech-savvy, they’re also known for great prices and top-notch customer service. If you’ve got stuff to ship, these are the folks you want to talk to.

>>Company details

AddressBLK 291B Compassvale St, # 03-248, Singapore 542291
Contact86 158 1370 4730
Operating hoursOpen 24 hours

>>What we like about it

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Tech-forward approach.
  • Innovation-driven.

AGI Freight

AGI Freight is a big name when it comes to freight services in Singapore. They’ve been at it since ’98 and know their way around the industry. They cover all the bases – sea, air, road, and warehousing. What’s really impressive is their tracking technology. They keep you in the loop about your shipments, so you’re not left wondering where your stuff is. It’s all about safe and on-time delivery with these guys.

>>Company details

Address101 Alps Avenue #01-01 Singapore 498793
Contact65 6545 6033
65 9832 3828
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Warehousing capabilities.
  • Expertise in timely delivery.
  • Trusted name in the industry.

EES Freight Services

EES Freight Services is a heavy hitter in the logistics scene in Singapore. They’ve got this huge network of partners globally, which means they’ve got your back when it comes to shipping stuff anywhere. They’ve got a team of over 50 pros who can handle all sorts of things – from consolidation to warehousing. They even specialize in unique stuff like events, exhibitions, and even dangerous goods. So, whatever you need to ship, they’ve got the know-how.

>>Company details

AddressMultiple branches (check the website)
ContactMultiple branches (check the website)
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Local and worldwide transportation.
  • Custom clearance expertise.
  • Logistics leader in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a company that facilitates the transportation of goods from one place to another by coordinating various shipping and logistics services.

What are the benefits of using a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders simplify the shipping process, offer competitive rates, handle customs formalities, and provide expertise in international shipping regulations.

How do freight forwarders handle customs clearance?

Freight forwarders prepare and submit the necessary customs documentation, ensuring compliance with import and export regulations.

How do freight forwarders calculate shipping costs?

Freight forwarders consider factors like shipment weight, dimensions, transportation mode, distance, and any additional services required.

Can individuals use freight forwarder services, or are they mainly for businesses?

Both individuals and businesses can use freight forwarder services, depending on their shipping needs.

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