Top 7 Best Japanese Restaurant in Singapore 2024

Best Japanese Restaurant In Singapore 2024
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Embarking on an exciting journey to explore the best culinary delights in Singapore can be a fascinating experience, intertwining a myriad of tastes and cultures. Amidst the diverse and colorful dining scene, Japanese cuisine emerges with its delicate flavors and meticulous artistry. Nestled within this foodie paradise is Singapore’s premier Japanese restaurant, where old-world techniques are flawlessly integrated with contemporary creativity to deliver a dining experience unlike any other. Accompany us on this culinary expedition as we delve into the tastes, atmosphere, and distinct qualities that elevate this Japanese standout as a first-rate dining destination for food lovers in the Lion City.

Key Consideration Factors

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Best Japanese Restaurant In Singapore

Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi

japanese restaurant in singapore, japanese

Renowned Chef Maetomo brings a unique twist to the dining experience by infusing contemporary techniques into time-honored Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s focus is on delivering exceptional dishes that beautifully capture the essence of Japan’s changing seasons.

Dive into a world of exquisite flavors as each plate is meticulously curated to highlight the delicate and complex tastes of seasonal ingredients, promising an unforgettable UMAMI experience for every diner. Maetomo Japanese Cuisine (Kaiseki & Sushi) draws inspiration from the “WASHOKU” dining concept, taking it to new heights with innovative creations that pay homage to Japan’s culinary heritage.

Noteworthy for its commitment to excellence and culinary innovation, this Japanese restaurant in Singapore has earned a prestigious place on the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage list. For those seeking to immerse themselves in Japanese culture through the art of food, Maetomo Japanese Cuisine (Kaiseki & Sushi) stands as a must-visit destination, promising an authentic and elevated culinary adventure.

>>Company details

Address39 Scotts Rd, #01-01 Sheraton Towers Hotel, Singapore 228230
Contact65 6219 3990
Operating hoursMon to Sun (12–2:30 PM, 6–10:30 PM)

>>Key differentiators

  • Specializing in Kaiseki & Sushi
  • Seasonal ingredients from Japan
  • Complete Umami experience


“Literally one of the best Japanese restaurant in town. The restaurant is very subtle and mature. Amazing selection of sushi. Don’t forget to add the Wagyu tomahawk steak. Literally the star of the night!” (Peerampa Janjumratsang – Google review)

Shinji by Kanesaka

japanese restaurant in singapore, japanese

Indulge in the epitome of authentic Japanese culinary artistry at Shinji by Kanesaka, an elegant establishment that specializes in Edo-style sushi. This culinary haven is an extension of Chef Shinji Kanesaka’s renowned 1 Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo, nestled in the upscale district of Ginza. At Shinji by Kanesaka, the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity is unwavering, as it shares age-old Japanese culinary traditions with a dedication to preserving their integrity.

Built on a foundation rooted in the core elements of Japanese culture and art, defined by ‘kata’ and ‘do,’ the restaurant promises a genuine dining experience. The centerpiece of this gastronomic journey is the omakase menu, a selection entirely entrusted to the skilled hands of a native Japanese team of artisan chefs. Adding to the finesse is the presence of an Okami-san, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for every guest.

Chef Kanesaka’s venture outside Japan maintains the prodigious quality that has earned him esteem in the culinary world. With a harmonious blend of culinary expertise, culture, and tradition, Shinji by Kanesaka stands as a remarkable destination, offering an unparalleled Japanese fine dining experience for those seeking an authentic and tasteful journey.

>>Company details

Address76 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189558
Contact65 6338 6131
Operating hoursMon to Sat (12–3 PM, 6–10:30 PM)

>>Key differentiators

  • Expert head chef
  • Exceptional Omakase Menu
  • Japanese Art Appreciation


“Our omakase lunch was a delightful experience. The intrinsic quality and taste of the food were brought out as our chef skillfully prepared our dishes. The sashimi were fresh and of premium quality and we were sufficiently filled at the end of the meal – enough to last us past dinner time! Staff were also warm and attentive. As we were here for a birthday celebration, we had light effects as a mini bonus for our birthday dessert 🙂 Will definitely be back again.” (Pam Y. – Google review)

Kyoaji Dining

japanese restaurant in singapore, japanese

Savor the essence of Kyoto at KYOAJI, a Japanese restaurant in Singapore that takes pride in delivering an authentic Japanese culinary experience. Leading the kitchen is Executive Chef John Phua, known as Itamae, translating to “Chef” in Japanese. With nearly three decades of expertise in Japanese cuisine, Chef John’s unwavering passion drives him to pursue excellence and perfection while preserving the true essence of Japanese-style cooking.

Customers flock to KYOAJI to indulge in the authentic taste of Japan, where Chef John has cultivated a loyal following over the years. The restaurant places a premium on quality, ensuring the utmost freshness of their fish and seasonal seafood through air-freight supply. Procurements are meticulously stored in an ultra-low temperature facility in Singapore, guaranteeing the highest standards.

Beyond its culinary offerings, KYOAJI envelops diners in a warm Japanese ambiance, creating the perfect setting to enjoy traditional Japanese dishes. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and flavors of Japan at KYOAJI, where every detail is thoughtfully curated to provide an authentic and delightful dining experience.

>>Company details

Address111 Somerset Rd, #02-05/06, Singapore 238164
Contact65 6694 4068
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:30 AM–3 PM, 5:30–10:30 PM)

>>Key differentiators

  • Chef’s Expertise
  • Quality Of Ingredients
  • Located at the heart of Singapore


“One of the best Japanese set lunch I ever had. Food are fresh and tasty. Price is reasonable. Service is excellent and the environment is very comfy too! Will definitely be back.” (J. Chen – Google review)

Shinzo Japanese Cuisine

japanese restaurant in singapore, japanese

Immerse yourself in the heart of authentic Japanese cuisine at Shinzo, a restaurant named after the Japanese word for “heart.” With a mission to share their love for Japanese culinary artistry, Shinzo is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled dining experience to its guests. The key to achieving this lies in the exclusive use of the freshest ingredients, flown in directly from Japan, ensuring each dish reaches the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Shinzo’s menu is a testament to its commitment to seasonal excellence, changing with the seasons to showcase the best ingredients each time of the year has to offer. This approach not only guarantees delicious flavors but also ensures that the dishes are a true reflection of the unique characteristics of each season. Specializing in omakase-style dining, Shinzo offers a distinctive experience where the chef personally selects dishes for guests, allowing them to explore the full spectrum of the restaurant’s menu.

With a focus on authenticity and an unwavering commitment to using only the freshest ingredients, Shinzo stands out as the ideal destination for anyone who appreciates and loves the depth of Japanese cuisine. Embark on a culinary journey at Shinzo, where passion and quality converge to create a dining experience that is truly exceptional.

>>Company details

Address17 Carpenter St, Singapore 059906
Contact65 6438 2921
Operating hoursMon to Sat (12–3 PM, 6–10:30 PM)

>>Key differentiators

  • Traditional Japanese Decor
  • Expert Sake Pairings
  • Personalized Service


“I really enjoyed my experience here. I didn’t order the omakase but the set lunch has really good standard and honestly, the quality of the food and seafood is high so for the price, I think it is really value for money. My friend had the omakase and she loved it. It is a great place for a nice lunch. I will definitely be back to try the other set meal and the omakase!” (Lidya Wang – Google review)

Torio Japanese Restaurant

japanese restaurant in singapore, japanese

Since its inception, Torio has captured the attention of local food enthusiasts, earning five-star customer ratings and a reputation for delivering a unique dining experience. The menu is a testament to the culinary artistry at Torio, featuring a diverse array of dishes crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. Whether you’re marking a special occasion or aiming to impress a date, Torio provides the perfect setting.

Conveniently located at Link Hotel in Tiong Bahru, Torio offers easy access with carpark facilities and proximity to Outram Park and Tiong Bahru MRT station. For those seeking a taste of the finest Japanese cuisine in the area, Torio Japanese Restaurant Pte. Ltd. is a must-visit destination, promising an exquisite dining experience that blends affordability with culinary excellence.

>>Company details

Address50 Tiong Bahru Rd, #01-01 Link Hotel, Singapore 168733
Contact65 6514 0115
Operating hoursTue to Sun (11:45 AM–2:30 PM, 6–10 PM)

>>Key differentiators

  • Unique Location
  • Affordable Prices
  • Experienced Itamae


“This is a nice authentic Japanese restaurant. The food was very tasty but on the pricier side. We ended up paying about $300 for 6 people on a weekday lunch. Definitely would come again, worth a visit.” (Ali Jumabhoy – Google review)

Teppei Japanese Restaurant

japanese restaurant in singapore, japanese

Step into the culinary realm of Teppei Japanese Restaurant in Singapore, a renowned establishment celebrated for its iconic “OMAKASE” experience, a truly unique Japanese culinary journey. The term “OMAKASE” translates to “what you have is up to the chef,” embodying a dining adventure where customers entrust their meal to the creative expertise of the chefs, resulting in an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

At Teppei Japanese Restaurant, the chefs take immense pride in their craft, dedicated to serving only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to their patrons. The menu revolves around traditional Japanese cuisine, placing a premium on the use of the freshest seafood and ingredients. From meticulously prepared sashimi to expertly crafted sushi, each dish showcases the delicate flavors and textures that define Japanese culinary excellence.

The restaurant’s intimate and inviting atmosphere allows customers to fully immerse themselves in the culinary journey. With a steadfast commitment to quality and an unwavering passion for Japanese cuisine, Teppei Japanese Restaurant stands as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Japan, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.

>>Company details

Address1 Tras Link, #01-18 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867
Contact65 8831 5185
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:45 AM–2:30 PM, 6:30–10 PM)

>>Key differentiators

  • Diverse Menu
  • Skilled Staff and Cooks
  • Primarily uses fresh ingredients


“If you only can afford one omakase experience in your whole life, come to Teppei. You won’t be disappointed! Every dishes are very unique and the staff pay extra attention to details. They even ask customers want extra, normal, small portion of rice to accommodate different stomach capacity. Furthermore, wide selection of the main dish to end the night.” (Xizhe Lee – Google review)

Sen of Japan

japanese restaurant in singapore, japanese

Experience the perfect blend of casual elegance at Sen of Japan, a Japanese restaurant and bar that prides itself on delivering an intimate dining experience with a touch of sophistication. Helmed by Chef Nakano Hiromi, formerly the head of the renowned NOBU at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Sen of Japan’s carefully crafted menu reflects a commitment to modernized Japanese cuisine.

The name ‘Sen’ stems from the Japanese word for fresh, and this principle guides their culinary philosophy, emphasizing the importance of freshness in creating exceptional dishes. Nestled against the backdrop of the Singapore skyline, Sen of Japan offers a breathtaking setting for diners to enjoy a curated selection of dishes, from sushi rolls to sashimi platters.

Every detail at Sen of Japan contributes to an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or a night out with friends, the restaurant and bar provide a unique atmosphere suitable for any occasion. Indulge in the flavors of Japan with their expertly crafted cocktails. Secure your spot by making a reservation today and discover why Sen of Japan stands out as the most sought-after Japanese restaurant in Singapore.

>>Company details

Address2 Bayfront Ave, #01 – 86, Singapore 018972
Contact65 6688 7426
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:30 AM–10 PM)

>>Key differentiators

  • Sake selection
  • Omakase experience
  • Special events


“Overall the food was good and the service was great. We really enjoyed the Hamachi cheek and Swordfish steak. They were really tender and flavourful. The uni pasta was interesting but personally feel that the truffle flavour was over powering and does not complement the ikura well. The crispy shrimp bits were nice as well but doesn’t really fit well in the dish.Umeshu Cheesecake isn’t good, too chewy and tough. Pumpkin ice cream was not bad. Price was good with Amex love dining. Will return to try other stuff!” (JY C. – Google review)


In the vibrant culinary landscape of Singapore, Japanese restaurants stand out as havens of exquisite flavors and cultural richness. From the traditional techniques of Maetomo to the contemporary artistry at Shinji by Kanesaka, each establishment brings a unique touch to the dining experience. Torio, KYOAJI, Shinzo, Teppei, and Sen of Japan showcase the diversity of Japanese cuisine, offering everything from authentic Omakase to modernized Japanese dishes. Whether you’re craving a casual meal or a fine dining experience, these restaurants cater to various tastes and preferences, making Singapore a haven for Japanese food enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Omakase” mean in a Japanese restaurant?

“Omakase” translates to “what you have is up to the chef,” indicating a dining experience where the chef selects and prepares dishes for the customer.

Are Japanese restaurants in Singapore expensive?

Japanese cuisine can be expensive, but there are Japanese restaurants in Singapore that cater to various budgets. Higher-end restaurants may offer premium ingredients, while more affordable options may use local ingredients.

What types of Japanese food can I expect to find in Japanese restaurants in Singapore?

Japanese restaurants in Singapore typically offer a wide variety of dishes, including sushi, sashimi, tempura, udon, and ramen, as well as other traditional Japanese dishes like yakitori, okonomiyaki, and katsu.

Can I make special requests or substitutions at Japanese restaurants in Singapore?

Most Japanese restaurants in Singapore will accommodate special requests or substitutions, but it’s best to check with the restaurant beforehand to confirm. Keep in mind that some substitutions may affect the overall taste and presentation of the dish.

Can I make a special request for a birthday or anniversary celebration at a Japanese restaurant in Singapore?

Yes, many Japanese restaurants in Singapore will accommodate special requests for birthday or anniversary celebrations, such as providing a cake or decorating the table. It’s best to check with the restaurant beforehand to confirm their options and any additional fees.

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