Top 10 Best Japanese Restaurants In Singapore 2023 Guide

Top 10 Best Japanese Restaurants In Singapore 2023 Guide
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Singapore is known for its diverse and delicious food scene, and Japanese cuisine is definitely one of the top favorites among locals and tourists alike. In this blog post, we’ve carefully curated a list of the top 10 best Japanese restaurants in Singapore for 2023. From sizzling teppanyaki dishes to comforting bowls of ramen, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. So grab your chopsticks and get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other!

Key Consideration Factors

At Sureclean, we understand the importance of providing our readers with accurate and reliable information. That’s why we take our selection process seriously when it comes to identifying the best companies in a particular field. One of the key considerations we take into account when creating our list is Google and Facebook ratings. By evaluating the feedback from real customers, we can ensure that our readers have access to trustworthy and unbiased reviews. These ratings give us insight into the overall satisfaction of a company’s customers, as well as the quality of their services.

Best Japanese Restaurants In Singapore

1. Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi

maetomo best japanese restaurants in singapore

Maetomo Japanese Cuisine (Kaiseki & Sushi) is a restaurant that offers a unique dining experience by reimagining traditional Japanese cuisine through modern techniques. Chef Maetomo’s goal is to create exceptional dishes with a contemporary twist that captures the beauty of Japan’s seasonal transitions. Each plate is carefully crafted to bring out the delicate and complex flavors of seasonal ingredients, providing an unforgettable UMAMI experience for every customer.

Inspired by the traditional dining concept of “WASHOKU,” Maetomo Japanese cuisine (Kaiseki & Sushi) elevates the experience by creating innovative dishes that showcase the essence of Japanese culinary heritage. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage list, making it a must-visit destination for those who seek to experience Japanese culture through the art of food.

>>Company details

Address39 Scotts Rd, #01-01 Sheraton Towers Hotel, Singapore 228230
Contact65 6219 3990
Operating hoursMon to Sun (12–2:30 PM, 6–10:30 PM)


Google Rating4.6 out of 5 (61 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.7 out of 5 (59 reviews)
Overall Rating4.65 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Specializing in Kaiseki & Sushi
  • Seasonal ingredients from Japan
  • Complete Umami experience


“Literally one of the best Japanese restaurant in town. The restaurant is very subtle and mature. Amazing selection of sushi. Don’t forget to add the Wagyu tomahawk steak. Literally the star of the night!” (Peerampa Janjumratsang – Google review)

2. Shinji by Kanesaka

Shinji Best japanese restaurants in singapore

Shinji by Kanesaka is an elegant restaurant that takes pride in serving authentic Japanese cuisine, particularly Edo-style sushi. It is an extension of Chef Shinji Kanesaka’s 1 Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo, located in the upscale district of Ginza. At Shinji by Kanesaka, the restaurant’s passionate philosophy is centered around sharing age-old Japanese culinary traditions without compromising its integrity. The restaurant is built on a foundation of key elements that promise an authentic dining experience, paying homage to the core of Japanese culture and art as defined by ‘kata’ and ‘do’.

The restaurant features an omakase menu, a selection entirely entrusted to the chef and skillfully executed by a native Japanese team of artisan chefs. Shinji by Kanesaka also embodies the Japanese fine dining experience through the presence of an Okami-san who takes care of the restaurant guests. Chef Kanesaka’s first venture outside Japan honors the same prodigious quality that made him an esteemed character in the culinary world. With a harmonious blend of culinary expertise, culture, and tradition, Shinji by Kanesaka is a restaurant that offers a remarkable Japanese fine dining experience.

>>Company details

Address76 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189558
Contact65 6338 6131
Operating hoursMon to Sat (12–3 PM, 6–10:30 PM)


Google Rating4.6 out of 5 (367 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.3 out of 5 (845 reviews)
Overall Rating4.45 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Expert head chef
  • Exceptional Omakase Menu
  • Japanese Art Appreciation


“Our omakase lunch was a delightful experience. The intrinsic quality and taste of the food were brought out as our chef skillfully prepared our dishes. The sashimi were fresh and of premium quality and we were sufficiently filled at the end of the meal – enough to last us past dinner time! Staff were also warm and attentive. As we were here for a birthday celebration, we had light effects as a mini bonus for our birthday dessert 🙂 Will definitely be back again.” (Pam Y. – Google review)

3. Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

Nanbantei is an authentic Japanese Yakitori restaurant that offers a genuine taste of the Yakitori culture that originated in Japan. The restaurant is one of the first and possibly the longest-running Yakitori restaurant in Singapore. Since its inception in 1983, Nanbantei has been serving high-quality Yakitori dishes to its customers. The restaurant started its journey with its first outlet located on the fifth floor of Far East Plaza and later opened its second branch in Chinatown Point in 2016.

At Nanbantei, the menu is filled with a variety of Yakitori dishes that are cooked to perfection by their experienced chefs. The restaurant’s specialty is its grilled skewered chicken, which is marinated with its secret sauce and grilled over hot charcoal. The menu also features other classic Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura. Nanbantei’s authentic Japanese ambiance and warm hospitality make it the perfect place for an intimate dining experience or a casual get-together with friends and family.

>>Company details

AddressFar East Plaza, 14 Scotts Rd, #05-132, Singapore 228213
Contact65 6733 5666
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:45 AM–2:30 PM, 6–10 PM)


Google Rating4.3 out of 5 (375 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.6 out of 5 (744 reviews)
Overall Rating4.45 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Unique Yakitori Selection
  • Casual and Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Experienced and Friendly Staff


“The food here is so good. Ordering the bento sets are worth it, 8 sticks for about $17 served with rice and miso soup. The mentaiko cheese mochi was so cheesy and chewy, really yum! Also ordered some ala carte yakitori, well grilled and perfect seasoning. Really very delicious and we really enjoyed our meal here. Staffs are friendly and helpful to accommodate to our needs. Really a high standard Japanese restaurant. May need to do reservations online on weekends unless you willing to come early at the opening time. Also recommended to request for inside seats if don’t want to have bbq smell after dining.” (Phylicia Lim – Google review)

4. Kyoaji Dining

KYOAJI, meaning “Taste from KYOTO,” is a Japanese restaurant in Singapore that prides itself on serving authentic Japanese cuisine. At the helm of the restaurant is Executive Chef John Phua, also known as Itamae, which means “Chef” in Japanese. With almost 30 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, Chef John’s passion for Japanese cuisine drives him to strive for excellence and perfection in his skills, and he is committed to maintaining the origin of Japanese-style cooking. He has created a loyal following among his customers, who come to KYOAJI to experience the authentic taste of Japan within the restaurant.

At KYOAJI, quality is of the utmost importance. To meet the high expectations of their customers, the restaurant ensures that the freshness of their fish and seasonal seafood is maintained through air-freight supply. Furthermore, the quality of each procurement is guaranteed by an ultra-low temperature storage facility in Singapore. The restaurant’s warm Japanese ambiance complements the dining experience, making it the perfect place to enjoy traditional Japanese dishes and immerse oneself in the culture and flavors of Japan.

>>Company details

Address111 Somerset Rd, #02-05/06, Singapore 238164
Contact65 6694 4068
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:30 AM–3 PM, 5:30–10:30 PM)


Google Rating4.5 out of 5 (249)
Facebook Rating4.4 out of 5 (454 reviews)
Overall Rating4.45 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Chef’s Expertise
  • Quality Of Ingredients
  • Located at the heart of Singapore


“One of the best Japanese set lunch I ever had. Food are fresh and tasty. Price is reasonable. Service is excellent and the environment is very comfy too! Will definitely be back.” (J. Chen – Google review)

5. Shinzo Japanese Cuisine

Shinzo is a Japanese restaurant that takes its name from the Japanese word for heart. The restaurant’s mission is to share its love for authentic Japanese cuisine with its guests. To achieve this, Shinzo uses only the freshest ingredients, which are flown in directly from Japan. This ensures that every dish is of the highest quality and that the flavors are as authentic as possible.

Shinzo’s menu changes with the seasons, taking advantage of the best ingredients that each season has to offer. This allows the chefs to create dishes that are not only delicious but also reflective of the time of year. Shinzo specializes in omakase-style dining, which means that the chef selects the dishes for the guests. This allows diners to experience the full range of the restaurant’s menu, and to enjoy a dining experience that is truly unique. With a focus on authenticity and a commitment to using only the freshest ingredients, Shinzo is the perfect destination for anyone who loves Japanese cuisine.

>>Company details

Address17 Carpenter St, Singapore 059906
Contact65 6438 2921
Operating hoursMon to Sat (12–3 PM, 6–10:30 PM)


Google Rating4.5 out of 5 (214 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.4 out of 5 (345 reviews)
Overall Rating4.45 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Traditional Japanese Decor
  • Expert Sake Pairings
  • Personalized Service


“I really enjoyed my experience here. I didn’t order the omakase but the set lunch has really good standard and honestly, the quality of the food and seafood is high so for the price, I think it is really value for money. My friend had the omakase and she loved it. It is a great place for a nice lunch. I will definitely be back to try the other set meal and the omakase!” (Lidya Wang – Google review)

6. Shoukouwa Restaurant

Shoukouwa is a Japanese restaurant that places great emphasis on the quality and freshness of its seafood. The restaurant sources the choicest and freshest seafood from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, which was previously known as Tsukiji Market. This ensures that the seafood is at its peak when it arrives at the restaurant, resulting in a truly exceptional dining experience. Shoukouwa takes great care in selecting its suppliers, working with only a handful of select providers to ensure that the seafood is of the highest quality. The chefs at Shoukouwa use their expertise to bring out the natural flavors of the seafood, resulting in dishes that are both flavorful and unforgettable.

The Japanese themes of Shoukouwa are evident in every aspect of the menu, from the selection of seafood to the presentation of the dishes. The restaurant offers an authentic Japanese dining experience that is sure to please even the most discerning of diners. With an emphasis on quality, freshness, and authenticity, Shoukouwa sets itself apart from other Japanese restaurants. Whether you’re a seafood lover or just looking for an unforgettable dining experience, Shoukouwa is the perfect place to indulge in the flavors of Japan. So, come and experience the treasures from the seas around Japan at their peak periods, and create a memory for a lifetime at Shoukouwa.

>>Company details

Address1 Fullerton Rd, #02-02A One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
Contact65 6423 9939
Operating hoursTues to Sat (1 pm – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10:30 pm)


Google Rating4.5 out of 5 (134 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.4 out of 5 (179 reviews)
Overall Rating4.45 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Omakase Style-Dining
  • Attention to detail
  • Intimate Setting


“This was a divine experience. Wemt there to celebrate my wifes bday and it’s actually my first omakase experience. Food was excellent, vibe was excellent, everything was just top notch. A bit on the expensive side but well worth it. Location is also awesome. After a nice meal you can go outside and walk by the river taking photos. Trull a magnificent place to go to for special events.” (Adri Dwitomo – Google review)

7. Torio Japanese Restaurant

Located at Link Hotel in Tiong Bahru, Torio Japanese Restaurant Pte. Ltd. is a must-visit dining destination for those looking to indulge in an authentic Japanese Omakase experience. Helmed by Head Chef Jackles Tai, an Itamae with 20 years of experience, Torio prides itself on serving the freshest ingredients with impeccable service, all at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Since its inception, Torio has been creating quite a buzz among foodies in the area, with five-star customer ratings and a reputation for offering a novel dining experience. Their menu boasts an impressive range of dishes, prepared with utmost care and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or impress a date, Torio is the perfect venue. With carpark facilities and a short distance from Outram Park and Tiong Bahru MRT station, Torio is a must-visit for those looking to sample some of the best Japanese cuisines in the area.

>>Company details

Address50 Tiong Bahru Rd, #01-01 Link Hotel, Singapore 168733
Contact65 6514 0115
Operating hoursTue to Sun (11:45 AM–2:30 PM, 6–10 PM)


Google Rating4.4 out of 5 (225 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.2 out of 5 (231 reviews)
Overall Rating4.3 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Unique Location
  • Affordable Prices
  • Experienced Itamae


“This is a nice authentic Japanese restaurant. The food was very tasty but on the pricier side. We ended up paying about $300 for 6 people on a weekday lunch. Definitely would come again, worth a visit.” (Ali Jumabhoy – Google review)

8. Teppei Japanese Restaurant

Teppei Japanese restaurant is a popular establishment known for its signature dish – the “OMAKASE”, a Japanese culinary experience that is truly unique. The term “OMAKASE” translates to “what you have is up to the chef”, which means that customers entrust their meal to the chefs’ creativity and expertise, resulting in a one-of-a-kind dining adventure. At Teppei Japanese restaurant, the chefs take pride in their craft and are committed to serving only the freshest and most high-quality ingredients to their customers.

The restaurant’s menu is centered around traditional Japanese cuisine, with a focus on using the freshest seafood and ingredients. From sashimi to sushi, each dish is expertly crafted and showcases the delicate flavors and textures of Japanese cuisine. At Teppei Japanese restaurant, the atmosphere is intimate and inviting, allowing customers to fully immerse themselves in the culinary experience. With its commitment to quality and passion for Japanese cuisine, Teppei Japanese restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic taste of Japan.

>>Company details

Address1 Tras Link, #01-18 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867
Contact65 8831 5185
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:45 AM–2:30 PM, 6:30–10 PM)


Google Rating4.5 out of 5 (706 reviews)
Facebook Rating4 out of 5 (254 reviews)
Overall Rating4.25 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Diverse Menu
  • Skilled Staff and Cooks
  • Primarily uses fresh ingredients


“If you only can afford one omakase experience in your whole life, come to Teppei. You won’t be disappointed! Every dishes are very unique and the staff pay extra attention to details. They even ask customers want extra, normal, small portion of rice to accommodate different stomach capacity. Furthermore, wide selection of the main dish to end the night.” (Xizhe Lee – Google review)

9. KOMA Singapore

KOMA is a unique Japanese restaurant and sushi bar that’s definitely worth a visit. The restaurant offers a modern take on traditional Japanese cuisine, and it’s clear that a lot of care and attention has gone into every aspect of the menu. Executive Chef Kunihiro Moroi has created a range of original dishes that are bursting with flavor, thanks to the fresh and seasonal produce and ingredients that are sourced directly from Japan.

From the moment you sit down at KOMA, you’ll notice that this is no ordinary Japanese restaurant. The menu is bold and distinct, featuring a range of original creations that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, sashimi, or something a little more substantial, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds. The attention to detail at KOMA is evident in every dish, and the restaurant’s commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients is truly impressive.

>>Company details

Address2 Bayfront Ave, # B1 – 67, Singapore 018972
Contact65 6688 8690
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:30 to 3pm, 5 pm to 12 am)


Google Rating4.3 out of 5 (1,637 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.2 out of 5 (622 reviews)
Overall Rating4.25 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Unique Concept
  • Modern Interpretation of Japanese Cuisine
  • Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients from Japan


“Want to thank assistant manager Vignesh and Ron for making our dining experience fantastic on May 9. The atmosphere is just wonderful. One of a kind even in Singapore. High ceiling. Amazingly decorated. Magical is a close word since it kinda transports you to a part of Japan. Food looks very pretty and tastes decent. Overall, 5 star for service, ambience, and beauty of food.” (Jacob, Local Guide – Google review)

10. Sen of Japan

At Sen of Japan, they pride themselves on being a casual dining Japanese restaurant and bar with a touch of elegance. Their menu is carefully crafted by Chef Nakano Hiromi, the former head of the famous NOBU at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. The name ‘Sen’ is derived from the Japanese word for fresh, and they believe that the key to a great dish is in the freshness of its ingredients. Their selection of dishes aims to bring the taste of modernized Japanese cuisine to the table while offering an intimate setting with breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline.

From their sushi rolls to their sashimi platters, they strive to create an unforgettable dining experience for all their guests. Whether you are seeking a romantic evening or a night out with friends, this restaurant and bar offer a unique atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion. Come and experience the flavors of Japan with their curated menu and expertly crafted cocktails. Make a reservation today and discover why Sen of Japan is one of the most sought-after Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

>>Company details

Address2 Bayfront Ave, #01 – 86, Singapore 018972
Contact65 6688 7426
Operating hoursMon to Sun (11:30 AM–10 PM)


Google Rating4.4 out of 5 (784 reviews)
Facebook Rating4.1 out of 5 (98 reviews)
Overall Rating4.25 out of 5

>>Key differentiators

  • Sake selection
  • Omakase experience
  • Special events


“Overall the food was good and the service was great. We really enjoyed the Hamachi cheek and Swordfish steak. They were really tender and flavourful. The uni pasta was interesting but personally feel that the truffle flavour was over powering and does not complement the ikura well. The crispy shrimp bits were nice as well but doesn’t really fit well in the dish.Umeshu Cheesecake isn’t good, too chewy and tough. Pumpkin ice cream was not bad. Price was good with Amex love dining. Will return to try other stuff!” (JY C. – Google review)

How To Choose The Best Japanese Restaurant In Singapore

To choose the best Japanese restaurant in Singapore, there are several factors to consider. Checking online reviews and asking for recommendations are good starting points to get an idea of the quality of food and service. Authenticity is important, so look for a restaurant with a Japanese chef or imported ingredients.

Also, consider the menu offerings, atmosphere, service, and price. A good Japanese restaurant should have a wide variety of dishes, including sushi, sashimi, tempura, udon, and ramen, with fresh ingredients. The environment should be welcoming, with attentive service and a well-maintained interior. Finally, the price should offer value for money, with quality food and service at a reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Japanese restaurants in Singapore cater to dietary restrictions?

Many Japanese restaurants in Singapore offer vegetarian and gluten-free options, and some also offer halal-certified food. It’s always a good idea to check with the restaurant beforehand to confirm their offerings.

Are Japanese restaurants in Singapore expensive?

Japanese cuisine can be expensive, but there are Japanese restaurants in Singapore that cater to various budgets. Higher-end restaurants may offer premium ingredients, while more affordable options may use local ingredients.

What types of Japanese food can I expect to find in Japanese restaurants in Singapore?

Japanese restaurants in Singapore typically offer a wide variety of dishes, including sushi, sashimi, tempura, udon, and ramen, as well as other traditional Japanese dishes like yakitori, okonomiyaki, and katsu.

Can I make special requests or substitutions at Japanese restaurants in Singapore?

Most Japanese restaurants in Singapore will accommodate special requests or substitutions, but it’s best to check with the restaurant beforehand to confirm. Keep in mind that some substitutions may affect the overall taste and presentation of the dish.

Can I make a special request for a birthday or anniversary celebration at a Japanese restaurant in Singapore?

Yes, many Japanese restaurants in Singapore will accommodate special requests for birthday or anniversary celebrations, such as providing a cake or decorating the table. It’s best to check with the restaurant beforehand to confirm their options and any additional fees.

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