Top 7 Best Plumbing Services in Singapore 2024

Best Plumbing Services In Singapore 2024
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In need of dependable plumbing services in Singapore to help with your plumbing problems? You’ve come to the right place. This blog post offers a guide to some of the highly reputed plumbing services in Singapore. These services are known for their exceptional skills and customer satisfaction levels. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, a blocked drain, or a bigger plumbing challenge that you are facing, our guide is here to help you examine your alternatives and identify the ideal solution for your plumbing concerns. Bid farewell to your plumbing stresses as we spotlight the main attributes and advantages of the top plumbing services in Singapore.

Key Consideration Factors

At Surely the Best, we understand the importance of providing our readers with accurate and reliable information. That’s why we take our selection process seriously when it comes to identifying the best companies in a particular field. One of the key considerations we take into account when creating our list is Google and Facebook ratings. By evaluating the feedback from real customers, we can ensure that our readers have access to trustworthy and unbiased reviews. These ratings give us insight into the overall satisfaction of a company’s customers, as well as the quality of their services.

Best Plumbing Services in Singapore

Mr Plumber Singapore

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Let’s kick things off by introducing Mr. Plumber Singapore, a prominent player in the plumbing services arena. With a widespread network of offices strategically situated across Singapore, they boast a swift response time to cater to your plumbing needs no matter your location. Be it residential or commercial plumbing requirements, Mr. Plumber’s dedicated team of experts, all holding prestigious PUB licenses and BCA certifications, stands ready to provide comprehensive assistance. Rest assured, your plumbing concerns are in capable hands with their highly skilled and qualified professionals.

>>Company details

Address1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07A, Singapore 169201
Contact65 6980 0909
Operating hoursOpen Daily 9:00am – 9:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Trusted and reliable service provider
  • Proven track record of customer satisfaction
  • Prompt and efficient response to plumbing issues


Very responsive even on a Sat/Sun. Happy with their service and would recommend. -Daryl (Google review)

Greenwood Plumbing

plumbing services, plumber singapore

Moving on to our next featured plumbing service, let’s shine the spotlight on Greenwood Plumbing. As your convenient island-wide plumbing solution, they take pride in providing a diverse array of plumbing services without the fuss. What sets them apart is not only their comprehensive offerings but also the endorsement of a satisfied clientele and a collection of positive reviews. The outstanding service delivered by Greenwood Plumbing is underscored by a commitment to customer satisfaction, and here’s the icing on the cake – they back all their repairs with a solid guarantee. With Greenwood Plumbing, you can trust in their expertise to address any plumbing issues seamlessly and hassle-free.

>>Company details

AddressBukit Timah 68 Jalan Jurong Kechil #01-14 Singapore 596180
Contact65 6467 2493
Operating hoursOpen Daily 9:00am – 8:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Expertise in both plumbing and electrical services
  • No-fuss approach to plumbing solutions
  • Competitive pricing and great value for money


Been my go-to plumbing company all these few years. They’ve been able to solve all my plumbing issues so far, including the cleaning of the water tank which many companies do not do. -Rachell (Google review)

Everyworks Singapore: Plumber Services

plumbing services, plumber singapore

In the quest for seasoned plumbers, look no further than Everyworks Services, a name synonymous with expertise. Boasting decades of hands-on experience, their team is well-equipped to tackle plumbing tasks of any magnitude, catering to the needs of both residential and commercial clients. From minor repairs to major installations, Everyworks Services has honed their skills to perfection.

But that’s not all – their commitment to facilitating a seamless experience extends beyond mere plumbing services. Everyworks Services goes the extra mile by offering competitively priced taps, toilets, and an array of plumbing fixtures, providing you with convenient and cost-effective solutions. With Everyworks Services, you not only gain access to seasoned professionals but also a one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

>>Company details

Address1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07, Singapore 169201
Contact65 6909 0990
Operating hoursOpen Daily 9:00am – 9:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Confident in handling all plumbing tasks, big or small
  • One-stop-shop for buying and installing water heaters, taps, toilets, etc.
  • Stress-free and efficient service


Everything is good. Staff is responsive and professional. Technician Kumar is very experience and confident in installing the tap. Complete within 15 mins- fast and good. -Jill (Google review)

PS Plumber Singapore

plumbing services, plumber singapore

In the search for a plumbing service that operates around the clock, look no further than PS Plumber Singapore. Renowned for their well-established presence, they take pride in offering services 24/7, ensuring assistance is just a call away, be it day or night. With a dedicated team of licensed plumbers, PS Plumber Singapore prioritizes promptness and efficiency in addressing your plumbing concerns.

Picture this: a plumbing issue arises at an inconvenient hour, and you need a swift resolution. PS Plumber Singapore steps in with their round-the-clock availability and a commitment to fast and effective solutions. Their team of licensed professionals brings both expertise and efficiency to the table, making them the go-to choice for timely and reliable plumbing services. Trust PS Plumber Singapore to handle your plumbing needs with precision, ensuring peace of mind whenever the need arises.

>>Company details

AddressTampines Street 83, # 05-67 Block 884, Singapore 520884
Contact65 6797 8814
Operating hoursOpen Daily 8:00am – 10:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Trusted and experienced team of plumbers
  • Versatility in handling various plumbing requirements
  • Commitment to resolving customers’ plumbing needs


very pleased with the overall service provided. thank you for the prompt response and fast service, managed to rectify the issue that previous plumber was unable to fix. price point fairly reasonable as well, highly recommended -Sammi (Google review)

Singapore Plumbing Society

plumbing services, plumber singapore

Presenting Singapore Plumbing Society, your ultimate choice for a plumbing service that adheres to industry protocols and standards with unwavering commitment. As the national body representing the plumbing industry, they stand at the forefront, guaranteeing top-notch service quality delivered by a team of highly skilled plumbers.

When it comes to plumbing, compliance with industry standards is paramount. Singapore Plumbing Society not only recognizes but also sets the benchmark for adherence to protocols, ensuring that every aspect of their service meets or exceeds the established norms. With a team of highly skilled plumbers, they bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that your plumbing needs are addressed with precision and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Choosing Singapore Plumbing Society means opting for excellence in service, backed by a dedication to maintaining and surpassing the benchmarks set by the national plumbing industry. Your plumbing concerns are in capable hands with a team that prioritizes quality and professionalism above all else.

>>Company details

AddressBCA Braddell Campus Block B, #02-15 200 Braddell Road Singapore 579700
Contact65 6292 0111
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Accreditation of top-quality plumbers
  • Strict quality testing for plumbers’ selection
  • Adherence to industry protocols and standards


Service is worth for the money paid. -GL (Google review)

HDB Plumber Service

plumbing services, plumber singapore

Let’s turn our attention to HDB Plumber Service, a specialist in addressing intricate plumbing challenges with a team of highly qualified PUB-accredited plumbers. What sets them apart extends beyond technical proficiency – their commitment to excellent customer service ensures a holistic and satisfactory experience for every client.

Imagine a plumbing service that not only resolves complex issues but also provides peace of mind after the job is done. HDB Plumber Service goes above and beyond by offering a comprehensive warranty, covering all parts and labor for an impressive 100 days. This means that in the rare event that anything goes awry, their dedication to customer satisfaction shines through with swift and efficient resolution.

In choosing HDB Plumber Service, you’re not just selecting a plumbing solution; you’re opting for expertise, reliability, and a commitment to ensuring your peace of mind long after the service is complete. With their PUB-accredited plumbers and extended warranty, HDB Plumber Service stands as a reliable partner in handling even the most challenging plumbing issues.

>>Company details

Address680 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 787103
Contact65 8299 8266
Operating hoursOpen Daily 9:00am – 9:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Commitment to long-term customer satisfaction
  • Skillful and reliable team of plumbers
  • Professional and friendly approach


💯Highly recommend 👍 My house was flooded… Fortunately, even though I found the HDB plumber service , they came to my house within 10 minutes to help me repair it! I highly recommend this plumbing repair company, the price is very reasonable, no fuss, and most importantly, the service is very good! Really lucky I found them.👍👍👍 -Angela (Google review)

1 Plumbing & Electrical

plumbing services, plumber singapore

Concluding our list of top-tier plumbing services, let’s shine a spotlight on 1 Plumbing & Electrical – a stalwart in the industry boasting over 25 years of unwavering expertise in delivering comprehensive plumbing and electrical services. Their extensive experience positions them as a reliable and seasoned choice for addressing diverse plumbing needs.

Imagine entrusting your plumbing concerns to a company with a quarter-century legacy of excellence. 1 Plumbing & Electrical stands as a testament to reliability, offering a wealth of experience that spans both residential and commercial domains. Regardless of the complexity or scale of your plumbing requirements, you can confidently rely on their adept team to provide tailored and effective solutions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of plumbing services, 1 Plumbing & Electrical stands firm as a beacon of reliability, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, their versatile expertise makes them a go-to option for a myriad of plumbing works, ensuring your peace of mind through every step of the process.

>>Company details

AddressCheck the website
Contact65 8876 1169
Operating hoursOpen 24/7

>>What we like about it

  • Inexpensive plumbing services with good value for money
  • Reliability and trustworthiness in their service
  • Competence in handling plumbing and electrical tasks


They came down fast. fixed up my choke toilet fast. Clean up the mess and good job done. Thanks -Samuel (Google review)


In conclusion, navigating the world of plumbing services in Singapore can be made seamless with the right information and choices. We’ve explored a diverse array of reputable options, each offering unique strengths to cater to your plumbing needs. Whether you prioritize round-the-clock availability, adherence to industry standards, or decades of experience, Singapore has a plumbing service tailor-made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do plumbing companies in Singapore usually offer?

Plumbing companies in Singapore typically offer a range of services, including fixing leaks, unclogging drains, repairing or installing pipes, and handling plumbing emergencies.

What certifications should I look for in a plumber?

Look for plumbers with PUB licenses and BCA certifications, ensuring they meet industry standards and possess the necessary skills for the job.

Do plumbing services in Singapore offer warranties?

Yes, some services, such as HDB Plumber Service, provide warranties covering parts and labor for a specified period, offering additional peace of mind.

Can plumbing companies handle both residential and commercial projects?

Many plumbing companies, including 1 Plumbing & Electrical, cater to both residential and commercial clients, showcasing versatility in their services.

What should I do in a plumbing emergency before the plumber arrives?

Shut off the main water supply and electricity if needed. It’s also helpful to clear the area and provide easy access for the plumber.

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