Top 8 Best Vinyl Store in Singapore for Your Groove Desires 2023

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In a world where digital streams and binary codes dominate the music landscape, there exists a realm where the nostalgic crackle of vinyl records still weaves a magical tapestry of sound. Singapore, a city known for its blend of modernity and tradition, has become a haven for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking the warm embrace of analog music experiences. Within its bustling streets and hidden corners, a collection of vinyl stores has emerged, each with its own distinct character and musical treasures.

Join us on a melodious journey as we traverse the vibrant city-state, uncovering the best vinyl store in Singapore that has rekindled the romance between music and physicality. From tucked-away boutiques to bustling markets, these stores are not just places to buy records, but gateways to a world where music is an immersive art form. So, dust off your turntable, adjust your stylus, and let’s embark on a harmonious adventure through Singapore’s vinyl wonderland.

Key Consideration Factors

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Best Vinyl Store Singapore

The Analog Vault

best vinyl store singapore

Founded in 2015, The Analog Vault is a retail venture that seamlessly connects the online and offline realms. They curate a wide-ranging collection of vinyl records and other analog goods, including books centered around music and its culture. Their commitment lies in championing the analog music culture, believing that enjoying music on vinyl through an analog sound system is an unparalleled way to truly savor and understand great music.

Their mission extends to nurturing and enhancing Asia’s analog music culture, with the aim of fostering its growth and evolution.

>>Company details

Address#02-10, Esplanade Mall 8 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039802
Contact65 9026 5215
Operating hoursOpen Daily 1:00pm – 8:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Curated Analog Collection
  • Online-to-Offline Experience
  • Analog Culture Advocates


Passed by this record store when I visited the esplanade. They have a range of records from different genres with new and used ones available for purchase. Will look forward to visiting again when I’m in the area -Richard (Google review)

The Panic Room

best vinyl store singapore

The Panic Room in Singapore is more than just a barbershop; it’s a haven for music enthusiasts too. With a diverse array of music genres like alternative rock, punk rock, metal, and more, it’s a unique experience that combines grooming with your musical tastes.

They boast an impressive collection of antique media that complements their brand and additional offerings. For those seeking the best of both worlds—haircare and music—The Panic Room is the ultimate destination, also serving as one of the best record stores in Singapore.

>>Company details


Contact65 8228 9063
Operating hoursCheck the website

>>What we like about it

  • Musical Atmosphere
  • Antique Media Collection
  • Grooming and Grooving


Great barber shop, and very cool concept. They blend barber and mani/pedi services, a wide range of barber-related products, vintage cameras and film, and even a great vinyl records selection. Excellent service overall, super hip and awesome atmosphere. -Giorgio (Google review)


best vinyl store singapore

RetroCrates, a vintage record store nestled in Singapore, boasts a remarkable collection of used and rare vinyl records. Their journey commenced in 2015 when they embarked on an online venture fueled by their deep love for music and the desire to spread this passion.

Their establishment houses an eclectic range of musical treasures, spanning genres like pop, rock, jazz, and more. This includes not only new releases and reissues but also an ever-expanding catalog of classic titles that they diligently curate for enthusiasts.

>>Company details

Address450A Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427663
Contact65 8718 7370
Operating hoursTuesday to Saturday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

>>What we like about it

  • Rare Vinyl Haven
  • Diverse Musical Landscape
  • Constant Curatorial Endeavors


This place is a safe haven, with good music, good selection of records. The records that they have are usually of an indie exclusive, with the occasional rare pressings of certain drops. The fun part about finding this store, is that you get to climb up the shophouses in Joo Chiat and feel like you are exploring a different part of Singapore. -Gabriel (Google review)

Vertigo 26

Vertigo 26, situated in Singapore, is not just your typical record store – it’s a vibrant listening bar as well. Specializing in vinyl music across all genres, they offer a wide selection that includes new releases, reissues, and remastered recordings.

Whether you’re an avid collector looking to expand your repertoire or someone curious about exploring new musical horizons, Vertigo 26 has something to offer every record enthusiast. With their unique blend of music and ambiance, it’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the world of vinyl and discover the magic of sound.

>>Company details

Address26, Seah Street, B1-00 Singapore, Singapore 188382
Contact65 6491 1391
65 8952 1968
Operating hoursMonday to Saturday 5:00 PM – 12:00 AM

>>What we like about it

  • Listening Bar Experience
  • Wide Range of Genres
  • Focus on New Releases and Reissues


If you like to listen to good music on a good system while having good food and drinks with some vinyl shipping on the side you need to check it out. I had a great time and honestly I’m going back next week. -Dustin (Google review)

Hear Records

Hear Records, a Music Lifestyle Store based in Singapore, stands out as a hub for vinyl enthusiasts. As the local distributor of Music Hall (US) turntables and electronics, they offer a comprehensive range of options. With their unique setup, you can test out any record before making a purchase, ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Beyond their vinyl selection, Hear Records provides an array of services, from record repair to listening stations and music accessories. Whether you’re a casual collector-building your vinyl collection or a DJ in search of cutting-edge music gear, Hear Records is your go-to destination.

>>Company details

Address01-18, Burlington Square, Singapore, Singapore 189651
Contact65 9646 0648
Operating hoursMonday to Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:30 PM Sunday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

>>What we like about it

  • Hands-On Vinyl Experience
  • Complete Music Lifestyle Hub
  • Diverse Audience Catering


Rich collections of vinyls and always enjoy talking to the owner about music. My must-go-to place whenever I’m around the area. -Zhou (Google review)

Zenn Audio Electronics

Zenn presents itself as a vinyl record haven, housing an extensive collection of more than 4,000 new and pre-owned LPs. Within its spacious, well-maintained, and inviting space, customers have the opportunity to leisurely browse and even sample the recordings before making a choice.

Not only that, but Zenn also offers a holistic experience by providing a range of records, vintage and contemporary turntables, amplifiers, and speakers, catering to those seeking a complete audio setup. This makes them a standout destination among the best record stores in Singapore.

>>Company details

Address292 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex, Singapore 469448
Contact65 6443 2473
Operating hoursTuesday to Sunday 12:00pm – 8:00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Vast Vinyl Selection
  • Interactive Exploration
  • Complete Audio Solutions


Gabriel is such an enthusiast and you almost feel the shop was not solely for profit. He was so kind to demo his beautiful spendor speakers. I bought a lovely Elton John LP which was washed thoroughly well. I hope such shops will continue to run for decades on. -Marc (Google review)

Roxy Disc House

Roxy Disc House, founded in 1994, is a haven for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. With a focus on delivering top-notch listening experiences, they offer a diverse range of audiophile CDs and vinyl records. Boasting an extensive collection of both contemporary releases and timeless classics, Roxy Disc House caters to the nostalgia of old-school vinyl lovers as well as the preferences of those seeking fresh musical encounters.

Priding themselves on being one of the city’s most comprehensive record stores, Roxy Disc House presents a curated selection that spans various genres, including vintage rock, pop, jazz, and more. Beyond offering a plethora of musical choices, they also provide additional services such as record repairs, turntable trade-ins, and record cleaning. With their commitment to both music quality and customer satisfaction, Roxy Disc House stands out as a must-visit destination for those on the hunt for the finest record store experience in Singapore.

>>Company details

Address1 Coleman St #03-41/42 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
Contact65 9061 3491
Operating hoursMonday to Saturday 1.00pm – 7.00pm Sunday 2.00pm – 7.00pm

>>What we like about it

  • Audiophile Expertise
  • Comprehensive Selection
  • Added Services


The store had a great selection of titles and the owner was very paitient and nice in explaining to me for all my queries. I had a pleasant experience and the prices were reasonable. -Ganesh (Google review)


Vinylucky stands as Singapore’s ultimate destination for vinyl enthusiasts. With an extensive collection of thousands of vinyl records, including new releases, reissues, and remastered classics, it’s a haven for those who cherish the distinct warmth of analog music. With a remarkable archive spanning the 1960s through the 1990s, collectors are in for a treat, finding hidden gems from eras past.

For those who value the importance of maintaining their cherished vinyl collection, Vinylucky goes the extra mile by offering professional record cleaning services. This thoughtful addition to their repertoire showcases their commitment to preserving the integrity and quality of the vinyl experience, making them a go-to spot not only for acquiring new records but also for caring for and enjoying existing ones.

>>Company details

Address1 Coleman Street Singapore 179803
Contact65 9384 2565
Operating hoursMon to Thurs, Weekends 12:33pm – 7:45pm Friday 3:33pm – 7:45pm

>>What we like about it

  • Unparalleled Vinyl Selection
  • Outstanding Record Care
  • Collector’s Haven


Very friendly atmosphere. Wide range of 70s and 80s. Good quality -Ron (Google review)

How to Take Care Vinyl?

  1. Handling and Storage:
    • Handling: Always handle your vinyl records by their edges and the label area. Touching the grooves can transfer oils and dirt, affecting sound quality. Hold the record with both hands, using your thumbs to support the label while your fingers grip the edge.
    • Vertical Storage: Store records vertically, just like you would with books, to prevent warping. Storing them flat can cause pressure on the records, leading to damage over time.
    • Sturdy Storage: Choose sturdy, dedicated record storage shelves or crates to properly support the weight of the records. These shelves should be placed in a location that avoids direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity, as these conditions can degrade the vinyl and album covers.
  2. Cleaning:
    • Regular Maintenance: Dust and dirt can accumulate on records over time, affecting sound quality. Use an anti-static brush to gently sweep away surface dust before each play. This prevents debris from settling into the grooves during playback.
    • Deeper Cleaning: For more thorough cleaning, use a specialized record cleaning solution and a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. Apply the solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions and gently wipe the surface in the direction of the grooves. This helps to dislodge and remove dirt and grime from the grooves, improving sound quality.
  3. Sleeves:
    • Inner Sleeves: Replace the original paper inner sleeves with anti-static, poly-lined sleeves. These prevent scratches and static buildup, keeping your records in better condition.
    • Outer Sleeves: Use outer sleeves to protect album covers from wear and tear. Clear plastic outer sleeves not only shield the cover from dust and handling but also add an extra layer of preservation.
  4. Playback Equipment:
    • Calibration: Ensure your turntable is properly calibrated. Correct calibration prevents excessive wear on both your records and stylus. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the tracking force, anti-skate, and tonearm height correctly.
    • Stylus Quality: Use a high-quality stylus compatible with your cartridge and tonearm. A well-matched stylus minimizes wear on your records and delivers better sound quality.
    • Clean Equipment: Keep your turntable, platter, and stylus clean. Dust and dirt on these components can affect playback and potentially damage your records.
  5. Rotation and Careful Playback:
    • Rotation: To distribute wear evenly, rotate your records and avoid playing the same ones too frequently. This practice extends the lifespan of your favorite records and maintains their sound quality.
    • Playback Time: Avoid excessive playback of the same record in a short period. The stylus wears down the grooves over time, affecting sound quality.
  6. Gentle Handling and Inspection:
    • Album Covers: Handle album covers with clean hands to prevent transferring dirt, oils, or moisture onto them. This helps maintain the quality of the artwork and packaging.
    • Pre-Play Inspection: Before placing a record on the turntable, inspect it under good lighting for any visible debris, scratches, or damage. This ensures that your stylus and record stay in optimal condition during playback.

By paying attention to these detailed guidelines, you’ll be able to keep your vinyl records in excellent condition, enjoying their rich sound quality and preserving their value for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of music can I find in Singapore’s vinyl stores?

Singapore’s vinyl stores offer a diverse range of music genres, from classic rock and jazz to electronic, hip-hop, and indie.

Can I sell or trade my old vinyl records at these stores?

Yes, some stores offer buying or trading services for used vinyl records. Contact the store for their specific policies.

What price range can I expect for vinyl records in these stores?

Vinyl record prices can vary widely based on factors like rarity, condition, and demand. Prices typically range from affordable to higher-end collector items.

Is it possible to listen to a record before purchasing it?

Some stores offer listening stations where you can preview records before buying, ensuring you’re satisfied with your selection.

Are there limited edition or rare vinyl records available in these stores?

Yes, many stores carry limited edition releases and rare vinyl records, catering to collectors looking for unique finds.

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