Best Weekly House Cleaning Services in Singapore for a Sparkling Home

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Cleaning your house thoroughly is challenging, especially with busy schedules and demands of modern life. In Singapore, weekly house cleaning services have gained popularity due to their conveniences and expertise.

This blog walks you through the top-rated weekly cleaning services in Singapore that save time while ensuring a professional deep clean for your beloved home. Dive in to discover which service best meets your needs!

Key Takeaways

  • There are many top – rated house cleaning services in Singapore. They include Sureclean Singapore, Helpling Singapore, Home Cleaning SG, Helperoo and others.
  • Each of these companies offer weekly cleanings cleaning package. Some also do deep cleanings or special jobs like sofa cleaning.
  • Many people think hiring a service saves time and makes the home cleaner than doing it alone and the part time cleaners follows a weekly cleaning schedule to accomplish all the general cleaning required.
  • When picking a service, check their cost, reputation from reviews, the types of jobs they do and when they can work.

Top House Cleaning Services in Singapore for Weekly Cleaning

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Sureclean Singapore, Helpling Singapore, Home Cleaning SG, Helperoo, Comfy Homes, Arising Cleaning, KMAC International, Nimbus Homes, SparkCleanz, and MEIDE are among the top house cleaning services in Singapore renowned for weekly cleanings. Some of these brands are amongst the best cleaning services in Singapore.

Each of these service providers has carved a niche with their superior quality of service and customer-oriented approach.

Sureclean Singapore

Sureclean Singapore is probably the best Weekly cleaning company in Singapore. This service stands out for its low prices and first-rate high quality of service. They offer many services like regular house cleaning, one-time house cleaning like office cleaning, deep cleaning services, post renovation cleaning and spring cleaning services and the cleaning services by professional cleaners are well trained and extremely friendly and competent which ensures you have a thorough cleaning for your entire house.

The company has earned 4.9 stars on Google Review and also Facebook Review and are recommended by many satisfied customers, so you know they do an awesome job! People all over Singapore trust them with their homes and businesses.

This company leads in the weekly house cleanup scene in Singapore. Many people say Sureclean does great home cleanup work!

Helpling Singapore

Helpling Singapore is a great choice for weekly house cleaning tasks cleaner for your house. You can book a home cleaner starting from $25 per hour and can perform high quality of service includes thorough cleaning for any size of your home, the scheduled cleaning

Plus, new customers get $25 off their first booking for house cleaning packages. The cleaners at Helpling Singapore are top-notch. They bring hotel-quality skills to your door.

Home Cleaning SG

Home Cleaning SG offers weekly and monthly cleaning services, so you can choose what works best for you. Whether it’s a light clean or deep mop, they have your house covered. Their housekeepers covers whole house quality cleaning like window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, ironing and cleaning as part of their weekly or twice a week house cleaning tasks.

Many customers love their service and keep coming back. Trust Home Cleaning SG to make your home shine every week!


Helperoo is a good option for professional cleaning services Singapore. This trusty company offers both one-off and weekly house cleaning schedule. It’s well-known for its reliable, honest work and the cleaning service rate are reasonably cheap. You can find Helperoo on many house cleaning hours and includes cleaning inside and outside of your home and the flexible schedules makes it easy for you to arrange your weekly cleaning sessions with helperoo.

Comfy Homes

Comfy Homes is noted for house cleaning services in Singapore. It started in 2002 and offers both inside and outside home cleanups. The cleaners are not only trained, but they have insurance too.

They work legally, so you don’t need to worry about any trouble. Comfy Homes also promises a tidy home with no fuss at all on a regular basis. You don’t have to pay an agency fee if you choose weekly cleanings from them!

Arising Cleaning

Arising Cleaning is a top-rated choice for house cleaning in Singapore. They are pros at making your home shine every week. This team is known for being fast and careful. Arising Cleaning also takes on big jobs in offices and commercial spaces.

They specialize in deep cleaning, so they leave even the hidden corners spotless. Their work proves that they can clean better than anyone else. If you want a tidy place without lifting a finger, pick this crew from Arising Cleaning.

KMAC International

KMAC International is a top player in Singapore’s house cleaning industry. This company has a license from the government for doing their job. They hire well-trained cleaners to meet all your weekly cleaning needs.

People love them for this reason, and also because they treat their customers really well. The cost you pay them is fair for what you get in return. Try KMAC International next time if your home needs an extra scrub!

Nimbus Homes

Nimbus Homes stands out as a top-rated house cleaning service in Singapore. They aim to give the best cleaning experience to their clients. You can book them for general housekeeping services from 2 to 6 hours.

This helps keep your home free of dirt, dust, and debris every day. Many happy customers speak highly of Nimbus Homes and recommend their services due to excellent work quality. Choose Nimbus Homes if you want a clean home without taking on the task yourself!


SparkCleanz stands out in Singapore for top house cleaning. They excel at deep cleaning and customers love their work. With weekly cleaning services, they keep many homes neat and tidy. Trust SparkCleanz if your home needs professional help every week!


MEIDE shines as a top house cleaning service in Singapore. They offer weekly, one-time, and monthly cleaning for houses. This makes them stand out among many other services. People love MEIDE for their high ratings and heart-warming customer reviews.

They provide different home services too. Babysitting is one of the choices along with clean up works around your place! Many people buy these from them regularly. So MEIDE have become the number one home service provider in Singapore!

Features and Special Offers of Each Cleaning Service

Every Singaporean homeowner can appreciate the value of a clean home. Here are the features and special offers of top-rated house cleaning services in Singapore:

1. Sureclean Singapore: Considered as one of the best weekly cleaning company in Singapore, this service offers extremely high quality and well-trained weekly cleaners for your home. They also provide a professional, trained, and reliable team to handle the task. They even have a cleaning concierge attached to your home to address your weekly cleaning and housekeeping needs. They we highly reviewed and recommended by many Singaporeans.

2. Helpling Singapore: This platform connects local cleaners to homeowners, providing a broad range of services including regular, weekly, or one-time cleaning. They also offer special promotions regularly.

3. Home Cleaning SG: They provide customizable plans to suit different cleaning needs. The company also prides itself on using eco-friendly cleaning products.

4. Helperoo: Known for offering flexible booking options allowing customers to choose the duration of the cleaning service. They also provide a range of services including regular and move-in/move-out cleaning.

5. Comfy Homes: They specialize in weekly home cleaning services, with a focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering quality results.

6. Arising Cleaning: This service offers a team of experienced cleaners for thorough home cleaning. They also provide additional services such as upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.

7. KMAC International: With this service, you can expect a trained team offering a variety of home cleaning services. They also provide part-time helpers for clients needing additional assistance.

8. Nimbus Homes: They offer a unique combination of regular cleaning services along with gardening services. Special offers include discounted rates for weekly cleanings.

9. SparkCleanz: They are known for their comprehensive list of cleaning services. They also offer weekly promotions and discounts for their clients.

10. MEIDE: Known for their high-quality services, they provide not only regular home cleaning but also event and ad-hoc cleaning services.

Utilize these features and special offers to find a cleaning service that perfectly fits your home cleaning needs in Singapore.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Weekly House Cleaning Services in Singapore

Professional house cleaning services offer a myriad of benefits, including saving you valuable time and providing expertise for efficient cleanups. Cleaning professionals come equipped with eco-friendly products that are safer for your home environment.

Another beneficial aspect is their ability to customize the cleaning plans according to your unique requirements, ensuring that all areas of the house are spotless and germ-free.

a. Time-saving

Hiring a house cleaner saves time. You don’t have to clean when you are back from work or your day off. Enjoy more free hours for fun things, rest, and family. A cleaning service in Singapore takes care of grime, dust and keeps your home neat and fresh.

b. Expertise and efficiency

Professional house cleaners bring a lot of skills to the job. They are quick because they have years of experience. This is important if you want your home cleaned in less time.

Cleaners also know how to get rid of dirt and grime. With their tools, they can reach deep into places that you might miss. You don’t need to buy any special washing silks; they’ll take care of it all for you! Their work will make your home healthier for family and friends.

c. Use of eco-friendly products

Professional house cleaners in Singapore make a good choice. They use green products to clean your home. These products are easy on the earth. But that’s not all! They also help in making your home safe for you and your pets.

These cleaning items have no harsh chemicals or toxins, so they are okay to use around kids and animals. Moreover, using such products means living an earth-friendly life.

d. Customizable cleaning plans

You can make your cleaning plan the way you like it with professional house cleaning services in Singapore. They let you pick what works best for your home and schedule. This means you get a clean home, just how you want it, at the best time for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cleaning Service

When selecting a house cleaning service in Singapore, consider factors such as price, customer reviews, range of services offered and scheduling flexibility. Dive deeper to find out which aspects will prioritize your needs best by engaging with this comprehensive guide.

Price and affordability

The cost of a cleaning service can one of the big things to think about. You must choose a service that fits your budget. The 10 cheapest cleaning services in Singapore are listed in this section.

Their prices for 2020 are also shown here. Not all low-price services are good though, and not all costly ones will give top work. Some part-time cleaners and house cleaning services offer value with their fair rates. These include one-time and monthly cleanings too! For some folks, hiring such help may be smart as it saves time which is more valuable than money saved by self-cleaning.

Reputation and customer reviews

Good views from past clients say a lot about a cleaning service. You can trust a company with many happy customers more. Bad reviews can warn you of poor work or bad customer care. Check what people are saying before you pick your weekly house cleaning service in Singapore.

Range of services offered

Cleaning companies in Singapore give many services. They do house cleaning, weekly cleanings, and part-time work. Some are experts at special jobs like sofa cleaning. Others offer more services like deep cleaning for very tidy homes. So, when you pick a company, make sure it can do the tasks you need done!

Availability and flexibility of scheduling

Picking a cleaning service that suits your busy life is key. Different cleaners in Singapore offer various timing options for their work. Most of them allow you to set weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings based on what is best for you.

This gives you the power to make a plan that fits your timetable and keeps your house tidy all the time. You should also see if they have part-time helpers who can come when it works for you.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Organized Home Between Professional Cleanings

Maintaining a spotless home between professional cleanings is not as daunting as it seems; with regular decluttering, established cleaning routines, smart storage solutions, and weekly maintenance tasks, you can effectively preserve your home’s cleanliness.

Discover practical tips and strategies in our detailed guide to help you keep your living space reliably tidy until the next visit from your chosen house cleaning service.

*Regular decluttering

Throwing out old stuff is a good way to keep your house clean. Do this on a regular basis, not just once or twice a year. Regular decluttering makes room for new things in your home and helps you stay organized.

You will feel less stressed when your house is neat and tidy. Plus, it’s easier for cleaners to do their job if there isn’t so much clutter around!

*Establishing cleaning routines

Set up a cleaning routine to keep your home tidy all the time. Start with small steps like making your bed every morning and washing dishes after each meal. Break down big tasks into parts that can be done daily, weekly, or monthly.

Using an app might help you stay on track. Sticking to your plan will help stop dirt from building up in your home.

*Proper storage solutions

Having proper storage solutions helps in keeping the house tidy. You can use bins to keep things sorted and easy to find. This way, cleaning tools are always at hand when you need them. It also stops mess from piling up. Dirty clothes can make a room seem unorganized fast. A simple fix is having a place to put them until laundry day. Try using storage bins or baskets for this purpose too. To save time on cleaning, cut down on clutter by only having useful items out in the open.

*Weekly maintenance tasks

Weekly tasks help you to keep your home clean. Always mop floors and vacuum carpets. Clean the bathroom tiles, toilet, sink consistently every week to prevent dirt build-up. Moving things around can allow you to clean under them putting dust away permanently and not just moving it elsewhere in the room with sweeping or moping action. Changing bed linens weekly is good for hygiene; you spend about one-third of your day there! Taking out trash and clearing out leftovers will leave your house smelling fresh! These simple duties make a big difference when done regularly.

Conclusion: Finding the Right House Cleaning Service for Your Weekly Cleaning Needs.

In Singapore, you have many options for house cleaning services and Sureclean is the best one to call. Look at each service carefully to find the right fit. Take in reviews and look at what they offer before making a choice.

Your home deserves the highest level of care with a top-rated cleaning service! Call Sureclean now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a top-rated house cleaning service in Singapore?

A top-rated house cleaning service in Singapore, like Sureclean, offers a wide range of cleaning services, which may include weekly or twice-a-week cleanings, general and deep cleaning, laundry services and more.

How often should I schedule for the house cleaning sessions?

Most people get weekly or twice-a-week cleanings for their houses. However, the exact number depends on your needs as per your house’s size and condition.

Can they do tasks other than only room cleanings like curtain steam cleaning or bathroom tile washing?

Yes! Most high-quality cleaners from the best companies like A1 Cleaning Services can also provide additional work such as ironing clothes, curtain steam cleansing, wall tiles scrubbing among others!

No matter if you choose a one-time help-or long term- do home advisors suggest scheduling at discounted price?

Yes! They say you will likely get your money’s worth when you take up fixed packages rather than one time based bookings.

What kind of training does these professional cleaner’s workforce receive before working?

All cleaners go through rigorous on-the-job training under workforce skills qualification framework to make sure that they can offer customers with quality workmanship every time they swing into action!

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