Cleaning Supplies List: Beginners Guide To The World of Housekeeping

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As you ponder about the fundamental necessities for a household, water, food, and clothing may immediately cross your mind. However, have you ever realized that cleanliness also holds equal importance? Positioned right after these primary needs, cleanliness shields us from diseases caused by environmental factors. Consequently, cleaning materials should also feature prominently on your list in preserving a tidy home. After all, no one wants to stay in a filthy house.

So where should you start if you plan to assemble a complete cleaning supply? Well, we’ve got you covered with this article!

Continue reading to find out what a complete cleaning supplies list looks like!

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Cleaning supplies list: Basic Tools

Firstly, we have tools, which are the equipment you will manually use to spread the cleaning agent while letting it do its job. In fact, a lot of these cleaning tools can do the cleaning themselves without the help of cleaning agents. Some of these tools can be more essential than others (albeit sometimes harder to use) but all of them can be significant components of a cleaning supply.

🟩 Broom 

A broom is not only a witch’s vehicle, but is one of the essential housekeeping tools you can find in any home and establishment. It’s not a coincidence that you most likely heard that some buildings have their own broom closet. This is because brooms had been a staple of cleaning supplies since the medieval ages, which denotes how important they are in any residence.

Though brooms are now considered quite outdated because vacuums are much faster and more effective, they can still be trusted in case of a power outage (in which vacuums can’t function). 

🟩 Dustpan

The dustpan is the broom’s partner-in-crime (or better yet, in cleaning), as it makes sweeping the floor a whole lot easier. Without this trusty tool, you won’t be able to collect dirt and throw it away in one specific place, plus you won’t have any choice but to sweep the dirt all the way to your door. 

There are also certain situations, such as dealing with shattered glass, where you want to collect the material as quickly as possible to prevent the risk of spreading it through sweeping. Dustpans are also a godsend if you plan on sweeping the upper floors of your house (unless you want to take out all that dirt through the stairs). If you plan on getting a new broom, then consider getting a dustpan to pair it with. 

🟩 Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have caused the broom to lose its job over time as more and more people are able to gain access to it. Though it consumes its fair share of electricity, the payoff is worth it as all you need to do is sway it around a floor while it sucks every dirt around it. Getting rid of the dirt afterward is also a task that is made a hundred times easier as everything will be stored within its container. 

There are also vacuum cleaners that are cheaper than you’d think, so budgeting can also be made easier by choosing an adequate yet inexpensive choice. Vacuums are a top choice for any home as they provide not only convenience through their ease of use but also an opportunity to save a lot of time and effort. 

🟩 Mop 

After sweeping or vacuuming the floor, the next logical step is to use the mop to get rid of any excess dirt and polish the floor a little. Mops are probably a close second to the broom when it comes to priority, only losing because using a mop on an unswept floor is not the best idea. 

This cleaning tool is used worldwide and is present in any establishment for both sanitation and safety purposes. After all, a broom nor a vacuum won’t be able to handle clearing a large spill of water in your living room, which emphasizes how important it is in keeping your floors safe (because you definitely don’t want to slip because of a wet floor).

🟩 Bucket or basin 

Unless you have some other way of transferring water or containing it for cleaning purposes, a bucket or basin will be necessary for any household. Buckets and basins ensure that you will be able to have a container in which you can dilute the cleaning agent using water. 

A mop won’t be able to work (unless it has its own container) without a bucket as well, which basically means a bucket is what a dustpan is to a broom, or in this case, a mop. Basins on the other hand, are also convenient when you are trying to clean your clothing, as you will be able to scrub the clothing around with ease as opposed to using a bucket.

🟩 Cleaning gloves 

Cleaning gloves had been a staple of household sanitation since its inception. Because many cleaning products can be quite harmful to the bare skin, cleaning gloves ensure that your hands will be safe from the abrasiveness of certain products. Also, since you are handling dirty items or furniture, you should also offer your hands an extra layer of protection to prevent infections and contaminations. 

Trust us, you wouldn’t want to clean a toilet with your bare hands and expect little to no infection from the process. Even if you wash your hands, it’s still much more recommended to minimize the number of bacteria you’ll be exposed to by simply putting on these gloves.

🟩 Brushes (for different purposes) 

Emphasis on brushes (plural) because you will be needing different ones for varying tasks. You will be needing a brush for your floors (to clean the grout), a brush for your bathroom and for your toilet, and a brush for general cleaning. Having different brushes for different areas of your house ensures that any unique bacteria stay in their respective places without proliferating somewhere else. 

To give you a visual of what will happen if you use the same brush for everything, say you used the brush to clean the tile floors, then used the same brush for your toilet, wouldn’t that cause some of the bacteria from the floor to be put in your toilet seat instead?

🟩 Microfiber cloth 

Microfiber cloths are pretty much one of the staples that one should have in the house for cleaning purposes. Windows? Glossy Surfaces? Clothes? Certain devices and appliances? Microfiber cloths can be used on all of these, which just goes to show how versatile and important it is. But you may ask, won’t using these cloths on furniture cause scratches and dents to the material? 

Well, it is precisely the reason why they’re referred to as “microfiber”, because their structure allows them to be used for cleaning without having rough edges that may damage furniture. Both effective and safe, these microfiber cloths are capable of helping you finish a lot of tasks off of your chores list.

🟩 Sponges 

Sponges aren’t only used for doing the dishes but they can also be used in effective cleaning. Though they have a similar role to the microfiber cloth, one specialty they do possess is that they are extremely porous. Capable of holding both the cleaning agent and the water for extended periods of time, sponges can be a very useful tool when it comes to scrubbing stains off of floors and other surfaces. 

Buying sponges is also not a waste of money, as they can even be used in purposes outside of cleaning, such as polishing, making art, and even doing your own makeup (just make sure to not use the same sponge for different purposes!).

🟩 Plunger 

Plungers are important for any toilet problems that are often inevitable. When something gets clogged inside your toilet bowl, the first thing to do is not flush as that would cause the excess water to spill out (you wouldn’t want to witness a waterfall of toilet water). This is where the plunger comes in to save the day, by simply using its suction to unclog the toilet, your problem will instantly be fixed. It’s pretty much necessary to keep a plunger around in your bathroom as clogging is a pretty common occurrence that you would need to solve urgently.

🟩 Spray Bottles

For some people, spray bottles instantly come to mind when talking about household cleaning. These trusty specialized bottles are capable of spraying the cleaning agent in one specific area, which allows you to scrub and wipe it afterwards. Instead of having to spread the cleaning agent manually (in whatever absurd way you’ll be able to actually do it), all you have to do with a spray bottle is do small little grips and viola, it’s exactly where you want it to be.

🟩 Personal Protective Equipment (situational)

Though cleaning gloves are typically enough for protection purposes, you can take extra steps by having personal protective equipment in your cleaning supplies list. This may include masks, aprons, boots, and even full suits (although this one is a bit too drastic in most cases). In certain scenarios where you would want to be the least contaminated as possible, using personal protective equipment can ensure that the dust, dirt, and bacteria won’t stick to your body or clothing. 

Especially if you have allergies or problems with your immune system, using these equipment can be a form of protection for your own health and sanitation. After all, it would be ironic if the cleaner itself would become the one that needs cleaning. 

Cleaning supplies list: Agents and Substances

Below is the list of cleaning agents and substances that you are going to need for dealing with most house messes:

🟦 Vinegar and Baking Soda 

The trusty two common household condiments that we all know and love. In over hundreds and even thousands of articles about cleaning, these two are sure to appear in some shape or form. And for a good reason, these two are inexpensive, accessible, and extremely effective when it comes to cleaning. 

Not only are they good for removing the majority of stains for your clothing, but they can remove the pesky clumps of dirt that just won’t go away from the surfaces of your furniture. Though vinegar’s smell isn’t exactly the best, its acidity is just the right amount in which it can be effective without completely damaging the material.

🟦 Window Cleaner 

Window cleaners can be used in a variety of materials (not just exclusively for windows). These cleaners can get rid of stains and disinfect surfaces made out of glass without damaging them. As fragile as glass may seem, it can still be cleaned effectively using these products without the fear of breakage or shattering. Just be sure to read the labels as certain window cleaners should require specific conditions in order to be used effectively.

🟦 Dishwashing Soap 

Similar to window cleaners, dishwashing soap products can be used in a variety of tasks that are outside their intended purpose. Dishwashing soap can be used to clean ceramic countertops, floors, and sinks without the risk of damaging them. 

All you need to do is dilute them with some water (preferably hot water if you’re removing stubborn stains) and just use a sponge or a microfibre cloth to scrub the surface. Besides dishwashing, they can also be used for cleaning clothes (much like vinegar and baking soda) albeit with less effectiveness compared to the next type of cleaners.

🟦 Abrasive cleaners (Commonly bleach) 

Abrasive cleaners should only be used in dirty and contaminated materials that require more powerful substances to be disinfected properly. You should also make sure that the material you will be cleaning is durable enough to handle the high acidity of abrasive cleaners, such as certain surfaces that can resist bleach. 

For cleaning clothing, table cloths, or sheets, the bleach should be milder or color-safe to make sure that the material won’t get damaged and well, bleached. Some other abrasive cleaners also include metal cleaners, which can be handy in cleaning furniture and materials made out of steel.

🟦 Detergent

Detergents are very useful cleaning agents as they easily dissolve in water, which leaves you with an effective cleaning solution for general purposes. When washing clothes or sheets, detergent is also the most preferable cleaner as it is capable of turning water inside your washing machine into a self-cleaning substance. 

The mixture can also be used for floors, in case you have no other solution to use for your mop. Take note that detergent comes in different forms and depending on the one you have, some will need to be completely diluted with water but some can be used the way they are. 

🟦 All-purpose cleaners

All-purpose cleaners can be used as a general cleaning agent for various scenarios and they can be used easily through spraying and wiping. However, as versatile as they may seem, their main use is for sanitation and cleaning only. You won’t be able to clean stains easily and effectively (especially if they’re the stubborn type) without the use of more abrasive cleaning agents. 

Certain furniture also react poorly to all-purpose cleaners such as those that are made out of wood and leather. As such, make sure to read the labels correctly to make sure that the all-purpose cleaner you have is suitable for the task you intend to use it on.

🟦 Disinfectants

Some common disinfectants (such as alcohol and disinfectant wipes) can be used to clean yourself after cleaning your house. Not only do they offer a form of sanitation and protection from the millions of unseen microbes around your house, but they can also be used for other purposes. For example, alcohol can be used in certain clothing to remove stubborn stains and they can also be used to spray surfaces that dirty guests may have sat on (especially if they just finished hiking or traveling outdoors for extended periods).

Cleaning supplies list: Other Specialized Products

Below are some specialized products that you may need in your cleaning supplies list depending on whether or not you have these kinds of possessions or if you want to take extra steps in cleaning:

🟨 Leather Cream

To keep leather furniture (like leather sofas) moisturized and cleansed, you should opt using a leather cream. Besides the typical housekeeping procedures you would do to keep it clean (such as using mild cleaning agents like detergent) you can also prevent it from drying out and being damaged using this specialized cream.

Fortunately, these creams can also be used in a variety of options besides keeping your couch clean, it can also be used for belts, boots, certain jackets, and basically anything that’s made out of leather.

🟨 Granite Sealers

Furniture and countertops that are made of granite have been gaining steady popularity these days. If you went along with this trend and now own granite furniture, then you should consider buying granite sealers. These products are capable of sealing any pores or small openings that your granite furniture may have. 

Though granite is naturally durable and capable of staying as good as new for decades, they still require adequate maintenance and can be easily eroded by neglecting their pores. Bacteria can also enter through these openings and cause unremovable stains that can form inside the granite itself. 

🟨 Polishing equipment

After cleaning your whole house, it won’t be guaranteed that it will look all shiny like how you’d see it in cartoons. As such, having a bunch of polishing equipment can be good if you plan on making your furniture shine as if it’s from a movie scene. Different polishing substances can be used for different materials such as those that are specific for glass, wood, or ceramic furniture.

🟨 Cleaning products for your pets’ messes

If you have pets around your house, then you should consider getting some cleaning equipment just in case they make a mess. This can include puppy pads, scoops, pet-friendly disinfectants, and a separate set of cleaning tools and agents for your pet’s belongings. 

Unless your pooch or feline isn’t potty trained, then you shouldn’t expect any messes involving their excrements, but they are still possible because of certain scenarios like having feelings of anxiety or an underlying illness. After all, your house is your pets’ house too, so make sure they also have their fair share of cleaning supplies!

What To Do Next?

🟪 Prepare for cleaning

To make sure that you have every cleaning supply that will suit your house and the type of furniture you own, you can list the items that you will need. Listing and preparing is a necessary step to ensure that you have a complete cleaning supply that is suited for your house. That being said, just make sure that you have enough budget to have the general cleaning supplies list first before adding any specialized products!

🟪 Don’t have everything accounted for? Leave it to the professionals!

If you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to compile a complete cleaning supplies list, then you can let some professionals do the housekeeping for you instead! It’s true that there are a lot of things in our cleaning supplies list that can be hard to find or have too many varieties for you to choose from. As such, you can simply contact some cleaning professionals to not only be shown the proper tools and cleaning materials you’ll need, but they will even do the housekeeping for you. 

By hiring professionals, you can personally see what kind of materials and tools that are most suited to your home. Don’t know who to call? Check the next section!

Is Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company Worth It?

Are you thinking about hiring a professional cleaning company? You’re not alone. The fact that you’re considering a cleaning service means you have a few questions: Is it worth it? Will they do a good job? Will they be able to clean all of the stuff I need them to clean?

When you hire a cleaning company, you’re not just paying for their services, but you’re also paying for their experience. Cleaning companies will have more equipment and better training than the average homeowner, so they can get your home sparkling in half the time. And if they’re really good, they’ll be able to find problems with your home that nobody else has noticed, and help you fix them before they become bigger issues.

Hiring companies, like SURECLEAN, ensure to employ all the possible cleaning supplies list needed to have a spotless home.

>>Does SURECLEAN have the complete cleaning supplies list?

With a complete cleaning supplies list, SURECLEAN is confident that your home will be left spotless. They have a complete list of eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are safe for children, pets, and the environment. SURECLEAN also has the right equipment to ensure high-quality cleaning services, as well as specialized cleaning supplies that are trusted of over hundreds and thousands of schools and households.

Final Words

Compiling an assembly of cleaning supplies can either take one trip to the nearby store or multiple trips depending on various factors. Though it can be a daunting task on paper, it’s still something that can be worth your time and attention as it ensures the sanitation of your home. However, we can’t deny that some of us have calendars that are scribbled by tasks, outings, and everything in-between. 

Fortunately, there are other ways you can save a lot of time and effort, especially listing and hiring SURECLEAN. Don’t be afraid to try this out. Call them now and book a service you need for your house. (Numbers posted below)

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