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Examining the Contrast Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

A prevalent misbelief that many of us hold is equating cleaning with sanitizing. This could not be further from reality. Both cleaning and sanitizing play distinct roles contingent on the circumstances and the kind of cleaning necessary. Let’s delve into each component separately to further comprehend the differences between cleaning and sanitizing.

The definition of cleaning can be interpreted differently by different people. However, the common misconception would be that cleaning is to clean the place so that the place would be free of dust, dirt, virus and bacteria. This is far from the truth. Cleaning actually only cleans the exterior of the surface which gets rid of any dust, dirt or foreign materials but not help with eliminating viruses and bacteria which are not visible with the human eyes.

Sanitizing is a less common term used until recent times where COVID-19 surfaced. So what is sanitizing? Sanitizing is the process of eliminating virus and bacteria that are not visible to human eyes but present at high touch areas. Sanitizing will help to complement the cleaning to complete the whole process.

Most of us would assume that cleaning alone is sufficient but while the surface might look clean, we can never say the same about the germs that we are not able to see. To ensure that the area is truly clean, it is best to use bothcleaning agent anddisinfectant during your cleaning.

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