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Curtain Cleaning what is it?

Curtains are a great way to complete the look of your home. But in Singapore’s hot and humid climate, curtains get dirty very quickly. They are usually the dirtiest fabric in your home.

Curtains are like air filters. They collect dust, absorb moisture and odors from cooking and smoking. They also trap insects, pet hair and germs.

We wash our clothes regularly, but unlike garments, curtains are bulky and difficult to wash. Moreover, it is very troublesome to take them down and put them back. Therefore, they are usually kept until they get really dirty and smelly.

If they stay dirty for too long, mold or mildew can stain the curtains, making them difficult or impossible to remove.

How often should you wash your curtains?

A lot depends on the environment you are in. Curtains trap dust and other particles from the air that enter your home through open windows. If your apartment is air conditioned 24/7 or the windows are closed most of the time, it is okay to wash them every 6 months.

However, if you live in a dusty environment or near busy roads, it is recommended to wash them every 3 to 4 months.

If you or a family member smokes, the curtains will trap smoke particles and absorb the odor. Over time, they will turn yellow. If your curtains are in a smoky environment, it is best to wash them every 2 months.

On-site steam cleaning of curtains

We also offer same day on-site curtain cleaning. A special high temperature steam cleaning machine is used for steam cleaning.

Advantages of steam cleaning:

The temperature of 95°C does not harm all curtain materials. Kills 99.99% of common household bacteria Steam pressure: 3.5 bar (the right pressure to eliminate dust, stains and harmful bacteria without damaging the material) Hygienic cleaning without scrubbing Not harmful to the environment Fast and efficient, without the use of harsh/corrosive chemicals No downtime due to removal of all the curtains to a industrial location to clean the curtains before comig back to you days after

Why Choose Sureclean

Vetted and screened professionals

All our professional cleaning crew have gone through a tough selection process and constantly go through performance reviews and trainings to ensure they perform to their best.

Backed by the Sureclean Happiness Guarantee

Your happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

Dedicated Customer Happiness Officers

Our dedicated customer happiness team is here for you – Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00 by email, phone, or Whatsapp.

Liability & Theft Insurance​

For your protection, all cleaning sessions are secured by a $1 million public liability insurance policy.​

The Sureclean Happiness Guarantee​

Your happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

Your experience matters. Sureclean strives to ensure you have a positive experience everytime your home is cleaned by our professionals. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the service you booked, we’ll send another crew/team at no extra charge for your next booking.​

Whats included in the Professional Curtain cleaning service?

Steam and Wet Extraction Method

  • Pre checks on the condition of the curtain types of any damage
  • 1st spray of our SleepClean detergent to losen the stains
  • Utilizing Industrial level Steam and wet Vaccum to high jet the curtains and at the same time extracting back the dirty liquid.
  • Repeat the steps still curtain is visually cleaned
  • Allow 4-6 hours to dry the curtains

How to book a Service with Sureclean

It's as Simple as 1-2-3!

  • Step 1

    Submit your contact details​

  • Step 2​

    Connect with our Happiness Officer to select your preferred date, time and service type​

  • Step 3

    Your Professional Helper arrives. Experienced & efficient professional helper will show up on time at your doorstep.

  • After Completion

    You are Happy & relieved that your house is Sureclean-ed!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most frequent questions and answers

See above on whats included in the Curtain cleaning service. Also do have a chat with our Customer Happiness Officier to customize your requirements

You can reschedule any booking without penalty, so long as you do so at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled start time. A $50 reschduling fee is charged for changes made within 48 hours.

This depends on the size, type and how many curtains you have at home, to have customized requirements have a chat with our customer happiness officer to get an instant quote.
We’re confident you’ll find prices extremely reasonable given the high level of service you will receive from your pro.

Yes, it certainly is, assuming you’re the type of person who likes to come home to a beautiful and pristine home without having lifted a finger! If you’re a time-strapped professional working a 16-hour day, a busy mom or dad shuffling children between daycare and school and soccer practices, or just someone who simply has too much to do and far too little time to do it in, house cleaning can be at the bottom of your list. Nobody wants a messy home, and yet nobody really enjoys chores either – this is where Sureclean comes in.
We’ve got the solutions. You demand top quality house cleaning services, and Sureclean assigns you with the very best house cleaners.
Cost-wise, you’re looking at a service that’s affordable and great value for money. And let’s be honest — a couple extra hours with the kids at the end of the day can be priceless

There is no requirements to tip our staffs, but tipping is always appreciated by our cleaners who go above and beyond.
The entirety of the tip gets passed through to the pro — Sureclean doesn’t take any percentage. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for your pro and a job well done.

It depends entirely on the size and number of curtains you wish to clean, 1 set of 4 curtains 2 left and 2 right will take 1 hour to complete

After the payment is done and the service confirmed, no cancellation is allowed. You are however able to use the equivilent credits for all other Sureclean services.

Washing, either by hand or in a washing machine, will remove dirt and grime. If the curtains are lightweight and made of durable material, a wet machine wash is sufficient.

Vacuuming, on the other hand, removes only surface dust. It does not remove stains or deep-seated dirt and dust.

Dry cleaning curtains removes deep-seated dust, dirt and stains and disinfects the curtain to rid it of germs, bacteria and dust mites. It is suitable for thick, heavy curtains and delicate fabrics that could be damaged by wet washing.

Steam cleaning is fast and efficient and also removes stains, grease and dirt.

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