Difference between housekeeping and home cleaning

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While there might be some overlap between house cleaning and housekeeping when it comes to keeping a tidy home, they are not the same thing. The type of service you require will hinge on your unique needs at any given moment. Our goal is to help you by detailing some of the primary duties of home cleaning and housekeeping, in order to elucidate the distinctions between the two.

As the name suggests, housekeeping is referring to light cleaning tasks such as laundry, dishwashing, tidying the various areas of the house, etc. These are areas of cleaning that are not as strenuous and performed to ensure tidiness of the place. Housekeeping is also conducted more frequently compared to home cleaning. 

Housekeeping includes simple cleaning tasks such as dusting, mopping, sweeping and vacuuming, just to name a few. Other than tidiness, simple housekeeping also ensures that the house is in spick-and-span condition. This is the normal routine for housekeeping to ensure that the house is kept in a maintained condition.

Home cleaningHome cleaning is slightly different from housekeeping. Home cleaning would not include tasks involving washing laundry, dishwashing, etc. Instead, the focus would be more to clean the entire house, especially hard to reach areas and corners that might have been missed out during routine cleaning. Home cleaning, unlike housekeeping, need not be performed as often, and recommended to be done once every 4 months.

Some of the job scope for home cleaning includes high area cleaning such as ceiling fans, wardrobes, door frames, cleaning of hard to reach areas such as corners, back of cabinets and thorough cleaning of surfaces that might contain tough stains, marks or dirt. There is still a long list of cleaning to be done for home cleaning which can be further categorised into the different areas of the home and the specific cleaning that needs to be done. 

In conclusion, the type of cleaning required depends on the situation. For normal routine cleaning, then you are probably looking at housekeeping which is not as thorough and more frequency. The occasions that call for home cleaning will include moving in and out cleaning, post renovation, post tenancy and spring cleaning. A clean home will always help to uplift the overall mood and atmosphere of the home which is important for mental wellbeing and therefore, worth the time or money to invest in.

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