Do I Have to Clean My Apartment Before Moving Out? Move In and Move Out Cleaning Guide

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Preparing to move out of your apartment can feel overwhelming, but knowing what’s expected regarding cleaning can ease the process. So, is it really necessary to clean before leaving? Yes, it’s typically required to clean your apartment before moving out to ensure you receive your security deposit back. Curious about the specifics of move in and move out cleaning? Explore our guide for valuable insights and tips!

What Will Happen If I Don’t Clean My Apartment Before Moving Out?

Skipping the cleaning before you move out can result in a few things you probably want to avoid:

  • Losing your security deposit: Most leases expect the apartment to be returned in a clean condition, similar to how you received it. If you leave it dirty, the landlord can keep some or all of your security deposit to cover the cleaning costs.
  • Strained relationship with your landlord: Leaving a mess for the landlord to deal with isn’t exactly a good way to end your tenancy on a positive note. It can make it harder to get a positive reference in the future, which can be a hassle when applying for new rentals.
  • Potential legal trouble: In extreme cases, if the cleaning cost is significantly high due to your neglect, the landlord might sue you to recover the additional expenses.

Taking the time to clean your apartment before moving out is generally much less hassle than dealing with these potential consequences.

How to Clean My Apartment Before Moving Out?

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Giving your apartment a thorough cleaning before moving out will maximize your chances of getting your security deposit back in full. Here’s a breakdown of how to tackle the job:

Room by Room:

Clean each room from top to bottom. Start with dusting ceilings, light fixtures, and cobwebs. Then, clean walls, windows, blinds, and baseboards.


Vacuum carpets thoroughly, paying attention to corners and edges. For hardwood or tile floors, sweep and mop according to the recommended cleaning method for the material.

Kitchen Appliances:

Wipe down cabinets inside and out. Clean the stovetop, oven (including racks and drip pans if removable), dishwasher, and refrigerator (remove all food before cleaning). Don’t forget to disinfect countertops and sinks.


Scrub the toilet, bathtub/shower, and sink. Clean mirrors, exhaust fans, and any medicine cabinets. Mop the floor.

By following these steps and referencing the resources provided, you can ensure a smooth move-out process and get your security deposit back with a smile.

Should I Clean At the Day of Moving Out?

It’s generally not ideal to leave all the cleaning to move-out day. Here’s why:

  • Stressful and time-consuming: Juggling cleaning with packing boxes and movers can be overwhelming. You might end up rushing the cleaning job, potentially missing spots or not cleaning thoroughly.
  • Limited access: With furniture moved out or in the process of being moved, it can be difficult to clean certain areas efficiently.
  • Landlord might be present: During the move-out inspection, it’s best to showcase a clean apartment. Leaving things dirty might create a negative impression.

Instead, it’s recommended to do most of the cleaning beforehand. You can focus on light cleaning tasks on move-out day, like sweeping floors, wiping down countertops, and removing any leftover packing materials.

What is the Fastest Way to Clean My Apartment Before Moving Out?

If you’re short on time for your move out cleaning, then hiring a professional move out cleaning service is the absolute fastest way to get your apartment sparkling clean. These services specialize in getting apartments spotless according to tenancy agreements, ensuring you get the best possible chance of getting your security deposit back in full. Professional cleaners have the experience and cleaning products to tackle tough messes efficiently, saving you hours of scrubbing and wiping. They can also work around your schedule, fitting the cleaning in before your move-out date.

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