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Do you find it tough to get the time or energy needed for an exhaustive spring cleaning in Singapore? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This blog post introduces Spring Cleaning Singapore, a competent cleaning service company that serves all areas of your home or business space.

Learn about their wide range of services, benefits, how to book an appointment, and more. Ready for a sparkling clean space? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore offers great spring cleaning services. Some top ones are Sureclean, CleanHomes, Spring Cleaning.com.sg.
  • Expert cleaners give a deep clean to your whole house. They pay special care to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Services get rid of dust, dirt and things that can cause allergy or sickness at home.
  • Additionals include mould removal and pest control as well as expert cleaning for mattresses and curtains too.

The Importance of Spring Cleaning Singapore

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Spring cleaning is key in making your home fresh and safe. It gets rid of dirt that builds up over time. Dirt can cause bad smells and make you fall sick. Spring cleaning lets you organize your things well. This makes the house neat and adds more room for other items.

Doing spring cleaning raises your mood too! Removing old stuff means saying bye to the past year’s messes, like a new start. Cleaning every corner of our houses is important when we do spring cleaning.

We often forget some spots during regular cleaning days through the year! That does not happen during spring clean as all parts are dusted off well in Singapore.

Top Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

In Singapore, some of the best spring cleaning services are provided by reputably outstanding companies like Sureclean Singapore, CleanHomes, SpringCleaning.com.sg and others.

Sureclean Singapore

Sureclean Singapore tops the list of spring cleaning providers. This company stands out for its good work and happy clients. You can count on Sureclean to give your home an amazing one time cleaning such as spring cleaning Singapore or post renovation cleaning and other range of home cleaning services.

The group’s workers are well-trained and use high-quality cleaning tools like the professional vacuum cleaner and the company’s service quality and after-sales service is impeccable! Sureclean is also the only company who bring a full suite of professional cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies for all there services so you dont have to use any materials or equipments to clean your home. The staffs also performs a standard 50 points cleaning checklist to ensure their services are carried out in the most comprehensive way for your home. Their spring cleaning rates are also extremely value for money and affordable to provide a 5 star cleaning session for your home.

Busy people in Singapore can rely on Sureclean for a spotless house too! They make sure each room, from kitchen to bathroom, is dust-free and smells fresh. Plus, they offer sofa cleaning that customers love! With a team as trusted as this, you know your home is in safe hands.


CleanHomes is a great choice for spring cleaning house cleaning service in Singapore. They do many types of cleaning jobs like one-time cleaning service, deep cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning, post-renovation clean-up and getting homes ready before people move in or out.

CleanHomes is a local cleaning service that gets approval from the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council as a bizSAFE 3 company that keeps work safe. People trust CleanHomes to do a very good job because it’s on the list of top ten reliable spring cleaning services in Singapore. They also perform heavy duty cleaning, regular household cleaning and a variety of home cleaning services like steam clean, yearly cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and carpet cleaning. They do provide post-renovation cleaning service, weekly cleaning service, window cleaning, The staffs are friendly and provide cleaning tips for a clean home.

Plus points are they charge only $160 for excellent spring clean. Some cleaning service to take for 5-6 hours or two cleaners who will finish the job faster within 3 hours.

Spring Cleaning.com.sg

Spring Cleaning.com.sg is the top place to get your home spotless in Singapore. They do a great job, whether you need them once or many times. If you just renovated and need help cleaning up after, they are there to perform home cleaning services to busy professionals.

Or if you’re moving homes and want a fresh start, they can come in and make everything clean again. They take care of all the hard stuff like window frames, kitchen grime, dirty mattresses and sofas, dusty curtains and messy carpets! Plus, other known cleaning places put their trust in Spring Cleaning.com.sg—it says a lot about the quality of work that they do! Ask them for good spring cleaning tips too!

Auntie Cleaner

Auntie Cleaner is not your average cleaning service. In Singapore, they are known for doing top-notch spring cleaning work. They have over ten years of experience and their team is full of trusted and skilled cleaners to provide best house cleaning services.

If you’re looking to clean carpets, get rid of germs with a disinfection service or even keep an office spotless, this spring cleaning service can help you at a price that’s fair. Auntie Cleaner doesn’t miss any dirt or dust because they pay much attention to small details in every task they do.

Trust them to leave your house or office clean like never before!

Cleaning Services Singapore

In Singapore, Cleaning Services Singapore is a top pick for many people. This service offers high-quality cleaning and makes homes sparkle clean. They are one of the best services in town for spring cleaning.

Cleaning Services Singapore provides a variety of options to choose from. There’s regular house cleaning, deep-cleaning for things like rugs and sofas, and even pre-moving cleaning! With their help, you no longer have to worry about dirty floors or dusty corners.

Your home will look fresh after they’re done with it. You can trust them to take care of your home just as well as you would yourself.


Kleepers gives top-notch cleaning services in Singapore. You can get a good clean for homes and offices. Their team of cleaners is strong. They train for 30 hours with experts from Taiwan and Singapore.

This brand ranks among the best spring cleaning services in town!


Homecleanz is a top name in spring cleaning services in Singapore. Homes and big companies trust them for their one-time, post-renovation, or pre-move cleanings. You will find three to four staff members ready to serve you from Homecleanz.

They provide deep cleaning of window frames, dusting surfaces and wiping kitchens. These high-quality cleaning services make your home feel fresh and new again!

Eunike Living

Eunike Living is a top-notch cleaning service in Singapore. They have been making homes shine since 2008. Not only do they offer spring cleaning, but also other services like Post Renovation and Move Out cleanings.

Plus, moving into an unclean house? Eunike Living can help with their Pre-Move-In Cleaning! Their team takes pride in using eco-friendly products to keep your home clean and safe. So, Eunike living is not just about a clean house, it’s about a happy and healthy one too!

Sparkz Cleanz

Sparkz Cleanz offers top-notch spring cleaning. It’s a licensed company with more than two years in this business. Its team knows every nook and cranny that needs cleaning, from window frames to kitchen surfaces.

The experts from Sparkz Cleanz are all design and environment graduates from the National University of Singapore.

One thing sets them apart: they pay close attention to detail. Every room in your home will shine when Sparkz Cleanz has done their job. Their service does not just end at giving homes a clean look.

They get rid of dust and lift off grime so your house can be both clean and healthy for you to live in.


Helpling is a top spring cleaning service in Singapore. They offer more than just house cleaning. Their team can also tidy up your home using the popular KonMari™ Method. Many locals and expats trust them, and over 350,000+ have used their services.

Helpling has won gold for Best Home Cleaning Services from 2019-2023 at the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards. You can hire their high-quality cleaners from as low as $25 per hour.

The Benefits of Professional Spring Cleaning

Professional spring cleaning benefits your home by providing a meticulous deep clean of every room. This service eliminates dust, dirt, and allergens that may have accumulated over time.

It involves intensive cleaning of mattresses, sofas and rugs often overlooked during regular housekeeping routines. Furthermore, curtain maintenance is also included in the package ensuring no aspect of your home is neglected.

An immaculate living space awaits you after leveraging these services – all handled by seasoned professionals for results you’ll love to come home to!

1. Thorough cleaning of living spaces, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms

A deep clean is a key part of spring cleaning. Expert cleaners pay great attention to areas like your living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They take care to get rid of dust and grime hidden in corners or under furniture.

This leaves every room at its cleanest. Not just for looks but also health benefits! Having these spaces free of dirt lowers the risk for allergies and infections. It’s not stuff we do each day but it matters a lot!

2. Removal of dust, dirt, and allergens

Spring cleaning service clears all the bad stuff from your house. It catches dust, dirt, and small things that make you sick called allergens. Dirt lying around makes a cosy home for germs too.

Deep cleaning is key in removing these harmful bits. This treatment scrubs away grime on carpets and nice chair covers! You will notice the air smells fresher after this clean-up. Spring cleaners use machines to do a good job at removing unhealthy specks of dust from every nook of your house plus allergens hiding in corners.

Your family’s health gets better with each wipe down of hidden spots where dust settles or moist areas attracting mold growth – even behind heavy furniture like beds or couches! Fair warning: sneezing fit might happen as you say goodbye to piles of allergies-causing particles lingering around unsuspecting spots!

With less dirt and more freshness in the air thanks to intense spring cleaning Singapore services, it’s like having a new start in your very own home once again! Your immune system learns to get stronger without fighting off everyday intruders such as annoying allergy inducers present before.

Deep cleaning of mattresses, sofas, and rugs

Dirt hides in your sofas, mattresses, and rugs. At times, you can’t see it. But it is there. Our cleaning team uses a deep clean process to get rid of it all. They have special tools that put hot steam into these items to kill germs.

After the steam, they use power vacuums to pull out dirt from hard spots. If you sneeze a lot or your nose feels stuffy at home, this could fix those problems! This work is best done every 3-6 months because of our warm weather here in Singapore.

Cleaning of curtains

Curtains collect dust, dirt and allergens from the air. Leaving them dirty is not good for your health or home. It’s best to clean curtains every three to six months. A spring cleaning service can do this job for you with great care in Singapore.

They use the right tools and methods to get rid of stains, dust and nasty smells too. Clean curtains make your rooms look nice and fresh!

Additional Services Offered

Beyond the standard rooms and fixtures, professional spring cleaning services in Singapore often extend to solving specific issues such as mould removal, pest control, heavy-duty cleaning or even disinfection.

Also on offer are specialised cleaning for your mattress, curtains and sofa that typically requires expert handling. No home component is too complex to be cleaned! Tap into these additional services for a comprehensive spring deep clean.

Interested in knowing more? Read on to discover how you can benefit from these extensive offerings.

Mould removal services

Mould removal services are really useful. Mould harms your health and makes your home look bad. In Singapore, there are eight top companies that help take away the mould in your house. These companies include Ecosense, Mouldgone, Mold Medic and more.

Professionals do a much better job than doing it yourself. The tools they use work well to kill the mould so it doesn’t grow back again. Using pros is safe too! HVAC Engineering uses cleaning stuff that won’t harm kids or pets.

On top of this some companies like Lumiair make sure that no new mould grows by testing for it first.

Pest control services

Pest control is an extra service you can get. It helps drive out bugs from your home. Termites are a big worry in Singapore. If your house has a clear termite check, it could be worth more money.

After the pest guys leave, the bugs may come back though. But don’t fret! Tips from the pest team will help keep them away for good. Workplaces should also think about this service to keep things clean and bug-free every day. A strong bond with these bug pros makes for a smooth ride all year round.

Disinfection cleaning service

Disinfection cleaning service gets rid of germs. This is very important for a clean and safe home. With COVID-19 around, it is even more useful as it can kill off the virus on surfaces.

Cleaning teams use special tools to make your place super clean. From deep cleaning to decontamination – they do a lot more than normal cleaning! Living in Singapore? Most spring cleaning firms offer this as part of their packages.

Mattress cleaning service

The mattress cleaning service in Singapore makes sure your bed is safe from bugs. It takes out bacteria and other tiny life forms that can harm you. This helps your mattress last longer and stay clean.

The service uses steam vacuuming to kill germs for good. Dust mites hiding in your bedding are also taken away. A big plus point is how they arrange appointments with no fuss at all!

Curtain cleaning service

Dirt and dust often hide in curtains. Curtain Cleaning Service Singapore can take care of this. They use a dry cleaning method which is safe for all kinds of curtains. The team knows how to clean without causing any damage.

Sureclean too offers good curtain cleaning services. Its expert cleaners make sure curtains are spotlessly clean. Big Mama Professional Cleaning Services also do curtain cleaning at low rates.

All these firms cover the whole country, so no matter where you live in Singapore, they will come to you!

Sofa cleaning service

Keeping your sofa clean is as important as cleaning any other part of your home. Dirt and dust can hide in the folds of your sofa, making it unhygienic over time. Here in Singapore, companies like Spring Cleaning Singapore offer a handy solution to this problem! Their team delivers a high-quality sofa cleaning service.

With expert staff who know how to handle delicate upholstery, they give sofas the care they need. Your regular household chores may not always cover deep cleaning tasks like these; that’s why hiring professionals makes so much sense! You’ll get a dirt-free, fresh-smelling sofa without having to lift a finger yourself.

How to Book a Service with a Spring Cleaning Provider

Choosing a reputable spring cleaning service provider in Singapore is simple. Begin by selecting the ideal service from the range offered and scheduling an appointment based on your convenience.

Directly communicate your specific cleaning needs to ensure customised solutions perfect for you. After completion, don’t forget to review the service and provide valuable feedback that can help improve their future services – thus ensuring high-quality cleaning experiences with time!

Step 1: Choose a reputable service provider

First, find a good service provider. It is important. They do background checks on all their cleaners for safety. Make sure the cleaning company has good standing in Singapore. Companies like Whissh and EPIClean are known as trusted cleaning services here.

Be careful not to pick just any service provider, because some may not be as reliable.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment

Set the date for your spring cleaning. Call or go online to book a time slot with your chosen provider. The Spring Cleaning Provider in Singapore gives both houses and businesses clean spaces to work and live in.

You can pick from regular cleans or just one big spring clean. Book this depending on your needs! After you choose, get ready for a sparkling fresh space!

Step 3: Communicate your specific cleaning requirements

Telling your cleaning needs is step three. This step is important. It helps the cleaning team know what you want. You might need them to wipe surfaces, clean windows, or tidy up shelves and cupboards.

Finding top spring cleaning firms online can help you make this clear to them quickly and easily.

When picking a firm, think about how long they’ve been doing this work, their reputation, what services they offer, who works for them and the tools and stuff they use for cleaning. Also look at price information and how helpful they are with customers.

Take note: Don’t skip this part of the process! A smooth talk will get you a clean house that fits just right with your wants.

After Completion: Provide feedback and review the service

Once your house looks spotless, take a moment to rate the service. Put your thoughts into words and share them online. This helps others looking for the best cleaning experience. Your voice can guide them in making their choice.

It also pushes service providers like Sureclean Singapore to keep doing their best work. Tell them about things you loved or spots they could improve on!

Media Features and Customer Testimonials

Sureclean Singapore gets lots of good words. People think they are the best. Newspapers and TV shows talk about them a lot too. They cleaned big places like schools after people got sick.

People who used Sureclean also say good things about them. One person said they were fast to come when asked for help. Other people liked that their house felt clean and safe after Sureclean left.

Other cleaning groups in Singapore are popular too, like Easycleansg and Kleepers. A customer from Easycleansg bragged how well they did a deep clean on his home once a year.

At Kleepers, customers love the staff training because it makes service better! Another user says their office looks shiny every time after Kleppers cleans it up.

Why choose Sureclean Singapore and why they are the best Spring Cleaning Service in Singapore

Sureclean Singapore is the top pick for spring cleaning. They are a highly skilled professional cleaning company in Singapore. Their aim is to give you the cleanest home possible. With expert teams trained in advanced cleaning methods, they make sure every nook and cranny of your house gets cleaned. They look into every detail.

Quality customer service rules at Sureclean. An executive keeps an eye on the whole cleaning process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This reduces worry or stress about how your home gets cleaned.

At Sureclean, they offer many types of quality cleaning services tat rates you can afford. Along with great prices, these guys know their stuff when it comes to making homes shine bright like stars! A clean right from Sureclean makes life free and easy as you don’t have to deal with annoying household chores anymore.

Lastly, picking Sureclean means satisfaction unmatched by any other options out there – this business prides itself on its happy customers!

What are you still waiting for? Contact Sureclean immediately for a fast and expert spring cleaning service for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spring cleaning service in Singapore?

A spring cleaning service in Singapore offers deep and fresh cleaning for homes. These services can include post-renovation, end-of-tenancy or one-time general cleaning.

How does the spring cleaning team work?

The team uses heavy-duty equipment and supplies to clean every nook and cranny of your house. They also provide services like window, carpet, office, upholstery or even laundry during the session.

Do these companies have any special offers?

Many local companies offer discounts specific to their home services around big events such as Chinese New Year or next year’s Spring Cleaning.

Can we hire them regularly?

Yes! Many offer regular household cleanings on top of yearly ones which help reduce your weekly or monthly chores at home.

What types of homes do they cater to?

These teams serve different kinds of homes from private houses to offices with small duties like housekeeping up-to heavy duty jobs like disinfection services upon request.

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