5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Mattress Cleaning Service

5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Mattress Cleaning Service
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Is there a reliable mattress cleaning service that you’re in need of? Generally, we focus on cleaning the more observable areas in our homes, such as countertops and floors. Yet, we should not overlook our mattresses as they may be inhabited by undesirable elements such as allergens and dust mites. These factors can pose a risk to our health and disturb our sleep quality.

Knowing how to clean a mattress may not be enough to ensure our bed is clean. Sometimes a professional mattress and upholstery cleaning is necessary. To get the best service, consider several aspects before hiring one. This article will discuss what to know before hiring professional cleaners. Thus, you can choose wisely and keep your bedroom tidy.

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Do a Research for the Potential Mattress Cleaning Service Company

Before hiring a mattress cleaning service, it’s crucial to research potential companies in your area. With so many cleaning companies, knowing which ones are reputable and trustworthy cannot be easy. Tips for choosing a company:

Find reputable area firms.

Start by looking for local mattress cleaning service companies that have a good reputation in your community. Ask friends and family for recommendations or look online for reviews and ratings.

Read online reviews and ask for referrals.

Check out online review sites like Trustpilot and Google Reviews to read reviews from other customers. Look for mattress cleaning service companies with high ratings and positive reviews. You can also ask the company for referrals from satisfied customers.

Check for certifications and licenses.

Look for companies that have certifications or licenses from industry organizations. This indicates that the company knows how to clean a mattress, has undergone training, and adheres to industry standards. Check with your local government to see if mattress cleaning service companies need to be licensed in your area.

Inquire about experience and expertise.

Ask the company about its experience and expertise in mattress cleaning. Do they specialize in cleaning certain types of mattresses or materials? How long have they operated? Experienced companies tend to provide better service.

Compare pricing and services.

Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential companies, compare their mattress cleaning prices and services. Look for companies that offer transparent pricing and don’t charge hidden fees. Avoid firms with unbelievable prices.

By taking the time to research potential mattress cleaning service companies, you can ensure that you find a reputable and trustworthy company that will provide quality service. Your bedding will be clean and dustmite-free.

Determine the Cleaning Method Used by the Mattress Cleaning Service Company

When it comes to mattress cleaning, there are several different methods that cleaning companies may use. Before choosing a method, you should grasp its pros and cons. Here are some of the most common mattress cleaning methods:

⦿ Steam cleaning

This method involves using hot water and steam to clean the mattress. Steam cleaning can help kill dust mites and bacteria and can effectively remove stains and odors. However, it can take longer for the mattress to dry after steam cleaning.

⦿ Dry cleaning

This method uses a dry cleaning solution to clean the mattress without water. Dry cleaning can effectively remove stains and odors, and the mattress can be used immediately after cleaning. It may kill dust mites and germs less well.

⦿ UV-C light cleaning

This method uses UV-C light to kill bacteria and dust mites on the surface of the mattress. UV-C light cleaning can be effective, but it may not penetrate deep enough into the mattress to remove dirt and other particles.

⦿ Chemical cleaning

This method involves using chemical solutions to clean the mattress. Chemical washing removes stains and odors but may not kill dust, mites, and bacteria. This method’s compounds may also cause allergies.

Consider your tastes, allergies, and mattress condition when picking a mattress cleaning method. If you have bad allergies or respiratory issues, steam cleaning may remove allergens the best. 

If you need your mattress cleaned quickly, dry cleaning may be the best option. To make an educated choice, talk to the mattress cleaning service company about the differences between each method.

Cleaning Process of the Mattress Cleaning Service Company

After choosing a mattress washing method, ask about the process. This will help you understand what to expect and ensure that the company uses safe and effective cleaning techniques. Ask these:

Which supplies will be used?

It’s important to ask the cleaning company about the equipment and products they will use to clean your mattress. Ensure they use safe and effective products that won’t damage your mattress or health.

What is the mattress cleaning time?

Mattress condition and manner determine cleaning time. To plan, know how long washing will take.

Will the mattress be dry after cleaning?

Some methods, such as steam cleaning, can dampen the mattress for several hours. Ensure you understand the drying time and any precautions you need to take to avoid damaging your mattress.

How will the company protect your home during the cleaning process? 

The mattress cleaning service company should take steps to protect your home during the cleaning process, such as using protective covers on floors and furniture.

Will any special treatments be needed for stains or odors?

Ask the cleaning firm about special treatments for mattress stains and odors. Make sure that they use safe and effective methods for treating these issues.

These inquiries ensure the cleaning process is safe, effective, and meets your needs. For mattress hygiene, follow the cleaning company’s post-cleaning care guidelines.

Inquire About the Cleaning Rates

Before hiring a mattress cleaning service, discussing pricing and payment with the company is important to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings. Here are some key questions:

What is the service price?

Request a full cost breakdown, including any additional fees. Understand the cost, whether it’s based on mattress size, cleaning level, or other factors.

Is there a minimum service charge?

Some companies may have a minimum charge for their services, regardless of the size of your mattress or the extent of the cleaning needed.

Are there any discounts or promotions available?

Ask if the company offers discounts or promotions for new customers, referrals, or repeat business.

What payment methods are accepted?

Ask about credit cards, cash, and checks. Ask about payment due dates and deposits.

Are there any cancellation fees or policies?

Understand the company’s cancellation rules, including any fees.

It’s important to understand the pricing and payment policies before hiring a mattress cleaning service. This will help you avoid surprises and ensure you can budget accordingly. Ensure to get everything in writing, including the scope of services, pricing, and payment terms, to avoid misunderstandings or disputes later.

Inquire About Warranties Provided by the Professional Cleaning Service Company

When hiring a mattress cleaning service, it’s important to understand the company’s guarantees and warranties. These can provide peace of mind and ensure you’re satisfied with the results of the cleaning service. Here are some important factors to consider:

Satisfaction guarantees

Some companies offer satisfaction guarantees, meaning they will continue to work on your mattress until you’re happy with the results. Ask the company about its satisfaction guarantee policy and how it works.

Warranty for workmanship

A warranty for workmanship ensures that the company will stand behind its work and fix any issues arising from its cleaning process. Ask the company if they offer any warranty for their workmanship.

Stain removal guarantees

Some companies offer stain removal guarantees, meaning they will remove any stains from your mattress or provide a refund. Ask the company about its stain removal guarantee policy and how it works.

Product Guarantee

If the company uses any cleaning products during the process, ask if they offer any product guarantees. This ensures safe, efficient, and mattress-safe products.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance can protect you in case of any accidents or damage during the cleaning process. Ask if their liability insurance covers losses.

It’s important to ask about these guarantees and warranties before hiring a mattress cleaning service to ensure you’re protected if anything goes wrong. Ensure to get everything in writing, including the guarantees and warranties, to avoid misunderstandings or disputes later.

Bonus: Preparing for the Mattress Cleaning Service

Preparing for a mattress cleaning service can help ensure the process goes smoothly and you get the best results possible. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the mattress cleaning service:

Remove all bedding

Before the mattress cleaning service, remove all bedding, including sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. This will allow the cleaning company to focus on cleaning the mattress and ensure no cleaning solution or moisture gets onto your bedding.

Clear the area around the mattress.

Ensure to clear the area around your mattress, including any furniture or items on the floor. This will help the cleaning firm access the mattress safely and efficiently.

Vacuum the mattress

Vacuuming the mattress before washing it removes loose dirt, dust, and debris. This will help ensure that the cleaning solution can penetrate the fibers of the mattress and provide a more thorough cleaning.

Inform the company of any special requirements.

Inform the cleaning company if you have any special requirements, such as a specific cleaning solution or treatment for stains or odors. This will help them plan and provide the best cleaning service.

Plan for drying time.

Depending on the cleaning method, your mattress may need several hours to dry after the service. Plan for this drying time and avoid using the mattress until it is completely dry.

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth mattress cleaning service and the best results. Communicate with the cleaning company and ask any questions to ensure you’re fully prepared for the cleaning service.


Hiring an expert mattress cleaning service can improve your sleep and extend the mattress’s lifespan. However, before hiring a mattress cleaning service, it’s important to research and asks the right questions to ensure that you choose a reputable company that uses safe and effective cleaning methods. 

By understanding the cleaning process, pricing, guarantees, and warranties and preparing for the cleaning service, you can help ensure you get the best results possible and enjoy a cleaner, fresher, and healthier mattress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of professional mattress cleaning?

An expert mattress cleaning service can remove dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your mattress, improving air quality and reducing the risk of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. It also improves sleep and bedding.

How often should I get my mattress professionally cleaned?

Depending on usage, dust and allergen exposure, and stains and odors, mattresses should be properly cleaned every 6-12 months.

What cleaning methods are used for mattress cleaning?

Different companies may use different cleaning methods, such as steam, dry, or deep extraction. Ask the cleaning firm about their mattress-safe cleaning methods.

How long is the mattress cleaning time?

Mattress cleaning time depends on things like size, soiling, and cleaning method. A mattress cleaning takes 30 minutes to several hours.

Is it safe to sleep on a mattress immediately after cleaning?

Before sleeping again, your mattress should be totally dry. Mattresses can take hours to dry, depending on the washing method. The cleaning company should provide you with instructions on when it’s safe to use your mattress again.

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