How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving In? Cleaning Guide Before You Move In

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Moving into a new apartment is a thrilling experience, but ensuring it’s clean beforehand is essential for a smooth transition. So, how do you clean an apartment before moving in? Start by dusting all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and fixtures, to eliminate accumulated dust. Vacuum and sweep floors to remove dirt and debris. Wipe down surfaces with a mild detergent and damp cloth. Clean windows and mirrors for a sparkling finish. Focus on sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom, ensuring sinks, countertops, and appliances are spotless. Finish by mopping hard floors and cleaning air vents for fresh air throughout.

Eager for more tips on pre move-in cleaning? Continue reading for a comprehensive guide and expert advice to make your new apartment feel like home from day one!

Which Part of the Apartment Should I Clean First Before Moving In?

When cleaning your new apartment before moving in, it’s generally recommended to start from the top and work your way down. Here’s the cleaning logic behind this approach:

Dust settles downwards:

By cleaning ceilings, fans, and high surfaces first, you avoid dust accumulating on freshly cleaned lower surfaces.

Wet cleaning might require re-cleaning below:

Mopping floors or cleaning surfaces with water might necessitate touching up baseboards or lower cabinets later on.

By following this approach, you’ll ensure a clean and fresh apartment from top to bottom as you move in and unpack your belongings.

How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving In?

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For a meticulous pre-move in clean of your new apartment, adhere to our guidelined:

  1. Ceiling and Fans: Employ a microfiber cloth or duster to eradicate cobwebs and dust from ceilings, corners, and fan blades.
  2. Walls: Assess lease agreements regarding repainting. If permitted and desired, postpone wall cleaning. Otherwise, utilize damp cloths for light soil or a gentle solution for marks.
  3. Windows: Clean windows meticulously, top-down, addressing blinds and sills if applicable.
  4. Light Fixture: Following manufacturer instructions (if available), remove dust from light fixtures, ensuring power is off before cleaning.
  5. Cabinet and Shelf: Wipe down both the interiors and exteriors of cabinets and shelves with a disinfectant solution.
  6. Appliance Deep Clean: Meticulously clean the interior and exterior of all appliances (oven, stovetop, refrigerator, etc.) following the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal hygiene.
  7. Countertop and Sink: Disinfect countertops and meticulously scrub the sink, including faucet handles.
  8. Bathroom Disinfection: Deep clean toilets, bathtubs/showers, and vanities, paying close attention to high-touch areas like faucets and toilet seats with a disinfectant solution.
  9. Floor: Vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly. Employ the appropriate cleaning solution based on the floor type (wood, tile, etc.) and mop meticulously.

This comprehensive guideline guarantees a spotless and sanitized environment for your arrival in your new apartment.

What is the Fastest Way to Clean an Apartment?

The fastest way to get your apartment spotless is to hire professional cleaners. They’re experts at cleaning efficiently and have all the necessary equipment to get the job done quickly.

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