How to Clean Curtains Without Washing? 5 Tips to Clean Curtains Easily

How to Clean Curtains Without Washing 5 Tips to Clean Curtains Easily
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Keeping your curtains clean can enhance the freshness of your home without the hassle of frequent washing. So, how do you clean curtains without washing them? Start by vacuuming them using a brush attachment to remove dust and debris. Spot clean any stains with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. You can also freshen them up by hanging them outside on a dry, breezy day or using a fabric refresher spray.

Want to keep your curtains looking pristine without the laundry load? Read on for more detailed methods and helpful tips!

Benefits of Clean Curtains

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Cleaning removes dust, grime, and allergens that cause allergies and asthma. This promotes a healthier living environment.

Enhanced Appearance

Regular cleaning helps maintain the color and texture of curtains, making them look brighter and more inviting. Dirty curtains can make a room look dull and uninviting.

Longer Lifespan

Dirt and dust can weaken the fabric of curtains over time, causing them to become worn and frayed. Regular cleaning helps to preserve the fabric’s integrity and extend the life of your curtains.

How to Prepare for Curtain Cleaning

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Preparation is an essential step before cleaning your curtains. Without preparation, you can ruin your curtains and can lead to bigger problems.

Check the care instructions

Look at the label on your curtains to see if you need to follow any specific cleaning instructions.

Remove accessories

Remove hooks, rings, or tiebacks attached to the curtains.

Vacuum the curtains

Clean curtains with a vacuum to remove dust.

Pre-treat stains

If there are any stubborn stains, treat them with a stain remover before cleaning.

Take down the curtains

Take the curtains down and bring them to a professional cleaning service for a more thorough cleaning.

How to Clean Curtains Without Washing Them

Here’s our expert guide on how to clean curtains without washing them.

Ways to Clean Your CurtainsDescription
VacuumingUse a soft-bristled brush or lint roller to eliminate dust before vacuuming. Use a vacuum attachment made for curtains, like a crevice tool or upholstery attachment. Vacuum from top to bottom, paying extra attention to the top where dust accumulates.
Steam CleaningUse a handheld steam cleaner with a fabric attachment. Hold the steamer a few inches away from the fabric to avoid damage. Move the steamer back and forth over the entire surface of the curtain. Let the curtains air dry completely.
Dry CleaningTake curtains to a professional dry cleaner and tell them the fabric type.
Spot CleaningGently spot clean stains with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid using too much water or scrubbing too hard. Let the curtains air dry completely.
Shake and BeatRemove the curtains and shake them to remove loose dirt or dust. Beat the curtains with a soft-bristled brush or broom to remove any remaining dirt or dust.


Curtains are essential for home décor but can collect dirt, dust, and allergens. Regular cleaning can help maintain their appearance, extend their lifespan, and promote a healthy indoor environment. Follow the tips in this article to clean your curtains without washing them and enjoy a fresh, clean look for your home. 

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional curtain cleaning service Singapore such as Sureclean, removing your curtains is a small but crucial step in maintaining a comfortable and healthy living space.

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