How To Clean Granite Countertops

How To Clean Granite Countertops   A Step By Step Guide For A Shiny Countertop 1000x
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Granite countertops have consistently gained popularity over the years. Their allure not only lies in their visual appeal but also in their enduring nature and relatively low upkeep compared to marble. Nevertheless, low maintenance does not mean maintenance-free. Even though these countertops hold a substantial upper hand over other materials, disorderly lifestyles can still weaken their durability, resulting in various issues.

As such, it is important to know the necessary information you will need to know about these fancy-looking countertops, which you can learn about by reading this article!

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Why It Is Essential To Clean Granite Countertops

>>Microbes can thrive inside the granite’s pores

Microorganisms (most notably bacteria) can easily enter your granite countertops’ pores without you even knowing about it. You will only realize that it happened when a formation of grime has formed within the granite surface. What was once a fancy-looking granite countertop can easily look like an ancient artifact by virtue of being affected by various microbes. 

To prevent this, make sure that you clean your countertops regularly and close off any pores using granite sealers.

>>It ruins the sophisticated look of the surface 

Granite countertops have aesthetics that are worthy of the fanciest of residences. They have sophisticated looks that are worth their price, but that doesn’t mean that they can stay like that without maintenance. Natural granite does not look as good as those used in furniture and home decorations for a reason. 

Maintenance is one of the defining factors that will determine whether or not your granite countertops will last. So if you want to keep your granite countertops as dainty as they seem, don’t disregard their maintenance and sanitation as something negligible. 

>>It ruins the actual material of your countertop

Once the granite has been invaded by bacteria and dirt through its pores or small openings, it can eventually lead to erosion. The process of erosion and damage for granite is quite a slow process, but it still lessens its durability, which will definitely affect its longevity. 

Granite is a very durable material and will usually last for decades, but this can still vary with the amount of maintenance you are providing. As such, you can make sure that your granite countertops last through proper maintenance, which you can start by following the tips that we mentioned above!

How To Clean Granite Countertops Using Our Top Tips

Below are our best tips for cleaning your granite countertops effectively:

granite countertops

>>Use the proper materials to do the job

Knowing what proper materials to use for granite countertops is the first step to cleaning them. Fortunately, granite countertops aren’t that sensitive to certain materials as long as they aren’t too abrasive. An example of safe choices would be dishwashing soap, vinegar, or small amounts of ammonia or bleach that are all diluted with water (this should be done to prevent surface damage). Besides cleaning agents, you should also prepare the tools that you will use to spread the disinfectants and scrub through your granite countertop.

As for materials, you should look for something that isn’t too rough or too soft. Through those descriptions, materials like sponges and microfiber cloth come to mind. These are also popular choices for cleaning most surfaces, so you can definitely trust them. Once you have chosen the materials that you will use, the next step would be to simply scrub away at that surface. 

>>Eradicate any excess stain that may remain

After cleaning the granite countertop, there will be some excess stains that may have survived the whole ordeal. In order to clean these stains, you can take extra measures such as mixing baking soda and letting it sit there for a while or using some razors if the stain or mold is hardened. You can also just go back to the stains with the same materials you used for the initial scrubbing but with more force applied to the surface. 

However, if you are unsure if the stain can be removed with the methods that are accessible to you, then don’t try any absurd methods that may harm the granite countertop like using abrasive materials. 

>>Be sure to make it shine!

A granite countertop’s charm can also lie in its glossy, shiny surface. Whether it be simply making a solution out of cooking oil or using brightening materials like Windex and other commercial products. Notably, there are granite polishing kits that are available online to make sure your granite countertop really displays its true shine.

How To Clean Granite Countertops For Those With A Busy Schedule

It’s almost inevitable to have an extremely tight schedule nowadays. As such, it’s always good to have some alternatives in case your schedule does not have any breathing room left. Below are the methods you can use to clean your granite countertops, even if you have a busy schedule:

>>Clean your countertops consistently

As ironic as it may sound, cleaning your countertops quickly but consistently can actually save you more time than cleaning them all at once. For example, you can sneak in a little scrubbing after you wash the dishes to get rid of some small stains or spots off of the granite countertop. 

Because the buildup and accumulation of dirt and grime can be much harder to deal with as opposed to just cleaning it every once in a while, this method can actually save you a lot more room in your schedule. 

>>Use granite sealers

Granite sealers are an effective way to ensure that the pores within your granite countertop remain sealed to make sure that bacteria and stains won’t get to enter. If stains form inside of the granite through the pores or small cracks of its surface, it can become very difficult to get rid of them. 

Trying to get rid of the formations with the granite countertop can eat up a lot of your time and effort, so be sure to be wary about it. In a nutshell, prevention is most definitely better than cure in this scenario and you should use granite sealers as an extra layer of protection. 

>>Hire some professionals to do it for you

Instead of having to go through the trouble of cleaning yourself, you can simply hire some professionals that can do the job properly for you. Not only will cleaning professionals provide the best maintenance for your granite countertops, but they can also provide the same quality of care for your whole house! In just one cleaning session, these services can turn your house into the best version of itself without you even lifting a finger during the whole process.

If you’re looking for a professional deep cleaning service, check out SURECLEAN’s reputable company. They provide various cleaning services with excellence and professionalism! To book an appointment, contact them using the numbers posted at the end of this blog.

Final Words

Granite countertops can be quite pricey in some situations, but they are definitely worth their price considering they are extremely durable and can last for decades. However, their good qualities should never be a reason to disregard their maintenance as even the toughest of stones require polishing to keep their greatness. 

Fortunately, there are various ways you can easily provide maintenance and sanitation for your granite countertops without much effort (of course, it still requires consistency). May this article be a sign to put these tips and tricks to the test and clean your own granite countertop or better yet, simply hire someone to do it for you, like SURECLEAN!

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