An Easy Guide On How To Clean Your House After A House Party: The Fastest Way!

An Easy Guide On How To Clean Your House After A House Party The Fastest Way 1000x
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Social events definitely provide an excellent opportunity to unwind and reconnect with your close ones, as well as others you opt to mingle with. However, despite the joy and thrill they bring, parties can become tiresome and uninteresting after the festivities wrap up. This is often attributed to the onus resting on the host to tidy up any mess accumulated during the event. Hence, learning the most efficient ways to return your home to its pre-party condition is extremely crucial.

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Fastest Way How To Clean Your House After A House Party: Planning

Below are some methods of planning to consider so you can swiftly clean your house after a big party. 


Step 1: Anticipate the incoming mess

You shouldn’t assume that your party will be as peaceful and tidy as going to a formal job interview because it can quickly escalate into a wild festivity. So anticipate one big mess and be prepared for it by taking extra steps to ensure that the mess will still be under control even after the party has ended. For example, you can prepare your cleaning supplies and swiftly use them to clean up the mess right after the party. 

You can also provide garbage bags for any disposable materials that your guests can throw out themselves after they use them. Essentially, use whatever resources you have at your disposal to create a straightforward cleaning plan after the party.

Step 2: Start with the biggest hurdles

Think of cleaning as a pyramid where you start at the base where most of the parts are located, but instead of a pyramid, this time it’s a huge pile of the mess caused by the party. Following this analogy, you basically have to take out the disposables first using a garbage bag, as the number of cups and tissue papers that your guests used can easily accumulate.

If the party is more focused on eating together, you can start by washing the dishes and cleaning the tables afterward. The goal here is to start with the most challenging tasks while you still have the energy to do so. Small and simple tasks like tidying up your belongings and taking a shower can be reserved for when you have lower energy levels. 

Step 3: Put the leftovers away to avoid wasting food

Leftovers are not something that should be accumulated, as you will essentially be wasting food that way. To help yourself and the environment, don’t throw away food that is still edible. Instead, put it in the fridge or freezer. Keeping the leftovers can also save you energy, since all you have to do the next day is reheat or cook the food again. 

Step 4: Ask for some help from your guests (directly or indirectly)

Asking for some assistance from your guests will not always be a direct request, as it can be as subtle as giving them the proper materials to do so. As previously mentioned, you can subtly let your guests clean for you by showing them where all the disposable materials should be thrown away and giving them napkins in case they spill some food. 

Another subtle way you can let your guests help is by initiating the cleaning yourself before they leave. Simple actions, like putting away the dishes or paper cups, can make them do the same thing on their own. The rest of the guests will see what the other guests are doing, and they will be inclined to conform as well, thus giving you a whole party’s worth of cleaners. But if you are close enough to your guests, you may as well ask them directly to help you tidy your house afterward, and they will most likely say yes. 

Cleaning Tips For The Next Day

Even though you have tidied up after the party and everything seems back to normal, there will still be a presence of dirt and other unseen messes that lie around your house. As such, general cleaning around your house the next day is highly recommended after a party. 

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>>Start with the most used areas

If the guests mostly stayed in the living room and kitchen (which are the most commonly used areas), it is more optimal if you start with those parts of the house. Similar to the pyramid analogy from the previous section, you should start by finishing the heavy and more strenuous tasks first before proceeding to the simpler ones. As such, these areas should be thoroughly cleaned, as dirt is pretty much inevitable when a bunch of people from the outdoors bundles up at your home. 

>>Work your way toward the bathroom

The bathroom needs to be a sanitary place as its purpose is for sanitation itself. However, multiple different people using the same bathroom can easily cause to accumulate some dirt. It is essential to clean your bathroom after the party especially if it has been used multiple times. Unless you want your bathroom to slowly transform into an unmaintained public restroom, you should allot some time and energy to cleaning it. 

>>Start scrubbing and vacuuming your floors

Your floors will be the dirtiest part of your house because it has literally been stepped on throughout the whole party. Your guest’s shoes or footwear may contain unavoidable dirt from the outdoors which can then be easily transferred to your house and accumulate throughout the party. 

To remedy this, you can either scrub, mop, or vacuum your floors to make sure that the dirt is removed properly. Some options can be more optimal with the type of flooring you have but you have to make sure that it won’t worsen the mess in the processing of cleaning. 

>>Don’t forget to clean your bedroom too

Even if your guests didn’t enter your bedroom at any point during the party, you still interacted with them, thus being exposed to the same outdoor dirt that they did. Once you lie on your bed after the party, the dirt can easily be transferred if you didn’t take a shower beforehand. Not to mention that once you enter the bedroom, the same dirt from the floors of the other rooms will also be transferred to the bedroom floor. In a nutshell, you should also clean your bedroom after cleaning other parts of the house to ensure that you won’t be sleeping in a dirty bedroom. 

Minimize Your Work: Solutions To Save Your Time And Effort

Below are some of the most optimal solutions to save your time and effort. You can use these as opposed to the other methods mentioned above for your convenience:

Tip 1: Use convenient cleaning and party supplies

Certain party supplies make use of some of the tips that we mentioned before (particularly the section about indirectly letting your guests help you). Some notable examples would be:

  • Disposable cups, and utensils. and plates that don’t require washing
  • Extra layers of tablecloth that can be taken out after use
  • Carpets that can be easily washed after usage
  • Organized trash bins
  • Ziploc bags
  • Napkins and paper towels

Using these party supplies can make cleaning a lot easier as they can simply be used and thrown away afterward. The real challenge here is how you will be able to thoroughly clean the unseen dirt that may have been missed by these cleaning and party supplies. As such, you should be wary of certain outcomes that should be taken into consideration such as the amount of mess that you will have to face after the party. 

Tip 2: Clean one room at a time 

Unless you want to be easily worn out by cleaning the whole house in a single cleaning session without breaks, just clean one room at a time. This is especially true if your house is too big for a single person to thoroughly clean without feeling exhausted. Depending on how wild your party has become, the amount of cleaning will also heavily vary depending on which rooms were used the most during the event. If you are going to use this method, make sure to clean the most used rooms first and chip out the rest afterward. 

Tip 3: Leave the work to the professionals

Cleaning up after something festive sounds quite ironic, as a party is meant to be a chance for recreation and making the most of life. Not to mention, there are also various tasks that you will be forced to deal with to turn your house back to the way it was. As such, leaving the work to some professional cleaners can save you a lot of time and energy. 

After all, relaxing and preparing for the busy days ahead will be much more daunting than cleaning up after the party. If you don’t want to get burned out from cleaning a huge mess (especially if you have a large house), try considering hiring professional cleaners, like SURECLEAN, to get your house to a much more sanitized state.

BEST Way For After-Party Clean Up

Imagine having to prepare a bunch of food and activities for a lot of people. Afterward, you will have to hang out with them and entertain them to keep the party going. Finally, you will have to clean up the mess that became the aftermath of such a festivity. It’s quite exhausting even when just thinking about it, right? So if you want to fully enjoy the party that you planned and carried out even after it ended, what is the best choice from the lists above? 

You can opt to use more practical methods, such as hiring professional cleaners

How to clean your house after a house party: Who should you call?

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