How to Do HDB Post Renovation Cleaning?

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Renovating your HDB flat can transform your space but also leave behind a significant mess. So, how do you do HDB post renovation cleaning? Start by removing any construction debris and dusting all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and fixtures. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to capture fine dust particles from floors and upholstery. Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Clean windows and window frames thoroughly. Mop the floors to remove any remaining dust and dirt. Lastly, give extra attention to the kitchen and bathroom, ensuring all tiles, grout, sinks, and sanitary ware are cleaned and sanitized.

Looking for more tips to make your HDB flat spotless after renovations? Read on for a detailed guide and expert advice to ensure your home is clean and comfortable!

What is the Difference Between an HDB House and a Regular House?

The key difference between an HDB flat and a regular house boils down to ownership and regulations:

  • Ownership: HDB flats are a form of public housing, meaning they are owned by the government and leased to residents for a period of 99 years (leasehold). Regular houses, on the other hand, can be freehold (owned permanently) or leasehold (owned for a specific period).
  • Regulations: HDB flats come with stricter regulations set by the Housing & Development Board (HDB). These include restrictions on renovation, resale eligibility, and even who can buy them (typically Singaporean citizens or permanent residents). Regular houses generally have fewer limitations.
  • Affordability: HDB flats are significantly more affordable than regular houses, especially in Singapore, where they play a major role in making homeownership accessible.

In simpler terms, an HDB flat is like a long-term government rental with some ownership benefits, while a regular house offers full ownership and more freedom but typically comes with a higher price tag.

HDB Post Renovation Cleaning Guide

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Renovating your HDB flat can be an exciting journey, but once the work is done, a thorough cleaning is essential to ensure your space is comfortable and ready to live in. Our simple guide will walk you through the steps to achieve a spotless and inviting home.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

First, collect all necessary cleaning supplies, including cleaning cloths and sponges, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, a mop and bucket, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, disinfectant, and trash bags.

Step 2: Remove Debris

Start by collecting and disposing of all construction debris and leftover materials. Use trash bags to gather small waste items for easy disposal.

Step 3: Dust and Vacuum

Begin cleaning from the top, such as ceilings and light fixtures, and work your way down. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dust from walls, furniture, and floors, paying special attention to corners, edges, and under furniture.

Step 4: Clean Windows and Mirrors

Spray glass cleaner on windows and mirrors, then wipe them with a clean, dry cloth to achieve a streak-free finish.

Step 5: Wipe Down Surfaces

Utilize an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down all surfaces, including countertops, shelves, and cabinets. Ensure to clean inside cabinets and drawers as well.

Step 6: Mop the Floors

Prepare a bucket with warm water and floor cleaner, then mop the floors thoroughly. Change the water as needed to maintain cleanliness.

Step 7: Disinfect High-Touch Areas

Apply disinfectant to door handles, light switches, and other frequently touched surfaces. Allow the disinfectant to sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.

Step 8: Final Touches

Recheck for any missed spots, dispose of all trash bags properly, and enjoy your clean and renovated HDB.

By following our steps, you can ensure your HDB is spotless and ready to be enjoyed after renovation. A clean home is the perfect finishing touch to your renovation project, making it a welcoming space for you and your family.

How Often Should I Clean my HDB Flat?

The cleaning frequency for your HDB flat depends on several factors, such as the number of occupants, pets, and lifestyle. However, here’s a general guideline:

  • Daily: Wipe down surfaces like countertops, stovetops, and bathroom sinks. Sweep or vacuum high-traffic areas.
  • Weekly: Mop floors, empty trash cans, and clean toilets and showers thoroughly.
  • Monthly: Deep clean areas like windows, blinds, and appliances. Dust furniture and baseboards.

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