Mold In Grout: 3 Steps To Knock Down Your Mold Problem

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Are you grappling with relentless mold issues in your grout, and feeling uncertain about how to address it? It might be the perfect time to contemplate a thorough grout cleaning. Mold, an undesired intruder, has probably been present in our environment from the earliest days of human society. Recognizable as bothersome black groupings or mildew, mold has the capacity to thrive on almost any surface provided the right conditions.

Now, this sounds like it should be an easy process. After all, what can be so difficult about cleaning? In this case: everything! In this article, you’ll learn how to detect the sources of mold and how to eliminate their growth.

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Major Reasons For Mold In Grout

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Mold has become a common sight in homes, schools, and offices. While its presence can be harmful, it can also be very annoying to deal with when it occurs. Mold can develop on the grout in your home if you do not maintain proper cleanliness. In this section, you’ll learn the top reasons why is there mold in groutt and how to prevent it from happening again.

>>Poor ventilation

When you’re trying to prevent mold growth, it’s important to make sure that your home has proper ventilation. Ventilation is the process of moving air throughout a space, which helps keep humidity at healthy levels and prevents mold from forming.

>>Cleaning with inappropriate chemicals

Using inappropriate chemicals can worsen mold in grout. This occurs especially when you don’t follow the manufacturer’s directions, such as the way of application and drying time. So remember: If you doubt, DISCARD!

>>Improper sealing

Sealing is a key part of mold prevention. By sealing the grout, you protect it from water damage, which will help to prevent mold growth. Using the wrong type can cause problems later on when it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

>>Inconsistent cleaning

When it comes to cleaning mold in grout, consistency is key. The reason for this is that when you’re using a grout cleaner on your tile floors or walls, you can’t just clean part of the floor and expect to get great results.

It’s advisable hiring a professional if possible. They’ll know how much pressure they should be putting on their mops or vacuums, how often they should be vacuuming and mopping (and where), and what type of cleaner will work best with your particular tile flooring. 

But if you decide to do it by yourself, check the next section to know the proper steps for eliminating mold in the grout.

How To Eliminate Mold In Grout?

If you’ve ever had mold in grout, you know it’s not easy to get rid of. Even if you hire a pro to remove the mold, they might not be able to get rid of all traces of it. But if you have grout lines in your bathroom or kitchen, then there’s a way for you to tackle that pesky problem yourself: You can clean off the mold (and any dirt) from inside the grout using just about anything else that’s handy! 

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

A. Identifying the mold in the grout.

When you’re looking at the grout in your bathroom or kitchen, it can be difficult to tell if there is mold on it. The best way to find out is by using a mold test kit. If you have a professional come and check for you, they will be able to use their expertise and experience to determine whether or not there is mold present. If there is no visible sign of mold growth but it is still a concern, then hiring an expert might be helpful as well.

B. Cleaning process.

Step 1: Get a grout brush.

After you’ve identified the mold in grout, you can scrub the grout with a grout brush. Be sure not to soak anything else in your home as that could cause more problems than it solves!

After scrubbing the mold in grout with a brush, completely rinse it out again for good measure. It’s also important that you wash your grout brush after each use so that it doesn’t spread any germs from one area of your home to another, especially if children are involved!

Step 2: Mold-killing paste application

With the paste applied to your grout, you can now leave it to sit for a few hours. When the time comes to rinse off the mold-killing paste, make sure to use a solution that won’t harm your grout or other surfaces if it happens to drip onto them.

Once you’ve finished rinsing off all traces of mold-killing solution from around affected areas (be sure not to forget any corners), wipe down those areas with clean water until there’s no more residue left behind on them.

Step 3: Allow your tiles to dry completely.

After you’ve removed the mold from your tiles, you’ll need to let them dry for 24 hours. This is an important step so that the spores don’t come back and cause more problems than they already have. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer on low heat to speed up this process. Just don’t point it directly at the grout lines! 

You also shouldn’t use a fan, as this will create even more airflow which can spread mold spores around your home.

Hiring The Right Professional Cleaner

Grout mold is a serious problem that can damage your home and create health issues. Hiring a professional cleaner who has the right equipment, training, and experience is critical when removing grout mold.

A professional company, like SURECLEAN, will remove the mold in grout efficiently and safely with minimal effort on your part, leaving you with nothing but clean white grout to enjoy. You’ll have more time to focus on other projects in your home or office!

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