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SureCleanTM range uses a safer natural disinfectant (ionic silver technology) that is US Government (EPA) approved for use around food preparation areas and even around children and babies.

Our Disinfectant Technology contains no...

  • Chlorine & Chlorine Compounds (Chlorhexidine & Triclosan)
  • Ammonia & Ammonia Compounds (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds)
  • Benzene Compounds (Chloroxylenol & Benzalkonium Chlorides)
  • Aldehyde, Bleach, Alcohols or Solvents
Stabilized Silver Ion Complex : A Safer Disinfectant
Stabilized Silver Ion Complex
Titanium Dioxide: (Tio2) Self-Cleaning Consistent Anti-Germ Barrier
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Germs & Infection
Germ Kill-time

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