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Maintaining a spotless home can be a challenging job, especially when juggling family responsibilities and work commitments. Luckily, the increasing demand for reasonably priced part-time house cleaning services in Singapore provides inhabitants with an easier solution to ensure tidiness, liberating them from additional household duties.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some highly recommended local cleaning companies offering expert part time cleaners under $25 per hour, suited for various needs from HDB flats to studio apartments.

Let’s dive in – your search for an exemplary cleaner might just end here!

Key Takeaways

  • Part-time cleaners help you keep your home clean.
  • Many good companies in Singapore offer this service cheap.
  • You can set the time and tasks for part-time cleaners to do.
  • Hiring a cleaner gives you more free time. It also lessens stress.

Benefits of Hiring a General Weekly Part-Time Cleaner

part time home cleaners, part-time cleaner

Hiring a part-time cleaner in Singapore guarantees you more leisure time, superior cleaning results given their professional expertise, flexible services tailored to your schedule, detailed deep cleaning unmatched by regular homemaking techniques and finally the ultimate benefit of reduced stress as all these advantages work together for your comfort. Exciting benefits huh? Keep reading to garner even more insights into these affordable yet high quality part-time cleaners in Singapore!

1. Time-saving

Hiring a part-time cleaner in Singapore gives you more free hours. Why waste your time doing chores when someone else can do it? With a cleaner, you don’t spend all day cleaning your home.

Instead, use the saved time for other things that matter to you. Plus, trained cleaners finish their jobs quicker than most people because they know the best ways to clean.

2. Professional expertise

Part-time cleaners in Singapore are experts at their job. They know how to use cleaning tools and products the right way. This expertise lets them clean every part of your house the best way possible.

A trained cleaner knows what parts to focus on more. They also have efficient ways to deal with hard-to-clean spots. You can trust a professional cleaner to leave your home spotless and germ-free!

3. Flexible scheduling

You can pick when a part-time cleaner comes to your house. This is good if you are busy with work or family things. You plan the time that works best for you and your family. A part-time cleaner will then clean your home at this time.

Also, these cleaners do not need to be in your home all day. You just say how many hours you would like them to clean for. They focus on what needs cleaning most first so they get as much done as possible. It’s easy and fits in with what you need.

4. Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning makes your home sparkly clean. It goes past the usual washing, sweeping and dusting. This touch reaches hidden dirt in every corner of your house. Trained cleaners do it well with special tools and skills.

They clean places like under beds, behind fridges, inside ovens and more! Get a part-time cleaner for this big task today.

5. Reduced stress

Hiring a part-time cleaner lessens the stress of running your home. You come back to a tidy space. This helps you relax and enjoy time with family and loved ones. No more worrying about dirt or clutter. A fresh, clean home helps you feel calm and happy each day.

How to Choose the Right Part Time Cleaning Company

part time home cleaners, part-time cleaner

Finding the right part-time cleaner involves understanding your specific cleaning needs, verifying insurance and professional certifications, reading through reviews and testimonials for credibility, considering cost-effectiveness within your budget and ensuring reliable communication channels with the service provider.

Unearth more insights on how to make this critical choice by delving into our comprehensive guide!

* Determine your cleaning needs

First, think about what needs to be cleaned in your home. Each part-time cleaner offers different services. Some will clean floors and counters. Others might wash windows or do laundry for you.

* Decide on what tasks you need help with

Next, consider how often you want the cleaner to come. You may want a deep clean once a week or just light cleaning every day. This depends on how big your house is and how much dirt builds up each day. Some families with pets or young kids may need more frequent cleaning than others.

* Check for insurance and certifications

Make sure your chosen cleaner has insurance. This keeps you safe if there’s an accident while they work. Also, look out for cleaners with certifications. It shows they know how to do their job well from the right training.

* Read reviews and testimonials

It is smart to look at what other people say about a cleaner. Reviews and testimonials tell you if the cleaner does a good job. People write these after they have had their homes cleaned.

They share what they liked and did not like about the service. Many people in Singapore used the cleaners on our list and loved them! You can trust these services because of these good reviews.

* Consider pricing and payment options

You should think about how much you can pay for a cleaner. In Singapore, part-time cleaners tend to charge around $25 per hour. They usually ask that you book them for blocks of three or four hours at once.

So, a typical cost might be $75 to $100 each week. If you use the service every month it could come to $300 to $400 total. Some cleaning companies offer packages too. One common deal is getting cleaned one time weekly for three hours which would roughly cost around $359 monthly. Another choice is four times monthly with each clean being an hour long costing about $272 in total.

So, look into different price deals and see what fits your budget best! You also need to think about how you will make payments as some services let you pay online, others may prefer cash on collection.

* Communication and reliability

Good communication is vital when hiring a part-time cleaner. Ensure your cleaner can listen well to understand your needs. This may include the tasks and how you want them done. It’s also important they respond fast if you have questions or concerns.

Reliability goes hand in hand with good service. Your cleaner should be honest, turn up on time, and meet all agreed duties. A reliable cleaner will not cause stress about missed tasks or late arrivals.

Affordable Part Time Home Cleaners in Singapore

Discover some of the most cost-effective cleaning services in Singapore that won’t break your budget but still deliver exceptional results. Read more to find out about these affordable gems that make maintaining a clean home or office easy and stress-free.

a. Sureclean

Sureclean genuinely delivers on professional cleaning services. They’re not just partaking in the industry, they’re dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction through their “Sureclean Happiness Guarantee”. Their cleaning professionals are not merely there to finish the task; they aim to offer exceptional service that leaves you with a smile.

We’re not bragging, but Sureclean has a ton of 5-star reviews on social media that speak volumes about our dedication to excellence. They genuinely believe that your satisfaction is the key to their success, and Sureclean is not one to cut corners. They’ll go above and beyond to ensure that every nook and cranny of your space is spick and span, just the way you like it.

At Sureclean, they’re not just about cleaning; they’re about creating a Sureclean Experience that you won’t forget. So, let them take care of the dirt while you enjoy the sparkle!

b. SendHelper

SendHelper is a top choice for home services in Singapore. It is an online place where you can find verified workers for your home. They do jobs like cleaning, cooking, laundry and more.

Safety of customers comes first for SendHelper. People have made over 200,000 service requests to them in the last five years! The best part? Their workers often get a full score from customers on service quality.

c. Urban Company

Urban Company gives great cleaning services for your home in Singapore. They have top-class part-time maids. All of them know their work well. Also, they do not cost much money.

This company is loved by many people in Singapore. Most users give it high marks – 4.82 out of 5! That means the service makes lots of people happy. And that’s not all! At Urban Company, you can also get other cool things done like mani-pedi and aircon fixes at good rates.

d. Whissh

Whissh is a top choice for affordable cleaning services in Singapore. They have a team of pros who are ready to make your home or office shine like new. You can get help from Whissh if you need both home and office cleaning work done.

This way, they give more than just tidy spaces: they offer peaceful minds too. Whissh’s services cover all parts that lead to a clean space!

Additional Services Offered by Cleaning Companies

From home organisation to pet clean-up, laundry services and even window cleaning, professional cleaning companies in Singapore offer a myriad of additional services. Don’t miss out on these exclusive benefits – delve deeper into this section now!

1. Home organization

Home organization is a great way to keep your house tidy. Many cleaning services in Singapore now offer help with this task. They will sort out items, put them away and arrange spaces for you.

This can make it easier to clean your home in the future. You feel much better when your things are neat and easy to find. With good prices at under $25 per hour, anyone can enjoy these benefits without spending too much money.

2. Pet clean-up

Pets can get dirty. Cleaning companies in Singapore help with this too! They make sure your pets look nice and clean. These services include giving them a bath, drying their fur, cleaning their ears, and cutting their nails. This keeps pets looking good.

These pet clean-up tasks come with regular house cleaning work. So while your home gets cleaned up, so does your pet! It is all about making life easier for you and keeping your pet happy.

3. Laundry services

Laundry services in Singapore offer great help. You can give them clothes or curtains and they will clean them well. They handle items like suits, towels, dresses and more. It is not costly as well.

For 1500 bucks you get one full bag of laundry cleaned. This equals two big packs of laundry! A lot of people in Singapore choose to use these services because it saves time and money.

4. Window cleaning

Window cleaning takes a lot of time. But there are people who can help. By hiring a pro, you won’t have to worry about it. They can spot things that need fixing, like broken windows or bad seals.

Plus, they also offer deep cleaning if you want more than just the surface cleaned. This service might cost extra, but it will make your windows look their best!

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home

Regular house cleaning and decluttering is key to keeping a neat home, so discard or donate items you no longer need. Embrace daily cleaning routines such as sweeping high-traffic areas and doing dishes immediately after meals.

Make time for weekly deep cleans, tackling different rooms each time for efficient results. In cases where maintaining it all becomes overwhelming, remember that professional cleaning services are just a call away – affordable options are plentiful in Singapore!

part time home cleaners, part-time cleaner

Tip 1. Regular decluttering

Clearing out things you don’t use often makes your home or office tidy. Decluttering makes the place look neat and easier to clean. It is a good way to free up space in your home or office in Singapore.

Sureclean helps with this task. They offer services that clear away stuff not needed in homes and offices. With them, keeping spaces tidy is simple and stress-free.

Tip 2. Daily cleaning routines

Every day in Singapore, people do simple cleaning tasks. These tasks include wiping tables and chairs and doing the dishes. Sweeping the floors is also done every day. Doing these daily tasks helps keep a home clean all the time. It brings comfort and joy to live in a tidy house.

Tip 3. Weekly deep cleaning

Weekly deep cleaning keeps your home shiny and new. It involves scrubbing all corners of your house. You tackle areas which you usually miss in daily cleans. Not everyone has time to do this every week though! This is where part-time cleaners come in handy.

They can do jobs like dusting, mopping, and wiping down surfaces for you. They help keep your space neat and clean so you don’t need to worry after a long day at work or school! Plus, it’s not too costly either – services may start from $18 per hour!

Tip 4. Hiring professional cleaning services

Getting a professional cleaning service can make your life easier. Professional cleaners know how to do deep cleans and spotless cleanings. They use tools that work well for their jobs.

You can book them whenever you need them. They will be there at the right time based on what works best for your own schedule. It also keeps things look good all the time in your house or office space. The rates are fair, going as low as 25 SGD per hour for top-tier services!


In Singapore, getting a part-time cleaner is easy and cheap. With rates from $25 per hour, you can get your home clean in no time. No need to stress about cleaning anymore! Leave it to the experts and enjoy your free time.

For a hassle-free booking of affordable weekly general part time cleaners, contact Sureclean now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to find a part-time cleaner in Singapore?

Yes, if you’re looking for a part-time cleaner or house cleaning service in Singapore, there are plenty of options that can be booked for few hours.

What do Part Time Cleaning Services offer in Singapore?

Part time cleaning services in Singapore provide both offices and houses with quality

cleaning every time, whether regularly like weekly cleaning or as per need basis.

Are there different rates for the Part Time Cleaning Service for HDB Flat?

Yes, different companies have their own sets of part-time house cleaning rates which may also depend on specific requirements and size of the space.

Can I get a helper who does more than just clean?

Indeed! In addition to offering standard cleaning packages, some services also offer part-time helpers who are competent cleaners and handle various jobs around the home.

Do they offer any kind special rates or packages?

Many services have customized pricing plans including standard cleaning package , usually accounting factors such as frequency (monthly/weekly) or type of property (condos/studios).

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