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Sureclean Dishclean Antibacterial Dishwash 5 Litres

Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid

Sureclean’s Dishwashing liquid isSuper Degreasing withadvanced formula, natural and safety cleansing ingredients that will leave your dishes sparkling clean while beinggentle to your hands!

Safe, effective, yet gentle on hands. Used and trused by preschools all over Singapore 

  • Gentle on your hands
  • Super Degreaser
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What is it?
Ever wondered how to disinfect and make your dishes shine at the same time? DishClean not only makes your dishes shiny, it makes them surely clean by eliminating all bacteria and viruses. It smells of fresh lemon too.
DishClean comes in the form of 5 litre bottles and in 2 types of concentration. DishClean Ready-To-Use can be used directly off the bottle while DishClean 1:200 required mixing with water in the ratio of 1:200.
Area of Application
Used for washing and sanitizing dishes
Packaging Information
5Litre Refill Bottle, 500ml Pump Bottle


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