Sureclean Surfaceclean Anti-bacterial Floor Cleaner 5 Litre

Antibacterial Floor cleaner

Kills up to 99% harmful bacteria and captures grease and leaves household surface bright. 2 in 1 formula disinfects and removes dirt with 24 hours long lasting freshness. Can be used on marble, tiles, parquet, terazzo, cement as well as countertops, cupboard interiors, tabletops, toilet bowls and linoleum. Used and trusted by preschools all over Singapore.

  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria
  • Super Degreaser
  • Antibacterial last for 24 hours


What is it?
Your best friend in floor cleaning, smiles awesome and it will provide a 24 hours anti-bacterial protection on all the surfaces its applied on. No more oily and sticky feeling on your feet.
SurfaceClean comes in the form of 5 litre bottles and has a dilution ratio of 1:250. Dilute SurfaceClean into a pail of water in the ratio 1:250 (About 2 – 3 caps for normal size pail) and wipe it onto surfaces that require cleaning.
Area of Application
Used for surfaces such as counter tops, bath tubs, sinks, floors and walls
Packaging Information
5Litre Refill Bottle


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