Spring Cleaning Checklist: 4 Spots You Can’t Totally Ignore!

Spots You Can t Totally Ignore In Your Spring Cleaning Checklist
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The spring cleaning season has arrived, and you might be looking for the motivation to start. Whether your home needs a thorough cleanup, or you simply want to get rid of clutter, the time has come to pay attention to those dusty corners and dust bunnies. Here is the spring cleaning checklist you’ve been waiting for! Keep reading for more details!

Step-by-Step Spring Cleaning Checklist

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A. Living Room

Step 1: Declutter

Clear out everything that you don’t need and give away or recycle any items that are still usable. This includes things like old magazines, newspapers, and books. More importantly, it includes things like old clothes and toys; it’s time to make some space! Let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy or make living in your home more comfortable.

Step 2: Wash or dry-clean upholstery

If the upholstery is washable, you can wash it in your own machine. Dry-cleanable upholstery should be taken to a professional dry cleaner.

Step 3: Shampoo or steam-clean the carpets

You’ll want to shampoo or steam-clean your carpets to get rid of any grit left behind by the vacuum. The heat opens up the fibers and allows for deep cleaning of those dirty spots that were missed by the vacuum.

Step 4: Wipe down all hard surfaces

You should also clean inside your cabinets and drawers if you have them. This will help you make sure that everything is organized and easy to find when you need it. Then, be sure to wipe down any hard-surface furniture in your living room as well, including tables, couches, and chairs, and give them all a good vacuuming too!

Step 5: Clean your ceiling fan

Clean the blades by using vacuum attachments to reach the blades. Clean also the fan housing, including all visible components and any openings that might be found in it, such as slots for wires and screws. Next, don’t forget the motor of your ceiling fan if you can easily remove it from its housing.

Step 6: Clean and dust electronics

The next step in your spring cleaning checklist is to clean and dust your electronics. The first thing you’ll want to do is unplug the device from its power source, then turn it over and remove any screws that are holding it together. Once that’s done, wipe away dirt and grime. Make sure not to get too wet, you don’t want water seeping into any openings where liquid could damage internal components!

B. Kitchen

spring cleaning,checklist
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Step 1: Fridge

Remove all food and containers from the fridge, then wipe out any residual gunk. Wipe down all shelves, drawers, and bins. If you have time to spare (or if you’re feeling particularly thorough), use an ammonia-free cleanser on these surfaces as well!

Vacuum or dust off also the condenser coils under the refrigerator’s back panel. This will help prevent mold buildup over time while also allowing airflow through more easily once they’re cleaned again later on too.

Step 2: Pantry

The next step on your spring cleaning checklist is to remove all of the food from your pantry. You can do this either by emptying it out into large plastic bins or by placing each item in a bag and labeling it with what foods are inside. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to scrub down the shelves and bins where they were stored. Make sure you get any crumbs or dirt that may have accumulated over time off of them so they don’t end up on your clean dishes later!

Step 3: Oven

Now it’s time to clean the oven. Start with the exterior of the appliance, then remove any debris that may have stuck to the bottom of your oven. Next, move inside and remove anything stored there (like leftover containers) before cleaning out any residue on the racks and broiler pan. Don’t forget to clean around door seals as well! If you have an electric stovetop, make sure to clean the burners before cooking dinner tonight.

Step 4: Countertops and backsplash

Sweep or vacuum the crumbs off your countertops and backsplash, and wipe them down. Clean out your sink until all food particles are removed from your drain holes, which are often clogged by debris that falls through as you wash dishes. Take this opportunity also to clean up any spills on your faucet or stovetop!

Step 5: Sink

The sink is the last thing to get cleaned up, and it’s a good idea to tackle it after you’ve finished washing dishes. First, wash the sink out to loosen any gunk that may have built up. If cleaning your faucet seems like too much work, just wipe it down with some disinfectant spray.

You can also use this opportunity to clean out your garbage disposal by pouring in some ice cubes and letting them melt inside the disposal until they form a slushy mush (this should help clear out any buildup).

C. Bedroom

Step 1: Sheets, duvet, and throw pillows.

First on your bedroom spring cleaning checklist is to wash the sheets, duvets, and pillows. If you have a washing machine and dryer, it’s best to put all your bedding through the washer with an anti-bacterial detergent.

After washing them, make sure that they are completely dry before returning them back into their pillowcases or putting them away again in storage boxes or drawers so they don’t get musty during storage time!

Step 2: Clean the mattress.

To clean the mattress, use a vacuum with a hose attachment and wipe down the mattress with a cloth. To remove dust from the mattress, dampen your cloth and wipe it over the surface of your bedding. For thorough cleaning, use a vacuum with a crevice tool attachment to get into all those little nooks and crannies.

Step 3: Get rid of dust bunnies.

Dust bunnies are the results of dust, hair, and dirt that are left on your floors. The best way to get rid of dust bunnies is by using a vacuum with a hose attachment. The hose attachment will allow you to get into the nooks and crannies, especially where dust bunnies like to hide!

Dusting off your bedroom furniture once or twice a year will keep it looking new for years to come, so don’t neglect this step! Grab all those cleaning supplies that sit in the closet and clean out your closets too (if you have them).

Step 4: Under the bed, inside drawers, and behind doors.

Dust and vacuum the space under your bed. Pull out all of your blankets, sheets, pillows, and mattress pads and wash them in hot water if they can tolerate it. Don’t forget to clean off any furniture or toys that are in there as well!

Next on your spring cleaning checklist, clean out those cabinets! Sometimes we store things there that just don’t belong in our bedrooms, like old receipts. Once everything has been removed from these spaces, make sure they are completely empty before returning them to their original locations to avoid dust accumulation later on.

Step 5: Remove and clean the area rugs.

Take your rug out of the room so you can vacuum underneath it. Make sure that you clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, which is much easier than using a broom.

Wash the area rug in your washing machine with laundry detergent and warm water. You may have to rinse it several times before all of the soap residues are washed away.

Step 6: Vacuum and wipe down all surfaces.

You might want to consider using a steam mop on your hardwood floors or tile floors in lieu of vacuuming if they’re particularly dirty. This will help remove dirt from between crevices and under furniture legs that vacuums usually can’t reach.

Step 7: Dust light fixtures and fans and wash window treatments.

Dust the fan blades to remove any build-up of dust or debris, then wipe down the exterior of the fan. If you have curtains or blinds in any of your windows, it’s worth taking them outside to get rid of dust and allergens that might be lingering on them from last season!

Step 8: Take down curtains for cleaning.

This is a step you can do before your last load of laundry, as you won’t need to hang them back up until everything else is clean and dry.

When taking down your curtains, be sure to remove the curtain rods so they’re not in the way while they’re being cleaned. You can store them in another room if necessary. Once you’ve taken down the curtains, scrub away any dirt or stains on their material before washing them.

D. Bathroom

Step 1. Scrub the tub and shower

These areas can collect mold and mildew if they’re not cleaned regularly, so make sure you scrub them down every once in a while (you should do this about once a month).

Step 2. Clean the toilet

All you need to do is wipe down any visible dirt or stains. Clean the outside of your toilet bowl by cleaning off mineral deposits (hardened minerals from hot showers will collect over time) that can accumulate around its base.

While you’re at it though don’t forget about cleaning up inside because dirty pipes mean smelly bathrooms too!

Step 3. Clean the sink, vanity, and mirror

Wipe down both sides of the mirror with glass cleaner, being careful not to get any of it on either side of the mirror itself (this could cause it to crack).

Step 4. Mop the floor

It is important to mop the floor, especially if you have pets or kids. Mopping can help prevent mold growth in places where there is moisture (like around the toilet). However, keep in mind that using too much force while doing so may cause some tiles or wooden parts at baseboards to be damaged due to excessive pressure which could lead to cracks appearing later down the road!

Step 5. Refresh the bath mat and towels

If you have hardwood floors or tile in your bathroom, it’s especially important to have some sort of towel rack or hook so that towels do not touch the floor when hung up to dry. It is recommended that towels be washed every other week if they are used daily. However, if they aren’t being used regularly then twice per month should suffice just fine!

Best Step To Avoid Spring Cleaning Mistakes

Hiring Professional To Do Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here, and there’s no better time to get your house looking like an interior design magazine cover. But as we all know, spring cleaning is a task that’s best left to professionals. Hiring a professional cleaner to help you with this process can be a great way to ensure that your spring cleaning checklist gets done efficiently and effectively.

If you’re looking for an easier way to get your home in tip-top shape, consider hiring SURECLEAN! They’ll come in and make sure that every inch of your home is clean and organized so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore, and they’ll do it in as little time as possible!

And when they’re done? You’ll have an entire list of things crossed off your list. A spring cleaning checklist that includes cleaning out your closet, scrubbing down your kitchen cabinets, and sweeping out your attic. It’s like having a personal assistant who doesn’t charge as much as one!

There is still time to hire a professional cleaning company for spring cleaning! SURECLEAN can fit your schedule and budget, plus they use eco-friendly products. Contact them today to discuss details. Just give them a ring using the numbers below!

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