5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Apartments: Tricks To Make Your Home Ready For Holidays!

Spring Cleaning Tips For Apartments Getting Your Apartment Ready For Holidays 1000x
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With the changing of the seasons, periods transition and everything subject to time undergoes an alteration. This definitely includes our personal living spaces, which continuously evolve with the addition of new belongings and displacement of the old. However, one particular tradition remains inherently connected to the arrival of spring, entrenched in the collective consciousness of many – the ritual of spring cleaning.

As consistent as the tradition of spring cleaning is, it can be quite a daunting task, especially for people who are new to living in apartments. Fortunately, we will tackle everything about the topic in this article, so continue reading to find out some spring cleaning tips for apartments!

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Why Spring Cleaning Is Essential For Any Apartment Affected By The Season

>>It makes sure your apartment has clean air

As pretty as spring may seem, it is quite notorious for carrying all sorts of allergies and illnesses caused by the sudden change of air and the accumulation of dust. Spring cleaning ensures that your apartment is free from dirt and dust which can cause your immune system to become compromised, thus exposing you to diseases. Cleaning is pretty much another way of maintaining the cleanliness of the air inside your apartment. 

>>It makes your apartment presentable and worth visiting

Since you may have some guests over for certain events in spring, it is also convenient to make your apartment as presentable as possible. Fortunately, spring cleaning happens to roll around the same time as your guests’ visits will, which makes it all the more convenient for you to kickstart the season with some spring cleaning.

>>It can improve your overall well-being

Seeing your personal space organized and knowing that it has a clean airflow can greatly improve both your physical and mental health. Having a sense of novelty, seeing how your apartment has been decluttered and sanitized, and the association with the brand-new season can all bring some magic to your spring cleaning. 

All of these factors will not only bring you a sense of tranquility and accomplishment but also prepares you for a new start similar to how the flora blooms after being trapped in coldness for so long. 

Spring Cleaning Tips For Apartments: What Should I Clean First?

To make the most of your time while spring cleaning, stretching out a concrete plan can be time-saving as you already know what actions to take. Here are some things that should be prioritized in your plan before taking part in the cleaning itself:

Step 1: Start with your stored items

Some apartments have a storage room, some have large closets and some even have massive storage units like chests or small attics. Regardless of the type of apartment you have, one sure thing is that it will have one area where most of your items will be stored. 

Since the stored items may have not been organized throughout the year, you should consider throwing away unused things and storing usable items in order to save some space and declutter. Doing this first frees up a lot of space for you to comfortably clean the rest of the areas of your apartment. 

Step 2: Clean hard-to-reach areas first

After reorganizing your stored items, you should prioritize hard-to-reach areas first. Why? Because these areas are most likely forgotten during your regular cleaning sessions throughout the year (most notably because they are hard to reach after all). 

These areas would include storage rooms, the backs of fridges and closets, underneath heavy furniture, and corners that are covered with miscellaneous items. You should spend your energy on more difficult tasks while you still have higher energy levels to make sure you can reserve your lower levels for more simple and mundane tasks. 

Step 3: Tidy up both interiors and exteriors

It’s quite easy to forget that the exterior part of your apartment is still technically part of your residence. Unless it’s someone else’s responsibility to clean up the exterior parts of your apartment, you should take initiative and tidy up some neglected areas. The corners of the door, underneath the carpet, and some parts of the windows may require some attention especially if you don’t usually pay close attention to their details. 

Step 4: Don’t forget your appliances and furniture

Your appliances and your furniture can be quite challenging to clean especially if they have been unmoved for quite some time. If you try to move them now, chances are you will see some dust and stains below or behind their initial placements. The interior parts of your appliances and furniture should also be checked such as the insides of your oven, the deeper parts of your closet, and the wires of your electronics that may have formed a  jungle by now. 

You should also consider some other miscellaneous locations such as the area below your sink which may have accumulated mold from excess moisture, your medicine cabinet, and mirrors around your house which may have been blurred out by the humidity. 

Step 5: Reorganize and replace if necessary

The final step should be getting everything back to normal after the cleaning process, or at least if you prefer it to be that way. If not, then you can take this opportunity to change your apartment a little by reorganizing or even replacing some items, furniture, or appliances. Doing this can bring some sense of novelty and change to the start of a new season, which also happens to be a season of rebirth and flourishment, making it fitting for the occasion. 

Spring Cleaning Tips For Apartments For Those Who Don’t Want To Get Worn Out

Below are some tips for spring cleaning without getting too exhausted:

>>Clean one room at a time

It is quite challenging to clean a whole apartment in one cleaning session especially if you have a fixed busy schedule for spring. Some areas of an apartment can also be quite spacious and require a lot of time to clean. As such, it is recommended that you just clean one room at a time and take certain breaks or pauses in between each room to not wear yourself out. 

>>You can take it day by day

If a few minutes or hours of pauses are not enough to fit your busy schedule (and without being worn out), then consider taking the cleaning process day by day. In fact, some spring cleaning plans often involve distributing the cleaning checklist in several days but not exceeding a week. 

As such, you should plan accordingly and consider cleaning one area of your house a day. It is highly recommended that you clean the hardest areas first as we previously mentioned to manage your energy for the days ahead. 

>>Make sure your cleaning supplies are adequate and functioning

Imagine this: you just started cleaning and you are just in the first room that you have to vacuum and reorganize. But suddenly, your old and trusty vacuum stops in the middle of cleaning. You already canceled your plans for the whole day to try to unwind and just clean your apartment but instead, you have to go to the nearest appliance store to buy a new vacuum.

To make sure you don’t become a victim of this scenario, make sure your cleaning supplies and tools are in good condition before cleaning. This ensures that you are actually capable of spring cleaning and can do so freely without any other interruptions. 

>>Turn on the music

Music is considered by a lot of people as a means to motivate them in productive activities such as studying, exercising, and, of course, cleaning. So if you want to groove to your favorite tunes while cleaning, then don’t hesitate to turn on your speakers! Doing this ensures that you can enjoy the cleaning process and see it as a form of recreation and productivity as opposed to seeing it as a chore.

>>Ask for professional help

If you want to clean your apartment with a few clicks and a quick phone call, then don’t hesitate to ask for professional help from cleaners! Hiring professional cleaners ensures that your apartment can get the quality service it deserves while saving you a lot of time and energy that you can use for other activities instead. 

Is It Worth It To Let A Cleaning Company Do Your Apartment’s Spring Cleaning Checklist?

The quick answer is YES.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Apartments: What can you expect from a cleaning company?

Hiring a professional cleaning company, like SURECLEAN, means you don’t have to spend hours on end scrubbing and sweeping. You can use that time to do something more enjoyable, like cleaning out your old closet or catching up on the latest season of your favorite movie.

You also don’t have to worry about finding the right products to use or whether they’re safe for your furniture or pets (or people). A professional housekeeping/cleaning company will make sure everything on your apartment’s spring cleaning checklist is done correctly.

Plus, if you have pets or children in the house who might not be able to keep their paws away from certain areas (like the kitchen table), having someone else do this task will save both time and money in the long run!

Final Words

Spring cleaning is always a nice tradition that is often overshadowed by the spirit of the season itself. As such, if you want to fully enjoy the essence of the new season, consider following our tips or even letting the professionals (SURECLEAN) do the job so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones instead!

So what are you waiting for? Contact the numbers posted below today and get started on a cleaner apartment than ever before!

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