The Cleaning Checklist You Need (3 Awesome Ways To Do It!)

The Cleaning Checklist You Need The Awesome Ways ae870966 2a04 4b7d 92a6 2201cc574f7f 1000x
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If your house looks old and disorganized due to the accumulation of grime and dirt, don’t worry! We’ve prepared an easy-to-follow cleaning manual just for you. It comprises all essential tasks needed to attain a flawlessly tidy living area.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Cleaning Checklist 1: Planning

A. Decide where to start your cleaning

One of the most important things in your cleaning checklist that you must consider is where to start.

  • Top to bottom. Dust is attracted to the highest surfaces, so it’s a good idea to clean these areas first. If you can’t reach the top or back of an item and have to use a ladder, make sure it’s steady before you climb up there. Also, don’t forget that your vacuum has attachments, so use them!
  • Bottom to top. The dust will settle at the lowest point in your home after being stirred up by foot traffic and other activities throughout the day (however, this usually happens more than once during a cleaning session). So if you want to keep things nice and tidy without having to constantly dust off shelves and tables, do them last on your list of things to clean.

Cleaning Checklist 2: The Task

A. Declutter.

Decluttering, not only makes your space more organized but also keeps you sane. It’s so easy to accumulate stuff over time, but once you start organizing and decluttering, it becomes easier and easier to do. Once you start seeing progress and the space looks cleaner, it becomes a habit that you want to repeat often.

B. Regularly eliminate dust.

To stay healthy and dust-free, you need to regularly clean your home. Dust is a major cause of allergies, respiratory problems, and asthma. So if you want to protect yourself and your family, don’t let your house be covered with dust!

C. Don’t forget to clean high-traffic areas.

The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are the high-traffic areas of most homes. These spaces are where people spend a lot of time, so they’re prone to accumulating dust and dirt. You can keep these areas clean by sweeping or vacuuming every few days, but don’t forget to give them a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth or duster once or twice per week.

D. Empty the vacuum regularly.

When you vacuum, don’t forget to empty the dust bag. If you don’t get all of those dirt particles out of your vacuum, they can attract more dust and lead to a build-up. This will make it harder for your vacuum to clean effectively and may result in dirtier carpets than before.

Also, remember to clean the filter regularly! You should check it at least once a month or more if you have pets or allergies. A dirty filter can block airflow and destroy suction power, so keep an eye on this area!

Cleaning Checklist 3: Maintenance

A. Cleaning Checklist Alternative

If you’re a busy person and don’t have time to do most of the things listed above, then it’s time to call for help! Professional housekeeping and cleaning services will make your home more comfortable by getting rid of dust and other things you don’t want there. To help you with this, check out our services by clicking here!


This cleaning checklist is a great reference for anyone who wants to have a sparkling house. But if you’re a person who spends only a few minutes a day cleaning, you can leave the job to a professional housekeeping company like SURECLEAN!

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