Top 7 Home Massage Services in Singapore for Blissful Relaxation 2023

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In the bustling city of Singapore, the strain of routine tasks and work-related stress can affect your overall health. As such, setting aside time for rest and renewal is important. What could be more enjoyable than enjoying a soothing, at-home massage? Singapore boasts an array of high-quality home massage services. Skilled therapists bring their specialization straight to your doorstep, allowing you to unwind without stepping out of your home.

In this article, we will explore the top seven home massage services in Singapore, each offering a unique and blissful experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world. From traditional therapies to innovative techniques, these home massage services are guaranteed to transport you to a state of pure tranquility.

Key Consideration Factors

At Sureclean, we understand the importance of providing our readers with accurate and reliable information. That’s why we take our selection process seriously when it comes to identifying the best companies in a particular field. One of the key considerations we take into account when creating our list is Google and Facebook ratings. By evaluating the feedback from real customers, we can ensure that our readers have access to trustworthy and unbiased reviews. These ratings give us insight into the overall satisfaction of a company’s customers, as well as the quality of their services.

Best Home Massage Singapore

SG Soul Massage

best home massage in singapore
SG Soul Massage (Best Home Massage Singapore)

Soul Massage takes pride in offering the best massage in town! Their outcall massage services cater to your specific needs, providing a wide range of options, from invigorating full-body massages to the soothing touch of traditional oil massages.

Their highly skilled masseuses are well-versed in various massaging techniques from different nations, specializing in renowned practices such as Thai and Balinese massages. So, let go of your everyday worries and immerse yourself in the rejuvenating and therapeutic effects of their massages. Experience it once, and you’ll be captivated by its relaxing and healing benefits!

>>Company details

Address321 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238836
Contact65 8695 3378
Operating hoursDaily 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

>>What we like about it

  • Expert masseuses trained in diverse techniques.
  • Wide range of outcall massage services.
  • Specialization in Thai and Balinese massages


Gina is very experienced in providing massages and has a very welcoming attitude. My experience with her has been pleasant so far and has went back to her multiple times to remove my bodyaches. She is patient and always greet you with a wide smile. -Tan (Google Review)

Aleyda Mobile Spa

best home massage in singapore
Aleyda Mobile Spa (Best Home Massage Singapore)

Aleyda Mobile Spa is dedicated to inspiring a world without pain. They understand that everyone experiences physical discomfort at some point in their lives. That’s why they have made it their mission to alleviate the burden of pain through therapeutic treatments and education. Their team of skilled professionals is committed to helping people feel whole again, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest. Since its establishment in 2010, they have been providing healing and rejuvenating experiences through massage therapy.

They recognize that it can be challenging to find the time and energy to seek treatment when you’re feeling pained, drained, or strained. That’s why they bring their services directly to you. With Aleyda Mobile Spa, you can confidently enjoy personalized home massages, corporate spa services, or even host group spa parties. They believe that by lifting the weight of physical pain, they contribute to making the world a better place.

>>Company details

Address81 Ubi Avenue 4 #08-13 UB.ONE, Singapore 408830
Contact65 6604 7567
Operating hoursDaily 2:00 PM – 12:00 AM

>>What we like about it

  • Convenient mobile spa services
  • Ability to cater to group spa parties
  • Focus on therapeutic treatments and education


My experience with Aleyda was very pleasant as they were quick to response, making an appointment with them was quick and easy. Special thanks to therapist, Veron, for being punctual and professional. The massage aids with my neck and shoulder pain. Feels extremely good after the massage. Would definitely recommend this service to my friends and family. -Elicia (Google Review)

Massage On The Go

best home massage in singapore
Massage On The Go (Best Home Massage Singapore)

Massage on the Go (MOG), established in 2013, has always aimed to redefine customer expectations and revolutionize the spa industry. Their mission is to challenge the status quo and provide spa services right at your doorstep. At MOG, they focus on two key aspects: internal and external. Internally, they prioritize employing mature workers and individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, offering them a chance to develop employable skills and earn a decent living with flexible working hours.

Externally, MOG offers a wide range of home and office massage services delivered by their trained therapists and manicurists, ensuring maximum comfort for their clients. Whether it’s foot reflexology, neck and shoulder massages, hand reflexology, good sleep massages, Swedish massages, shiatsu massages, manicures, pedicures, or foot treatments, they have something for everyone.

Their services cater to a variety of occasions, including family bonding, celebrations, birthday parties, and baby showers, providing a fun and relaxing experience right at home. Additionally, they have designed wellness workshops, such as soap making, self-remedies massage, and even laughing yoga, to foster bonding experiences for corporate teams.

>>Company details

Address10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903
Contact65 8292 4581
Operating hoursDaily 10AM – 10PM

>>What we like about it

  • Range of home and office massage services.
  • Additional services like manicures, pedicures, and foot treatments.
  • Fun and relaxing experiences for individuals and corporate events.


Excellent service and amazing masseuse! Creating the spa experience in my home! Definitely sleeping well tonight! -Elaine (Google Review)

The Outcall Spa

best home massage in singapore
The Outcall Spa (Best Home Massage Singapore)

At The Outcall Spa, their mission is to bring the spa experience to every home in Singapore and Asia. As the leading professional outcall spa in Singapore, they have achieved unprecedented success since their establishment in 2016. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service is made possible by their team of certified therapists who are committed to providing the best experience for their customers. They understand that convenience is paramount, which is why they have eliminated the need for travel arrangements and appointment worries.

With their islandwide services, their therapists can reach you within an hour, ensuring immediate availability. They also offer extended operation hours until 1 am on weekdays and 2 am on weekends, allowing you to indulge in a spa session at your preferred time. With their experienced and certified therapists, you can expect a fully immersive spa experience tailored to your preferences, including a wide selection of aromatherapy massage oils. They bring the complete spa experience to your doorstep, providing all the necessary equipment and even fresh ginger tea to enhance your relaxation.

At The Outcall Spa, there are no hidden charges as their prices are inclusive of travel, transportation, and everything needed for your massage. Booking your preferred treatment is easy, whether it’s a massage, manicure, pedicure, or lash service, and you can conveniently select your desired date and time.

>>Company details

Address18 Kaki Bukit Rd 3, Singapore 415978
Contact65 8782 0561
Operating hoursTuesday to Sunday 10AM – 1AM

>>What we like about it

  • Immediately available services within an hour
  • Experienced and certified therapists in their respective fields
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden charges


The entire experience was so comfortable and relaxing! Eunice, the nail beautician, came well-prepared with plenty of nail polish colours and stickers to choose from. She was also receptive to my choice of nail art and even gave some suggestions on how to make it look better! The entire mani-pedi session took about 2 hours, which even included a foot spa and scrub! Can’t wait to book another session! It was such a nice treat, especially for busy professionals / young parents with kids. -Evangeline (Google Review)

Postnatal Massage Singapore Pte Ltd

best home massage in singapore
Postnatal Massage Singapore (Best Home Massage Singapore)

Prenatal and postnatal massages, such as those offered by PNSG, are crucial for soothing and supporting women throughout motherhood. With a comprehensive range of authentic Javanese massages, PNSG aims to relieve pregnancy discomforts, facilitate postnatal recovery, and aid in weight loss.

The company’s dedication to authentic care is evident in its use of genuine products with soothing properties that are safe for both mothers and newborns. PNSG ensures that clients are always in the capable hands of certified therapists who provide complete therapy, including traditional Javanese prenatal massages, postnatal massages, and slimming therapy. These well-suited massages are tailored to individual needs, with continuous attention to the body’s condition for enhanced effectiveness.

PNSG’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further exemplified by their guaranteed therapist arrival, free replacement if needed, and even free baby massage tutorials. By offering these specialized massages, PNSG empowers mothers to take charge of their bodies and experience the benefits of relaxation and slimming therapies.

>>Company details

Address7 Gambas Cres, #09-10 Ark@Gambas, Singapore 757087
Contact65 6417 9690
Operating hoursDaily 9AM – 6PM

>>What we like about it

  • Relieves pregnancy discomforts.
  • Free replacement of therapist if required.
  • Free baby massage tutorial.


Signed up 13 sessions postnatal massage package and had a great experience with my therapist, Julia (M122). She is very experienced and knowledgeable, and is tactful and cautious with my c-sect wound. Her massage session and binding skill are very good. She constantly checked with me to make sure I am comfortable with the strength and goes the extra mile to work on my muscle knots. Julia is also very polite and very friendly. I am very satisfied with the service she provided. -Frida (Google Review)

House of Balinese Traditional Massage

best home massage in singapore
House of Balinese Traditional Massage (Best Home Massage Singapore)

Founded in 2005, House of Balinese has established itself as a haven of serenity, dedicated to providing an authentic Balinese spa experience that nourishes the soul and uplifts the senses. Nestled within the bustling city, their sanctuary offers a respite from the pressures of modern life, allowing you to go on a transformative journey of rejuvenation and revitalization. At House of Balinese, they strive to honor the ancient healing traditions of Bali, bringing their wisdom and profound impact to the cosmopolitan landscape of Singapore.

Their team of skilled and certified therapists has mastered the art of Balinese massage techniques, incorporating age-old herbal remedies and the power of touch to dissolve stress, melt away tension, and restore harmony to the body. But their commitment to your well-being goes beyond the treatments themselves.

They understand that true relaxation requires a tranquil mind and a contented spirit. Thus, they invite you to surrender yourself to the moment, bask in the serenity, and let go of any worries or distractions. Step into their sanctuary, immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance and allow the magic of Bali to embrace you in the heart of Singapore.

>>Company details

Address7 Thong Soon Ave, Springleaf Garden, Singapore 787434
Contact65 6456 7596
Operating hoursMonday to Friday 12PM – 10:30PM
Saturday and Sunday 10:30AM – 10:30PM

>>What we like about it

  • Tranquil oasis in the city
  • Authentic Balinese spa experience
  • Focus on stress alleviation and tension release


My massage therapist was Ms Dee she knew where my stiffness and sore back was and focus on that area. Her massage was on point. She always check on my comfort level and is gentle. Had an hour facial and an hour body massage. Will definitely come again. Feel so relax! Love love the aromatherapy and the soothing music. Highly recommend to get ur massage here! -Siti (Google Review)

Babies Bellies

best home massage in singapore
Babies Bellies (Best Home Massage Singapore)

Babies-Bellies has become the talk of the town due to its exceptional CARE approach: Credibility, Affordability, Reliability, and Empathy. With a specialization in pre and postnatal massage, they offer convenient sessions either at your home or their facility at a reasonable price. With five years of experience, their highly skilled and certified therapists provide standardized treatments using top-quality products.

They prioritize customer feedback and hold regular meetings with therapists to ensure consistent service quality and meet customer expectations. The increasing awareness of the benefits of pre and postnatal massage has attracted customers from various countries, making Babies-Bellies a trusted choice for maternal wellness.

>>Company details

Address10 Sinaran Dr, #04 – 39-44 Square 2, Singapore 307506
Contact65 6356 6623
Operating hoursDaily 10AM – 8PM

>>What we like about it

  • Convenient home or in-house sessions
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing
  • Ongoing refresher training for therapists


Booked the 7 sessions post natal jamu massage with IFFA and she’s amazing. She is attentive to my body needs especially after birth and applies the right pressure for my water retention and body aches. And before every massage, she made sure to ask my preference for the massage oil which is very aromatic compared to other places that I’ve been before. IFFA also does not rush to end the massage on time but made sure the bengkung is neatly and comfortably tied. -Cadence (Google Review)

Benefits of Home Massage Service in Singapore

Home massage services in Singapore offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for individuals seeking relaxation and wellness. Firstly, convenience is a major advantage. With a home massage service, you can skip the hassle of traveling to a spa or wellness center, saving both time and effort. Instead, the therapist comes to your doorstep, allowing you to enjoy a therapeutic massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This convenience is especially beneficial for those with busy schedules, limited mobility, or a preference for personalized settings.

Secondly, home massage services provide a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs. The therapists are skilled professionals who can adapt their techniques and pressure levels to address your individual concerns and preferences. Whether you require deep tissue work to release muscle tension or a gentle, soothing massage to alleviate stress, the therapists can customize the session accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the maximum benefits from the massage, promoting relaxation, pain relief, improved blood circulation, and overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of massage can I expect from a home massage service?

Home massage services in Singapore offer a variety of massage types, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, Thai massage, and more.

What equipment do I need to prepare for a home massage?

You typically don’t need to prepare any equipment as the therapists bring their own massage table, sheets, oils, and other necessary supplies.

How long does a home massage session usually last?

The duration of a home massage session in Singapore can vary, but it commonly ranges from 60 to 90 minutes per session.

Can I request a specific gender for the massage therapist?

Yes, many home massage services offer the option to request a male or female therapist. You can specify your preference when booking the session.

Is it necessary to provide my own towels?

Most home massage services in Singapore provide fresh towels for each session. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm this when booking the service.

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