10 Travel Bloggers Who Will Inspire Your Wanderlust this 2023

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Are you on the hunt for creative stimulation to spark your longing for travel? You’ve arrived at the perfect place! The goal of this blog post is to introduce you to 10 esteemed travel bloggers who will stoke your adventurous spirit and invigorate the dormant wanderer in you. These extraordinary people have journeyed across the world, chronicling breathtaking instances and weaving captivating narratives that will carry you to distant destinations. From the tranquil beaches of exotic paradises to the frosty summits of magnificent mountains, these travel gurus have seen it all and can’t wait to regale you with their stories.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Best Travel Bloggers in Singapore

1. A Girl and a Bald Traveller

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The Bald Guy, a regular Singaporean with an extraordinary dream: to visit Every Single Country in the world. Despite the challenges in his homeland, he refuses to let his wanderlust fade. Working long hours as a banker in the Finance Sector, he faces the daily pressures of numbers and stress. Yet, he remains determined, using his precious 30 days of leave each year to explore over 90 countries.

The Girl, his partner in adventure, understands the allure of luxury but embraces the cost-effective thrill of backpacking. Juggling her office job with fewer days off, she proves that an average Singaporean can also fulfill their travel dreams. They are living proof that traveling the world is possible without quitting their jobs, and they fund their own journeys, defying the notion that travel has to be expensive. Together, they inspire others to pursue their dreams while balancing careers and the pursuit of adventure.

2. Bel Around the World

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Meet Isabel, a digital nomad and dedicated travel blogger hailing from Singapore. With her head perpetually in the clouds, she has embarked on remarkable journeys around the world. Her European adventure spanned 16 countries, and 55 cities, and exposed her to 11 different European languages. Following her time in Europe, she ventured to New Zealand, traversing both the North and South islands while immersing herself in the local culture.

After a fulfilling 6-month Working Holiday experience in New Zealand, she continued her journey in Japan, working remotely for another 8 months. Now back in her home country of Singapore, Isabel is busy planning her next off-the-beaten-path exploration. Through years of independent travel and countless hotel and tour reviews, she has redefined the true essence and purpose of travel, adding her unique perspective to the travel community.

3. 2BearBear

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Tom and Kate, the founders and travel bloggers of 2bearbear.com, established their Singapore Travel Blog in May 2011. Initially serving as a personal journal to document their global adventures, the blog soon expanded beyond their expectations. As their platform grew, numerous exciting opportunities unfolded before them.

Now, with a broader vision in mind, Tom and Kate aspire to become a trusted and comprehensive travel resource, offering valuable insights and information to their readers across the globe.

4. Wanderlex

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As a late-blooming flashpacker hailing from sunny and humid Singapore, the travel blog of Alex reflects his dreams of exploring captivating landscapes and architectural marvels found in travel pictorial books. Initially resigned to the idea of traveling only after retirement due to career priorities, he eventually broke free from the rat race and embarked on transformative journeys. From his first trip to Hong Kong in 2008 to self-planned adventures in Tokyo and explorations across Europe, his love for travel grew exponentially.

The emotional moments experienced at iconic sites ignited his passion for photography, particularly capturing landscapes and unique architecture. With a goal of visiting 50 countries before turning 50, Alex has already surpassed this milestone, now prioritizing experiences over country counts. Through this humble blog, he hopes to inspire others to break free from the constraints of time and explore the world, encouraging readers to embrace the infectious travel bug and embark on their next adventure.

5. Girl Wandernaut

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A twenty-something travel addict hailing from Singapore, the Girl Wandernaut is driven by a relentless passion for exploring new destinations and sharing her experiences and travel tips. Like many others, she has caught the travel bug and is constantly seeking out fresh and exciting places to discover. With an ardent love for mountains, scuba diving, and beaches, she is particularly drawn to these awe-inspiring natural wonders.

From scaling majestic peaks to delving into the depths of the ocean or simply basking on sandy shores, her wanderlust knows no bounds. Through her journey and blog, she aims to inspire others to embark on their own adventures and uncover the incredible beauty the world has to offer.

6. I Wander

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Meet B, a renowned Singapore travel blogger and the driving force behind “I Wander.” With a passion for sharing unique and extraordinary travel experiences, B established this platform to provide fresh ideas and debunk misconceptions about various destinations, including Singapore.

His expertise has earned him recognition from prestigious publications such as The Straits Times, The Business Times, Lonely Planet Magazine Asia, BBC, Huffington Post, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Weekender, Matador Network, SilverKris Magazine, and Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine. Through his insightful content, B continues to inspire and inform fellow adventurers, offering recommendations on activities, accommodations, cuisine, and must-see attractions.

7. Jayndee

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Jan, a passionate creative designer with a focus on fostering relationships and creating social impact, and Daniel, a marketer with experience at prominent tech companies like Tech in Asia, Piktochart, and Intellect, currently operating a content marketing agency, have come together to present a website that encapsulates their deepest passions: food, travel, and faith. Their ultimate aspiration is to journey to every country, indulging in culinary delights while carrying out God’s work.

It would be a true realization of heaven on earth. Thus, they have embarked on documenting their experiences for two reasons: to serve as a constant reminder of the abundant blessings in their lives and to inspire and inform readers, inviting them to share in similar enriching encounters. Through engaging narratives of adventure and captivating photographs, readers can embark on a vicarious travel experience, exploring the world alongside Jan and Daniel.

8. Where’s Janice

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Meet Janice Lim, an adventurous and passionate travel blogger from Singapore. With a love for embracing challenges and seeking out unique experiences, Janice’s travels during her final two years of university, including semester exchanges and graduation trips, served as a profound inspiration to start her travel blog. As she transitioned into her first full-time job, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic prompted Janice to delve into blogging about her past adventures, keeping herself occupied.

Among her most impactful journeys were her first backpacking experience in Vietnam, a memorable road trip in Mongolia, and a camping expedition in California during her university exchange program. These Asian and US escapades have fostered a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a thirst for adventure within Janice, which she eagerly shares with her readers. Through her blog, she offers itineraries, trip ideas, and reflections, all infused with her genuine enthusiasm, while navigating the challenges of balancing a young working adult life.

9. Our Little Smarties

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Founded in 2009, Our Little Smarties began as a heartfelt documentation of the author’s son’s childhood, serving as a virtual time capsule for Edison’s future memories. Evolving from personal to parenting and ultimately settling on family travel, the blog now primarily focuses on exploring new destinations together.

With a commitment to preserving Edison’s privacy, the author reduced personal mentions and redirected the blog’s content to encompass 70% of family travel experiences. However, readers can still find insights on parenting, home decor, beauty, and pro-family topics, alongside genuine reviews comprising the remaining 30% of the blog’s content.

10. Passport Chop

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PassportChop is an engaging travel blog with a focus on creating immersive travel experiences. It offers a treasure trove of captivating content for avid adventurers and curious wanderers alike. From comprehensive destination guides and insightful travel tips to firsthand accounts of thrilling escapades, the blog serves as a reliable companion for those seeking to explore the world.

With a passion for uncovering hidden gems, PassportChop showcases the rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and cuisines that make each destination unique. Whether you’re planning your next vacation or simply seeking inspiration, PassportChop is your passport to a world of unforgettable journeys.

Travel blogs in Singapore gain popularity due to their ability to inspire and ignite wanderlust among readers. Singaporeans are avid travelers, and travel blogs provide them with a platform to discover new destinations, plan their itineraries, and gain valuable insights and recommendations. These blogs showcase stunning photography, personal stories, and detailed travel guides that resonate with the audience, encouraging them to embark on their own adventures.

Additionally, travel blogs in Singapore cater to the specific needs and interests of the local audience. They often highlight travel experiences that are relevant and accessible to Singaporeans, such as budget-friendly options, family-friendly destinations, and recommendations for nearby weekend getaways. By addressing the unique interests and preferences of Singaporeans, these blogs establish a connection with their readers and attract a loyal following, contributing to their popularity in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I read travel blogs?

Travel blogs offer firsthand insights and experiences from real travelers. They provide valuable information about destinations, accommodations, transportation, local culture, food, and attractions, helping readers plan their trips more effectively.

Can travel blogs help me find offbeat and unique travel experiences?

Yes, many travel blogs focus on uncovering hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and alternative experiences that might not be as well-known or featured in traditional travel guides.

Can travel blogs assist solo travelers or specific traveler demographics?

Absolutely! Travel blogs cater to a diverse range of travelers, including solo travelers, families, couples, backpackers, digital nomads, and specific interest groups. They offer tailored advice and recommendations based on different travel styles and preferences.

Are travel blogs limited to written content only?

No, travel blogs often incorporate a mix of written content, photographs, videos, and sometimes even podcasts to provide a more immersive and engaging travel experience for their audience.

Can travel blogs help me plan my itinerary?

Yes, travel blogs typically offer detailed itineraries, suggesting the best attractions, activities, and recommended durations for each destination. They can be a valuable resource for structuring your trip.

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