Ways To Deodorize Room With 7 Easy Steps!

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How To Deodorize Room

Do you know how to deodorize room? A fresh-smelling room makes a comfortable and inviting living area. However, smoking, cooking, and pets can leave your space smelling bad. That’s why you need to know how to deodorize rooms in your home properly. Deodorizing a room is easy and improves its ambiance. 

If you are looking for ways to effectively remove lingering odors in your home, this article is for you! From the tools you can use to the techniques you can employ to deodorize your room, we got it covered!

ways to deodorize room

How To Deodorize Room In 7 Easy Steps

🟦Open Windows

Opening windows can deodorize room easily. Fresh air instantly eliminates odors, improves air quality, and reduces humidity and scents. For proper ventilation, open windows for 10-15 minutes several times daily. However, opening windows in high-pollution or extreme weather zones may be unsafe. 

🟦Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers also deodorize room. Air purifiers remove pollutants, allergies, and odors. They contain HEPA filters that catch tiny particles and activated carbon filters that absorb and neutralize odors. Air purifiers improve air quality and lessen symptoms for allergy and respiratory sufferers. 

🟦Use Baking Soda

Baking soda neutralizes scents rather than masking them, making it ideal for strong odors. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets, upholstery, or garbage cans for several hours, then vacuum or wipe it up to deodorize room. It is also important to note that baking soda is also a natural mold killer. Baking soda is safe for your family and pets, unlike other commercially available mold killers. 

🟦Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal deodorizes naturally and effectively. Due to its porous nature, it absorbs mold spores, germs, and odor-causing substances. Put some activated charcoal in a bowl or jar and leave it in the room for several days to deodorize room. 

Activated charcoal air filtering bags can also be hung or placed on a flat surface in the room. Remember that only activated charcoal can deodorize, as regular charcoal or charcoal briquettes used for grilling can be dangerous if consumed.

🟦Use Vinegar

Aside from being a natural mold killer, vinegar can also deodorize room naturally and cheaply. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar and spray the air or surfaces to deodorize. You may also soak scents overnight with a cup of vinegar in a water bowl.

Vinegar can also be used to deodorize carpets and upholstery by applying a vinegar-water mixture and letting it soak for several hours before blotting. Add a few drops of aromatic oils to the vinegar solution for tenacious odors.

Vinegar is a good deodorizer, although its smell may appeal to only some. But don’t worry. After drying, the vinegar smell will fade, leaving the room fresh and clean.

🟦Use Odor-Eliminating Sprays

Commercially available sprays eliminate odors fast and efficiently, making them great options to deodorize room. Just shake the canister and spray it into the air or on objects. Using odor-eliminating sprays in moderation and in a well-ventilated environment is recommended because certain sprays include compounds that can be dangerous if inhaled. 

🟦Clean the Room

House cleaning and junk removal deodorize room best. It removes dirt, dust, and other odor-causing substances. Start by dusting, wiping the surfaces, and eventually vacuuming the floors. Remember to take out the trash and clean the bin. Junk removal is very important because it will not only keep your home odor-free but also keep your family safe from germs.  

Meanwhile, air conditioning and heating systems can harbor mold, bacteria, and other odor-causing chemicals. Therefore they should be cleaned routinely. You may also hire professional cleaners to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas in your home. 

We recommend SURECLEAN! SURECLEAN is a house cleaning on-demand service provider all over Singapore. Their team uses the latest equipment in the industry, so you can be sure that your home will be free from dirt, nasty odors, and disease-causing microorganisms. 


Opening windows and using air purifiers, baking soda, activated charcoal, vinegar, and odor-eliminating sprays can deodorize room. Keeping the room and its contents clean also helps eliminate odors. A deodorized room can make it healthier and more comfortable for you and your family.

Aside from those mentioned, hiring professional cleaners can greatly help clean and remove unpleasant smells in your house. If you are looking for one, worry no more because SURECLEAN has your back! 

SURECLEAN is the leading cleaning service provider in Singapore. Their crew is trained with advanced cleaning techniques and uses the latest equipment. This will ensure you experience quality house cleaning on-demand services, making your home clean, odor-free, and a healthy space for your family and pets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What absorbs bad smells in a room?

Coffee, tea, vinegar, oats, and baking soda eliminate odors. Put a bowl of odor absorbers in a space that needs freshening to remove unpleasant scents. Houseplants are also good odor eliminators. 

What is the best homemade odor eliminator?

Combine water, baking soda, and lemon juice in a large bowl. Wait a few minutes until the ingredients cease fizzing. Both lemon and baking soda are traditional odor eaters. Plus, most people have both on hand, and they are incredibly affordable!

What can I boil to make my house smell good?

Certain ingredients smell good when boiled. One popular ingredient is a cinnamon stick. Boiling this in a saucepan of water for several minutes can reduce stress and anxiety. Lemon peels can also be cooked to remove odors. 

Boiling rosemary sprigs also produce a pleasant, herbal scent that can aid attention. Finally, boiled orange peels produce a bright, energizing aroma that reduces tension. Boiling these ingredients together gives your home a lovely scent without using chemical air fresheners.

Why is my room always smelly? 

There are several reasons why your room always smells terrible. Stale air from poor ventilation generates foul odors. Also, dirty carpets and furniture, especially old ones, can trap scents. 

Mold and mildew can also cause a musty or earthy smell when moist. Meanwhile, dirty laundry can collect sweat, bacteria, and other aromas, making the room smell. Lastly, culinary scents can permeate the space. 

How can I make my house smell like a hotel?

Several approaches might give your home a hotel aroma. Essential oils in diffusers can revitalize hotel lobbies and rooms. A diffuser with lavender or eucalyptus essential oil might provide a similar effect at home. 

Use fresh flowers, scented candles, or room sprays with flowery fragrances to produce a natural, pleasant scent. You may also get luxury-scented shampoos and soaps that hotels use. A clean home can likewise be fresh and welcoming, just like hotels. It’s important to try multiple approaches because everyone has distinct smell preferences.

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