Which is the Best Stationery Shop in Singapore 2024

Top 5 Best Stationery Shop in Singapore 2024
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If you’re searching for the perfect stationery spot in Singapore, your search ends here! Nestled in the heart of the city is your go-to place for all things stationery. This blog post serves as your gateway to Singapore’s premier stationery shop, a place that masterfully combines quality and variety, while fostering boundless creativity. Catering to students, office workers or anyone with a soft spot for aesthetically attractive stationery, this hidden treasure stocks everything you need to augment your writing and organizing prowess. Accompany us as we delve into the expansive domain of pens, notebooks, planners, and beyond, all sourced from Singapore’s best stationery market.

Key Consideration Factors

At Surely the Best, we understand the importance of providing our readers with accurate and reliable information. That’s why we take our selection process seriously when it comes to identifying the best companies in a particular field. One of the key considerations we take into account when creating our list is Google and Facebook ratings. By evaluating the feedback from real customers, we can ensure that our readers have access to trustworthy and unbiased reviews. These ratings give us insight into the overall satisfaction of a company’s customers, as well as the quality of their services.

Best Stationery Shop in Singapore


stationery shop in singapore,stationery shop,singapore

Step into Think., a modern marvel of a stationery shop in Singapore, and prepare to be awed. With sleek shelves packed with international brands, curated collections, and exclusive collaborations, Think. is a treasure trove for discerning stationery enthusiasts. From Japanese fountain pens to Scandinavian notebooks, every corner whispers quality and design. Their in-house workshops, featuring calligraphy and bookbinding, add a touch of educational fun to your shopping experience.

>>Company details

Address107 North Bridge Road, Mall, #02-15 Funan, Singapore
Contact+65 9728 0215
Operating hours10AM – 10PM daily

What We Love About It:

  • Global Brands Galore: Discover your new favorite pen from Kaweco, Rhodia notebooks, and Leuchtturm1917 binders.
  • Beyond Paper and Pens: Explore tech accessories, travel essentials, and even board games – something for everyone!
  • Workshop Wonderland: Hone your skills and unleash your creativity with regular workshops on calligraphy, paper crafting, and more.


“Think. is a paradise for stationery lovers! The range of products is amazing, the staff is super knowledgeable, and the workshops are so much fun. I always leave with a bag full of goodies and a smile on my face.” – Sarah L.

Elephant & Coral

stationery shop in singapore,stationery shop,singapore

Ride on a whimsical journey at Elephant & Coral, a charming stationery shop in Singapore that blends vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Browse their thoughtfully curated selection of stationery and lifestyle products, featuring local and international brands known for their unique designs and artisanal quality. From playful greeting cards to handcrafted leather journals, every item here whispers a story waiting to be written.

>>Company details

Address333A Orchard Rd, #03-03 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore
Contact+65 6736 1322
Operating hours11AM – 8PM daily

What We Love About It:

  • A Feast for the Senses: Delight in the shop’s charming décor, soothing music, and inviting atmosphere – it’s like stepping into a whimsical stationery haven.
  • Locally Sourced Treasures: Discover hidden gems from talented Singaporean designers, alongside beloved international brands.
  • Gift-Giving Nirvana: Find the perfect present for the paper lover in your life, beautifully wrapped with eco-friendly materials.


“Elephant & Coral is my go-to place for unique and high-quality stationery. I love the curated selection, the friendly staff, and the overall aesthetic. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself or find a special gift.” – Mark C.


stationery shop in singapore,stationery shop,singapore

Typo is a vibrant explosion of fun and color, a stationery shop in Singapore that caters to the young and the young-at-heart. Prepare to be greeted by a kaleidoscope of quirky notebooks, playful pens, and trendy accessories. From licensed characters like Harry Potter and Disney to bold graphic prints and cheeky slogans, Typo offers something to tickle every fancy. It’s the perfect place to unleash your inner child and stock up on cheerful stationery that sparks joy with every use.

>>Company details

AddressMultiple locations across Singapore
Contact+65 6225 1111
Operating hoursVary by location

What We Love About It:

  • Trendy Playground: Discover the latest stationery trends and unleash your inner child with Typo’s playful and colorful designs.
  • Collab Central: Get your hands on limited-edition collections featuring your favorite characters and brands.
  • Affordable Fun: Typo offers a wide range of products at accessible prices, making it a great place to grab a quick gift or treat yourself.


“Typo is my happy place! I love the fun designs, the huge selection, and the affordable prices. It’s the perfect place to find cute and quirky stationery that makes me smile.” – Emily L.

Krafers’ Paradise

stationery shop in singapore,stationery shop,singapore

For the serious stationery enthusiast, Krafers’ Paradise is a haven in Singapore. This well-stocked shop boasts an impressive collection of high-quality brands, catering to every need and budget. From Japanese fountain pen giants like Sailor and Pilot to European notebook masters like Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917, Krafers’ Paradise offers a treasure trove of papery delights. The knowledgeable staff is always eager to help, making it the perfect place to find the ideal pen, notebook, or art supplies to elevate your creative pursuits.

>>Company details

AddressMultiple locations across Singapore
Contact+65 6288 1231
Operating hoursVary by location

What We Love About It:

  • Stationery Nirvana: Discover a vast selection of high-quality brands, from everyday essentials to niche finds for the discerning writer or artist.
  • Expert Advice: The knowledgeable staff is passionate about stationery and always happy to help you find the perfect product.
  • Workshops and Events: Hone your skills and learn new techniques with regular workshops and events hosted by the shop.


“Krafers’ Paradise is my go-to place for all things stationery. They have the best selection of brands, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable, and the workshops are so much fun. It’s a must-visit for any stationery lover!” – David T.


stationery shop in singapore,stationery shop,singapore

Cityluxe is a haven for sophisticated stationery enthusiasts in Singapore. This sleek and modern shop offers a curated selection of premium brands, showcasing the finest in paper craftsmanship and design. From buttery-smooth fountain pens and luxurious leather notebooks to delicate calligraphy inks and elegant desk accessories, Cityluxe is a symphony of quality and aesthetics. Their in-house embossing service adds a touch of personalization, making your stationery truly your own.

>>Company details

AddressMultiple locations across Singapore
Contact+65 6223 4888
Operating hoursVary by location

What We Love About It:

  • Luxury Unleashed: Indulge in the finest paper goods and writing instruments, from renowned brands like Montblanc and Lamy to up-and-coming artisans.
  • Personalization Prowess: Make your stationery truly your own with Cityluxe’s in-house embossing service.
  • Gift-Giving Extravaganza: Find the perfect present for the discerning stationery lover in your life, with beautifully curated gift sets and personalized touches.


“Cityluxe is a stationery dream come true. The selection is exquisite, the staff is incredibly helpful, and the atmosphere is so luxurious. It’s the perfect place to find a special gift or treat yourself to something truly special.” – Olivia K.


From whimsical vintage havens to sleek modern sanctuaries, Singapore’s stationery scene caters to every taste and need. Whether you’re a seasoned pen aficionado or a casual note-taker, there’s a shop waiting to ignite your passion for paper and ink. So, grab your curiosity and a sense of adventure, and embark on a journey through these top 5 stationery shop in Singapore. You never know what treasures you might unearth!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best budget-friendly stationery shops in Singapore?

Typo and Smiggle are excellent options for budget-conscious stationery lovers. They offer a wide range of trendy and fun products at affordable prices.

I’m looking for high-quality pens and notebooks. Which shops should I visit?

Krafers’ Paradise and Cityluxe are your go-to shops for premium stationery. They carry renowned brands like Montblanc and Lamy, alongside exquisite paper goods and writing instruments.

Do any of these shops offer workshops or events?

Think., Elephant & Coral, and Krafers’ Paradise regularly host workshops and events on topics like calligraphy, bookbinding, and paper crafting. Check their websites or social media pages for upcoming events.

I’m looking for a unique and special gift for a stationery lover. Any recommendations?

Cityluxe’s in-house embossing service allows you to personalize your purchase, making it a truly special gift. Elephant & Coral also offers beautifully curated gift sets featuring local and international brands.

Can I order stationery online from these shops?

Most of these shops have online stores where you can browse their collections and make purchases. Some even offer delivery options, making it even more convenient to shop for your stationery needs.

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